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    Could you Adam n' Eve IT!!!!!!!!!

    by sledge Sep 29, 2012 19:26
    Trevor Constance Trevor Constance Sep 29, 2012 20:37 Flag

    It was a very exciting game to watch, even if i have no fingernails left and i'm hoarse thru shouting at our defence but extremely happy.
    Will you be going out with your Spurs shirt/scarf on this week SB? lol

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    Where has everybody gone?

    by Sfer Sep 14, 2012 15:56
    Trevor Constance Trevor Constance Sep 14, 2012 20:55 Flag

    I think Jeff has it right. I certainly feel like its hard to release the deep breath i've taken. Hopefully it'll be a cheer on Sunday and not a sigh of frustration.
    AVB's and the players failings and where we go from here has been done to death and all we can do is wait and see. Let the new players bed in, i thought the season started in August, and WHEN we start winning we'll all be a bit more 'chipper' and chatty

  • Trevor Constance by Trevor Constance Jul 14, 2012 12:18 Flag

    I dont write on this site too often but i do read it most days and welcome both of your contributions, but you're getting very boring. Neither of you can concede a point and you both worry at an arguement like a dog with an old bone.
    You both have a love of Spurs and are both opinionated, but give it up plaese.
    I have no problem with either of you. just the continously spiralling arguements you will not back away from.I stopped visiting this site because of you 2 and i'm just about at that point again.
    Either you both get off on arguing with each other or are as 'pig-headed' as each other, either way give it a rest you're dominating discussions, even the site.
    I dont know if i'm the only one who has this view or maybe i should shut up and leave, but i couldn't continue without voicing my opinion.

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    Vertonghen signs

    by A Yahoo! User Jul 8, 2012 13:32
    Trevor Constance Trevor Constance Jul 8, 2012 18:12 Flag

    Joe, i think the CB problem is sorted . As you say, Vertonghen-Kaboul-Daws-Caulker with Gallas and Bassong as back up is fine. I doubt if King has it in his legs to go another season, he looked alot slower towards the end of last season. Although i'd think AVB would be stupid not to use him as a coach, with his knowledge and talent.
    BAE and Rose are good enough at LB with, as you say, Vert or Caulker covering in a pinch.
    We do not need Ricardo Carvalho as a make weight in the Modders deal with Real.
    If we do lose all four of Modric, VDV, Gio and Pienaar it won't be a disaster as long as we have 1 or 2 talented players who can move the ball around. DM is covered with Parker, Sandro and Livermore. Unlike you i'm at best on the fence with Hudd, Gylfi and someone who hasn't been injured or a bit player for 2 years needs to be aquired and Hudd can be back up and hopefully convince myself and any other doubters wrong.
    IMO we shoul get a RW to put some pressure on Lennon, dare i say it Walcott. Bale and the rest of the world have put enough pressure on him at LW.
    With only Defoe, as a proven striker in the Premiership, on the books i think we need 2 more strikers. Maybe Ade, Huntlaar etc, but maybe AVB could pick up 1 quality striker and maybe take a punt with a younger less experienced man, someone like Muniain
    Friedel will be ok for another season at least, so AVB can look for a replacement with leisure.
    Yes the dead wood of Bentley, Jenas, God please Gomes et all need to be shifted, even at a loss. Its been too long now.
    I agree this will be interesting, this is the most excited i've been pre season for a few years, although that excitement is tempered with a bit of apprehension as to will all this change vitalise the squad or drown it in chaos and in fighting.
    I can't wait for August to see how it all pans out.......COYS

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    Wot? No AVB?

    by Jlock Jul 1, 2012 10:36
    Trevor Constance Trevor Constance Jul 2, 2012 20:46 Flag

    I think your brother could be right John, it may have been an interview on TALKsport, can't say for certain where i heard/read the story but we should see a considerable influx of money from a middle eastern group/person who will not be buying the club but investing.
    This money is ear-marked for purchases of quality players, and better wages,this was a major factor in Bale's new contract.
    If this story is true maybe we could see a new stadium and some amazing talent coming to the Lane.If this is the case i'd happily take all the crap that Man City have had the last few years to have the same results.
    Either way, if does/doesn't happen, with a new manager and new players this is an exciting time to be a Spurs fan. I am nervous, concerned and a little worried about which way the cards could fall but excitment is the foremost emotion i'm feeling.
    Can't wait 'til August.....COYS COYS COYS

