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    Who is out?

    by Sfer May 31, 2013 14:07
    The Goblin Hotspur The Goblin Hotspur Jun 13, 2013 15:06 Flag

    Regards BAE going, I think with kABOUL RETURNING AND cAULKER improving AVB might be thinking of putting Vertonghan out on the left. Some of his best performances were from here (although he apparently prefers being in the middle. Just a thought

  • The Goblin Hotspur by The Goblin Hotspur Jul 25, 2010 16:56 Flag

    James milner to Spurs?

    Firstly if this is true due we wnat to pay £24million for him.

    Secondly dont we have alot of midfielders already? Surely this means a few are going out the door?
    Jenas/Lennon or Bentley?

    Im not sure this is the position we need to fill, Cover at the back would be my priority or maybe a first teamer to partner Dawson or in the full back positions.

    Anyone got any ideass about this proposed move?

  • The Goblin Hotspur by The Goblin Hotspur May 7, 2010 02:50 Flag

    Well now we can look forward to a qualifier!!

    This is massive for us fans that have been waiting so long. But we need to win the qualifier to really make it all worth while otherwise I can see us getting drawn against Man City in the Europa Cup and losing. (that would be just our luck)

    Looking at the teams likely to be in the draw there are some really strong teams. I still think we can beat anyone at the Lane. My bet is Martin Jol ends up bringing his Ajax team. Ahhhhh! What are the chances.


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    Summertime Wheeling & Dealing

    by Old Fan May 6, 2010 09:29
    The Goblin Hotspur The Goblin Hotspur May 7, 2010 02:43 Flag

    Hi all,
    I think alot of you guys are thinking along the same lines which says alot about the team and what we thinbk of them. The key is to keep the core of the squad. After all it is these players that have got them there. I also think alot of our players that we have questions over are suited and have experience of european football.

    The positions that need strenthening are to me obvious. not too long ago our injury list grew and we were weaker in certain areas.

    Back up keeper (Cudincini is over)

    Centre Back (Woodgate passed his best now. We can only afford to have one injury prone CB and that is KING)

    Left Back Cover (esso will improve even more)

    Midfielder in the mold of Kranjcar (full of running and versatile)

    Striker ( Strong physical striker) I think we lack the physical presence up front when needed. An experienced dare i say Zamora type player ( but not Zamora!)

    Get rid:

    keane (at his age needs regular football. wont get that with us.)
    o'hara (wants regular first team football)
    Dos Santos???

    And give Bostock a chance

  • The Goblin Hotspur The Goblin Hotspur Mar 28, 2010 03:39 Flag

    Great opinions guys. Well like almost everyone both would be great. And I usually opt for the trophy. However, looking at the bigger picture I would have to go for CL (4th place). This would attract a few bigger names and hopefully stop someone like Modric from leaving remember what happened last time we lost 4th (berba to Manu).
    Plus looking at Pompey now depsite winning the FA cup recently shows it does not take the club forward.

    Champions league all the way.


  • The Goblin Hotspur by The Goblin Hotspur Mar 21, 2010 19:23 Flag

    Hi all,

    I havent seen much about the stoke game. But i heard Pav went off injured. Anyone know the news on this. Seems our injuries are piling up to a serious degree. What is going on.?

    I know we need to rely on the whole squad but face it we need our keys players for the big games (april) and the final run in.

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    3-0......The gulf in CLASS was OBVIOUS

    by A Yahoo! User Oct 31, 2009 21:41
    The Goblin Hotspur The Goblin Hotspur Nov 2, 2009 04:57 Flag

    I predicted to lose 3-1 so was close.

    Firstly I think we have once again been overhyped by all.
    We have improved in some respect as a squad. Howevers I do not feel we playing consistantly all round strong performances.

    Keeper Gomes ( not a problem, but would help if defence wernt so bad.)

    King should not start. its about time we gave dawson a run in the first team. He gives 100% all the time and will improve even more with a good run.

    Corluka. A joke. to slow for the prem. he runs like his trousers have fallen around his bloody ankles.

