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  • The Old Dead Pig The Old Dead Pig Jun 7, 2012 21:50 Flag

    Feels pretty good, #$%$ boy.

  • The Old Dead Pig The Old Dead Pig Jun 7, 2012 21:49 Flag

    I am surely splitting my sides at winning nothing again. Except the league. And I'm reasonably sure, although I was very drunk at the time, that we won the FA Cup last season. If we keep winning this much nothing for the foreseeable future I will be a happy man indeed. You on the other hand will be a tool for the foreseeable future and beyond.

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    the sky is BLUE over manchester.

    by Colin May 14, 2012 09:47
    The Old Dead Pig The Old Dead Pig Jun 7, 2012 21:43 Flag

    And they call us "bitters".... Most successful team of the last 20 years but their fans are still just as jealous and hateful of anyone else's occasional success as usual. And they wonder why the fans of every other team (except the poor gooners who resent being our feeder team, and the red scouse who just don't matter to anyone except Utd) still hate Utd and were dancing with joy (QPR, Sunderland, probably everyone else) when we won the title. This fellow is apparently 56 years of age but is still throwing his toys out of the pram when life doesn't go his way. Very, very sad old bitter red rag.

  • The Old Dead Pig The Old Dead Pig Jun 7, 2012 21:34 Flag

    Tee hee. Sucks to be you right now eh, prediction-master? Hope you enjoyed the last 2 minutes of the season as much as I did.

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    Manchester United are the best

    by GREENLAND. Oct 3, 2010 19:44
    The Old Dead Pig The Old Dead Pig Oct 22, 2010 15:28 Flag

    Now now Paul, perhaps you're too young to remember but it took Taggart about 4 years to win a trophy after he joined you, and 7 years to win the league, and he had all the spending power in the world - as indeed Utd did for most of the period 1968-1992 when the title somehow eluded them every single year. I'd be surprised if City don't win something in the next 2 seasons (so 4 years from when we won the Abu Dhabi lottery), and if they don't win the league within the next 5.

    You cried when Chelski suddenly overtook you as the richest club in the UK and starting winning things, and you're doing it again now, all the more so because your own team are disappearing down the toilet. Selling Tevez to City, jesus wept, and just the idea that Rooney would consider joining us - even if it doesn't happen, doesn't this tell you that your team is in huge trouble? My memory goes back to 1974, Denis Law and all that. I laughed like a drain when you were relegated, and I'll be doing it again if you don't get rid of the Glazers.

    "Camel drivers". Nice touch. Do you call Asian people "Curry chompers" and Black people "spades" by any chance? Being red #$%$ is one thing, being a racist is even lower than that. Could I ask you to drop dead? There's a good boy.

  • The Old Dead Pig The Old Dead Pig Jul 22, 2010 15:16 Flag

    But to cover the expenditure, prawn sandwiches at Old Trafford will rise to £25 a pack for the foreseeable future.

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    by Muh Revolution Jul 30, 2009 03:54
    The Old Dead Pig The Old Dead Pig Aug 25, 2009 18:45 Flag

    OK, here goes (Man City fan by the way)

    1. Chelsea (Just to avoid putting our red neighbours at the top - but they won't finish outside the top 2)
    2. Manyoo (I'd like to say they'll be relegated and Rooney will join FC United of Manchester for £3.50, but they'll be top or second)
    3. Arsenal (I used to love Arsenal for their total football, back in the days when MCFC couldn't even dream of matching them. Now they are almost rivals. Could win the whole thing but probably not)
    4. Man City (No lower than 6th, no higher than 3rd)
    5. Spurs (I have to be honest, I think Spurs will probably finish higher than this, but I hate them. I just do.)
    6. Liverpool (This has the makings of their worst year for ages unless they buy a couple of seriously world class players. Far too dependent on just 2 players, any injury to Gerrard or Torres - or indeed jail time for everyone's favourite scouser if he doesn't learn to keep his fists out of people's faces - will see them left far behind)
    7. Villa (will slide gently downwards if Randy Lerner doesn't start digging deep - and O'Neill will walk unless he does)
    8. Everton (sorry we stole Lescott, don't think you'll repeat previous success until someone puts some money in)
    9. Fulham (last season wasn't a fluke, they'll be top ten for sure)
    10. Sunderland (Steve Bruce knows what he's doing and has bought some decent performers - not superstars, just good enough to keep them well out of trouble)
    11. West Ham (Some financial difficulties still, but Zola is the man for the job)
    12. Wigan (Better than most people think, good up and coming manager)
    13. Stoke (Home form will see them safe in mid-table)
    14. Bolton (The ginger Mourinho will win enough games against the other also-rans to stay up)
    15. Blackburn (Fat Sam seems to have lost interest and they might finish bottom 3 if he doesn't regain his touch)
    16. Wolves (Will finally survive a whole year in the top flight - relegation the season after though)
    17. Burnley (There will be 3 worse teams than them, just!)
    18. Hull (They ain't going to win at the Emirates this season!)
    19. Portsmouth (shame, class fans but the club seems to be run by idiots - the next Newcastle, perhaps the next Leeds if they're not careful)
    20. Birmingham (no firepower, no style, no creativity, even their own fans know they're second-rate, last year's 1-0 wins will turn into defeats in the Premier League)