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    Uncyclo- HR

    by Joe Jun 28, 2012 12:20
    Trevor Constance Trevor Constance Jul 1, 2012 11:23 Flag

    That was a brilliant link, very funny. Obviously not for everyone, and in the intrest of 'fair play', here's something else from the pages of Wikia...http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Arsene_Wenger

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    Wot? No AVB?

    by Jlock Jul 1, 2012 10:36
    Trevor Constance Trevor Constance Jul 1, 2012 10:46 Flag

    I thought exactly the same John, maybe Levy's having one last chat with Blanc before AVB gets the nod?
    God i hope this is sorted sooner rather than later......

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    If you were fans of Pompey....

    by A Yahoo! User Jan 24, 2012 18:05
    Trevor Constance Trevor Constance Jan 27, 2012 22:31 Flag

    Thanks John, i know i couldn't have put all that as clearly as you, but sums up everything that i would have tried and failed to say to Beardy etc

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    Team against Man city...

    by A Yahoo! User Jan 16, 2012 13:57
    Trevor Constance Trevor Constance Jan 16, 2012 15:55 Flag

    I don't think the personnel will change much, a straight swap from Ade to Defoe.
    The difference will come with set up, 4-3-3. Modric, Parker and VDV in midfield. All doing their thing and playing to their seperate strengths.
    Bale and Lennon will play up front and continue to cut into the centre with Defoe, hopefully, cleaning up all Man City mistakes.
    With wing backs going forward and wingers coming back, i see a busy game for these four but nothing they can't handle at thier age.
    Anyway i hope we don't go there as Liverpool did and defend and break,as this isn't playing to our strengths.

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    Tonight - Everton

    by Jlock Jan 11, 2012 09:04
    Trevor Constance Trevor Constance Jan 11, 2012 21:44 Flag

    Great goal by Beni, a slight deflection but i bet he's gonna claim it.
    62% posession and 2 goals says it all. Here we come Manchester!
    Livermore had a good game as did Daws and Kaboul. Very pleased with the team as a whole and looking forward to Wolves this weekend. COYS COYS COYS

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    by Trevor Constance Jan 6, 2012 22:19
    Trevor Constance Trevor Constance Jan 6, 2012 22:44 Flag

    Oh well, Rooney and Man U have just released a joint statement saying they are commited to each other and the Independent is full of crap.
    Another dream bites the dust, just top 4 or higher to dream about now....

  • Trevor Constance by Trevor Constance Jan 6, 2012 22:19 Flag

    There's a rumour in the late editions of the press this evening stating, due to thier bust up, that Man U/Ferguson are willing to sell Rooney.
    Now 'Arry did definately state that he'd like to sign a special player if one was available. Does Rooney fit the definition of special, please don't take the jokes too far, and if so do we want him playing at the Lane.
    If we could afford the fee and the wages i'd love to see shrek knocking them in for us. I seriously doubt it would happen, but would you like to see him at WHL?

  • Trevor Constance by Trevor Constance Jan 1, 2012 18:52 Flag

    Does anyone think 'Arry will continue to use young/squad players against Cheltenham in the FA Cup to save the 1st team players for the league?
    Is this right or do you believe this doesn't show enough respect for the oldest club cup competition?
    Or will he go all out to win the FA Cup and get into ECL in one season?
    Personally i think there's a certain magic surrounding the FA Cup and would like to see 'Arry go for it. Even if it could ruin our chances of finishing in the top 4........ that's a tough one. I've slagged off Ferguson before for fielding 'weaker' teams and now i'm having to review my opinions.
    How do you all feel?