    Ekotto; much improved, most consitant. would be even better in a more solid back four.

    jenas: Get rid. Can someone please count how many times he gives the ball away with his slack passing.

    Hudds; great against the lower teams: not good enough against the big teams.

    Pav: he is mentally ruined. Has not adjusted to the change inculture and needed a long run inn the team ages ago. Too late to save him now i fear.

    keane: needs replacing now. we cannot rely on him any more.

    Crouch: good but ruins our style of play when starts games.

    harry redknapp: I am worried his line ups are suspect. why buy Krancjar and play palacios on left. An absolute joke. i was stunned at the midfield that started. Wenger puts faith in the youngsters harry is not going to get performances until he shows faith or some balls to play a left footer on the left.

    Arsenal still play some of the best football. Not because of the individuals but the team spirit and the faith Wenger has in his players ability.

    UMMMM breath. Im ok seriously

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    Cracker Coming Up

    by Alan H Oct 30, 2009 04:39
    The Goblin Hotspur The Goblin Hotspur Oct 31, 2009 00:58 Flag

    3-1 to Arsenal im afraid.

    I would love to go there and win. But for all the hype about spurs i think we still have big weaknesses as a team, not as individual players.

    Arsenals style of play will test our frail defence i fear.

    As usual we will probably go 1 up only to let one in and fall apart. I hope im wrong

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    Balls out...

    by A Yahoo! User Oct 30, 2009 19:49
    The Goblin Hotspur The Goblin Hotspur Oct 31, 2009 00:55 Flag

    I too would love anything from this game. But based on our other games against the top clubs (man u and chelski) i think it will be 3-1 to the scum.

    Besides i think all the paper talk is setting us up for an embarrassing defeat.

  • The Goblin Hotspur by The Goblin Hotspur Sep 25, 2009 09:47 Flag

    6 games in and despite a great start initially one thing worries me. It may seem obvious to most spurs fans already but in 6 league games we have let in 10 goals. Only 3 teams have let in more goals than us. If all the hype about spurs breaking the top 4 is to be believed then serious thought needs to go into our defensive play.

    I like Harry's attacking style and goals a plenty makes for great entertainment but this does not get results against class opposition as has been proved in the last two games.

    Solution: I wish i knew. however last season once we began playing same back four consistantly we looked more solid. I hope injured players returning will help. But I do question Harrys training. does he focus on defence. I remember a portsmouth team so solid at the back with a team of aging defenders having one of the best defences a few seasons ago (shamme they couldnt score). So whats our problem. a season can change all too quickly and I think just waiting for the likes of Woodgate to come back is leaving it too late.

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    Lennon Needs To Be Left In

    by Alan H Sep 11, 2009 02:20
    The Goblin Hotspur The Goblin Hotspur Sep 12, 2009 15:53 Flag

    Manu will be our biggest challenge so far! I agree about our defence. Corluka is a good defender but not as confident for us in central defence. Hopefully King and Bassong wake up feeling spritely.

    as for Lennon I remember the CC game and he did cause Evra all sorts of problems. Final ball did not punish them in the first half. Hopefully his new found form and confidence means he can do the same only with clinical crosses or shots.

    Cant predict this one. I think we may have to settle for a draw.

    But how many times do we end up with a GOAL FEST against the Manure.

    COYS!! :Palacios the key in this game!

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    Last night's game

    by Kentish Maid Jul 25, 2009 16:38
    The Goblin Hotspur The Goblin Hotspur Jul 26, 2009 00:38 Flag

    Not sure about the game. not happy about the barca line up. Regards Huttons cheering it was in response to the celtic fans booing every time he got the ball. (celtic fans from the previous game. Hutton being ex rangers player)

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    Thudd for Reo Coker....

    by A Yahoo! User Jun 18, 2009 18:09
    The Goblin Hotspur The Goblin Hotspur Jun 18, 2009 22:31 Flag

    I think Hudds is exactly the player we need to keep at the club. i totally agree about the trend for players that can run and tackle, but in honesty we have lacked that steel in midfield for years. Hopefully palacious can hold that position now.

    Hudds is a playmaker, not ideal for every game but we had carrick playing that role when we got 5th posistion then lost him to Utd.