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    what position would u settle for?

    by Layla Jan 1, 2012 17:47
    Trevor Constance Trevor Constance Jan 1, 2012 18:15 Flag

    We have 19 games still to play and with the position we're in and the form we're producing i'd be a little disappointed if we didn't even push City or Utd a bit.
    Utd have some injury worries at the moment, especially at the back, and even though City don't have any injuries to worry about they do seem to have hit a drop in form/confidence. I know it's only the last few games but with LWWDL it's far from championship form of late.
    No-one below us has great form with Chelsea all over the place and Liverpool drawing far too much. It's only Arsenal that have been consistently chipping away at the gap.
    Anything could happen and i'd accept 4th, that's my head. My heart says go for broke and win the league, it's been a long time coming.

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    average peformance v swans

    by Layla Dec 31, 2011 17:18
    Trevor Constance Trevor Constance Dec 31, 2011 21:31 Flag

    Thanks for the review SB and Sledge.
    We can't get it right every week and as H said the Swans have a very respectable home record, so i don't think, on reflection, that 1pt is too shabby.
    'Arry gets it right most of the time and is allowed to have a bad day tactically now and again, this isn't Italy!
    Anyway, have a good night and lets all hope Spurs continue to do well in 2012. Happy new year COYS

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    man utd team vs blackburn

    by benidorm spur Dec 31, 2011 13:26
    Trevor Constance Trevor Constance Dec 31, 2011 21:10 Flag

    How did you know what i get up to in my free time SB?
    I'd except 4th now as well but it won't stop me dreaming.
    I promise not to mention 1st until after the second week in April, if we're still within the top 3 and could possibly win it, on this board.
    Happy new year and aim high for 2012

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    man utd team vs blackburn

    by benidorm spur Dec 31, 2011 13:26
    Trevor Constance Trevor Constance Dec 31, 2011 14:51 Flag

    My God, what a shock. If the strange results keep coming against the other teams we could be 1st within a few weeks. 3-2 to Blackburn, can't believe it...

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    Thursday's Team...

    by Jonny P Dec 19, 2011 19:03
    Trevor Constance Trevor Constance Dec 19, 2011 20:11 Flag

    I think we should try and recreate our team with direct replacements for Bale and Lennon. They, obviously, won't be as good but it will put the balance back in the team, something that was missing on Sunday.
    I wanted to put Livermore( instead of Sandro ) in at RM but felt with 2 young players on the right they might get shown up.
    If we end up trailing or just need to spice it up then revert to 4-3-3/4-3-1-2. Bring Daffy on for Rose/Livermore and drop VdV behind him and Adebayor
    If Bale is fit, replace Rose and hope the Welsh wizard can supply all the crosses we need by himself.
    Then take Sandro and go to 4-3-3/4-3-1-2 with Daffy
    Not that different, but not Gio, please not Gio...

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    The Next 6 Games...

    by Jonny P Nov 20, 2011 15:42
    Trevor Constance Trevor Constance Nov 22, 2011 08:37 Flag

    Fair enough SB, maybe i give the opposing team too much credit. It's great to see Spurs dominate like they did last night but i'd be happy with just a continuation of the winning streak.
    I will change one opinion and that's that i'd like the strikers to improve. With last nights chances we could have finished the game 6-0 or more, and with a really on form striker we could score enough, in the 20-30 mins spells when we dominate the game, to put the score line beyond doubt.

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    The Next 6 Games...

    by Jonny P Nov 20, 2011 15:42
    Trevor Constance Trevor Constance Nov 21, 2011 15:08 Flag

    I think the difference in opinion here is that i don't think we're playing that badly at the moment. Sure we're not playing at the top of our game every time the players take the field, but then again we're not losing.
    Maybe i'm being optomistic but i think we've played well enough in every game, for at least periods of 30 mins to have put the game beyond any teams reach, apart from the 2 Manchester games obviously. When this level can be achieved throughout 90 mins we'll get the 3-0 and 4-0 results, but i re-iterate, i don't think we're playing that badly.
    To be honest i think tonights game will be a good indicator to whether we can sustain an attempt to get in the top four again. Villa are a very good side , who i'd have compared us to about 4-5 years ago. If we can beat them a home and with a bit of flair we'll not be far off track and not playing badly.