    Please keep hudds and ditch jenas if anybody.

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    Levy Should resign

    by Berkshire Yid Sep 2, 2008 19:41
    The Goblin Hotspur The Goblin Hotspur Sep 3, 2008 03:06 Flag

    Im sure we expected Berbs to go by yesterday. If we let it go till jan we would get 15mil max.

    So in my opinion we knew we had to get a striker. Maybe JR is happy with what we got I.E Pav and bent.

    However, judging on the loan of Campbell i think we were just unable to attract a suitable striker that JR wanted and instead of mass panic buying of lesser players e.g. Heskey (he he still funny) we forced a loan off manu to cover ourselves till january when we will purchase arse-shavings from zenit.

    P.S is pav unable to play in europe for us?

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    I dont blame Berbatov

    by Nick Sep 2, 2008 17:55
    The Goblin Hotspur The Goblin Hotspur Sep 3, 2008 02:54 Flag

    What annoys me is Berbatov has stated that he thought going to spurs instead of man u in the start would allow him to show his abilities more. What he is saying is he was using spurs as a blatant stepping stone. I imagine that from the day he signed for us his main goal was to attract the attention of the big clubs and to get used to the prem.

    Maybe he was worried about going straight to man u due to the pressure of moving abroad and adjusting so instead go to spurs and have less pressure at a club not challenging for titles.

    I loved watching him and keane but it does niggle me when you know a player has no loyalty to a club that pays his wages: (more in a week than most of us get in a year!!!)

    I think i might do a 'not in the right mindset ' sulk and not go to work for a week.

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    Lost again

    by Brown Aug 23, 2008 23:54
    The Goblin Hotspur The Goblin Hotspur Aug 23, 2008 23:58 Flag

    I quit!!!

    Its too bloody annoying being a spurs fan!!!

    Totally agree with you about the players positioning!

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    We Need to Play as if each game counts!

    by David N Aug 17, 2008 14:55
    The Goblin Hotspur The Goblin Hotspur Aug 17, 2008 19:46 Flag

    i agree about this whole berbs situation. Seems very unprofessional from all quarters to have players wanting out on the first game of the season.

    Clubs should be focussed on only one thing come match day and we have had more than pre-season to sort it out. Its not hard. Talk to Berbs if he wants to go, SELL HIM!

    Communication is key and the club MUST know what he wants depsite all the speculation. The team is more important than a single player. Im pissed off that we have let this go on and effect what should be a clean slate in sense of a new season putting last year behind us.

    Things like the JOL saga and berbs/keane cannot be dealt with in this manner. look at Manu that sorted Ronaldo out before kickoff done and dusted until the end of season enough said>

    Damn Im PI**ED off for the rest of the team.

  • The Goblin Hotspur by The Goblin Hotspur Aug 17, 2008 19:39 Flag

    Well I didnt watch the game nor did I see the highlights on MOTD. Why? because I was gutted, again i fell into the trap of pre-season hype. Dont get me wrong I am quite realistic.

    But what is important now is we bounce back with a win. Last year we started off bad but it was thew way we let that effect us that was our real downfall.

    So in my opinion I will put yesterday down to the new boys getting used to the prem. (its so different to friendlies)

    We had some positives from what some of you have said. So chin up chaps we need to sort Berbs situation out get a new striker and get behind them.

    Unlike last season I think we will bounce back.


    P.s Away game on first day is always hard. Thets get behind them when were at the Lane!!!

  • The Goblin Hotspur The Goblin Hotspur Aug 16, 2008 01:45 Flag

    well some confident predictions there. i think it will be a tense nervy start. Southgate has claimed he will attck teams which would suit us for counterattacks but really we all know we can score its all about our defence and yes zokora vs downing sounds like the battle of the game.

    Come on zokora!

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    it could be tonight!

    by A Yahoo! User Aug 15, 2008 18:25
    The Goblin Hotspur The Goblin Hotspur Aug 15, 2008 21:24 Flag

    I hope not i would prefer to see a safer bet such a cruz in and he would be cheaper. Arshaving is too similar to modric or santos for me and too expensive!