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    Stan the man ???????

    by probablygraham Oct 6, 2006 03:21

    Your concerns are well founded about this fool.
    I live in Birmingham now but I'm from the same neck of the woods as this cuckoo, Chadsmoor in Cannock, and some of the antics he's kicked up caused the Villa fans over that way to groan the last time he was playing in the squad.
    He may well have been good at one time and could probably still manage at a something decent level even now but it surely can't be at Villa, not after the unrest he caused last time.........has nancyboy Mourhino or some other manager bribed Collymore to try and get back into the Villa with the knowledge he'll disrupt the smooth flow of things with his stupidity?
    Surely Australia is just about far enough from Witton to stop Stan Collymore arsing anything else up.

  • I don't know about the short term memory loss question as I forget the answer.
    It's true, darling, there are so many who use this message board as a launching site for idiocy but now there is minimal unhappiness in the garden that is Villa grown then there will be many more happy messages for you to read.

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    by A Yahoo! User Aug 21, 2006 06:25
    Wayne Wayne Aug 21, 2006 21:14 Flag

    ...plus of course, the hedgehog has it's pricks on the outside and at Birmingham City FC the pricks are all inside St. Andrews

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    Will it work with a Yank in charge?

    by probablygraham Aug 14, 2006 18:34
    Wayne Wayne Aug 15, 2006 00:17 Flag

    I returned to live in England last year after 4½ years in America and I have such a sour taste in my mouth that anything from the Useless States of America has anything to do with Aston Villa.
    With Americans the answer is pure and simple, if they get a quick return on their investments then they're happy but if they don't then the shit will hit the fan and we will all regret Lerner buying the club. Let's hope he does get a quick return and we don't see the Villa sold off down to the bare bones as Lerner tries to take too much too soon.

    Another problem is Lerner's funding for Adolf Bush and the Republicans as this will surely make Villa Park a target for the vast multitude of people that despise America because of its overseas policies to aim their anger towards and which will happen purely because of whom now owns it. Let's hope that there's no terrorist agenda in the future because of this point on whom now owns Aston Villa.

    I believe that Aston Villa should NOT have been sold to some arsehead American who's simply trying to grab a piece of something that has a history to make up for everything else he owns that has not.
    Why on Earth the offer from Neville wasn't accepted is a mystery......keeping Aston Villa completely English surely has more appeal to me.

    On a final note: Lerner should not have been allowed to buy Aston Villa due to him being so bloody ugly! He would walk any audition for a part in The Bash Street Kids --as 'Plug'--

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    Next Season - final positions

    by viwer Jul 30, 2006 13:16
    Wayne Wayne Jul 31, 2006 06:27 Flag

    Let him have his dreams, Matthew, after a new manager Villa usually have a stormer of a season but with new owners, too, and lots of transfer funds available then we're on the verge of something Birmingham City 0 will never achieve. The whole league can watch out, for that matter.

    It may just be a coincidence that lump-brain placed Villa on exactly the same number of points that he once managed to count to.

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    Hopefully it'll be Neville

    by Wayne Jul 27, 2006 23:51
    Wayne Wayne Jul 30, 2006 18:49 Flag

    Which footballer are you talking about...Milan Baros? If so he's hardly past his time at 24 years old.

    Aston Villa will soon become a powerful force in football once more and as soon as Doug Ellis has left and Michael Neville takes control then this can begin to happen.

    I am glad that Lerner will not own Aston Villa as I don't like America and the way they do things to what they do own. I did think you were American due to what you were saying.

    proč to říkáte mně? o co jde?
    nashledanou příště ....... mimochodem, nebuď tak hloupý.

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    Hopefully it'll be Neville

    by Wayne Jul 27, 2006 23:51
    Wayne Wayne Jul 29, 2006 22:54 Flag

    thanks for the writing, tribalpictures, and yet more fuel is now added to the fire that will hopefully keep burning until this Lerner is not on the Villa scene.
    Michael Neville is my hope to succeed Dead Doug, he has been for some time, and the reason why is because he has the heart to let Villa be great again...this Lerner is a money-grabbing American prick who would most likely ruin our great club simply by being as Americans generally are.

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    Hopefully it'll be Neville

    by Wayne Jul 27, 2006 23:51
    Wayne Wayne Jul 28, 2006 08:27 Flag

    Dear me, the link tells me you're from Prague but such inane fluency in America's native tongue of bullshit leads me to believe otherwise!
    It really shouldn't be so hard for you to accept rejection as you are surely used to it by now yet you keep banging away regardless. Is it carried out just in case the unlikely happens and Lerner gets his wish??? Don't you know he went home crying as Doug Ellis made it clear there was not going to be a sale to some arse head American? Are these points clear enough for your limited mind to handle?
    He's on his way back, we know this, and it's most likely because his limited mind couldn't handle the points, either.

    Aston Villa is an English club side and not for sale to some country that only seems able to invent nancy arsed imitations of sports that spend more time doing nothing than actually competing and when they do compete doing so in such a limp-wristed way that it's hardly surprising Americans are so bog poor at any confrontations on a man to man basis!
    American football, or should we call it rugby for girls?
    Baseball, our kids play rounders at SCHOOL.
    Basketball, what a waste of time....only in America, lol.

    Stop writing, dork, because you have zero to say but like all Americans you do speak shit so very well.

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    Hopefully it'll be Neville

    by Wayne Jul 27, 2006 23:51
    Wayne Wayne Jul 28, 2006 00:37 Flag

    Despite having supported Aston Villa for all of my life I, personally, would sooner contract diarrhoea and sign my name across the ground in squirted shit trails than support a club owned by Americans......you're not known as the useless states of America idly as it does come from a proven track record in everything undertaken by your sorry and pathetic dump.....apart from talking bullshit with an envious and unparalleled fluency, of course, America does that wonderfully well!

  • We surely don't want anything to do with the useless states of america, come on, I've only been back a year from living there and I was glad to wipe the shit off my feet as I left.....SAY NO TO LERNER or it most surely will be regretted. Here's a quick hint, not many in America have heard of the Cleveland Browns. Mind, not many in America can spell the Cleveland Browns but I digress, we DO NOT want anything to do with America.

    Sven Goran Eriksson, jees, after his uselessness with the national side, come on, need I say more?

    A Villa supporter whom wants to appoint Martin O'Neil as the manager and whom has the drive and passion to make Villa great again.....it's a song we can all know the words to and are surely all singing from the same sheet as he really can be the only choice.
    Come on, Doug, make the right choice for the club and for the fans that make the club what it is, we're sick of being laughed at and we don't need an American joker or a Swedish clown to make everyone else laugh harder at us. Neville all the way.

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    by A Yahoo! User Jul 26, 2006 00:10
    Wayne Wayne Jul 26, 2006 07:16 Flag

    Age 44, IQ 44, waist 44 BCFC 44 fans
    Be gone, snotwipe.

  • Awwwwwwww, Nancyboy, did the nasty Liverpool boys make you cwy? Did you wun to tell teacher?
    Telling Liverpool they'll never challenge for the league title, jeez, how moronic can he get? Did mommy tell you to shout at the nasty boys?
    I don't support Liverpool but you can be safe in the knowledge that most of the rest of this country joined their supporters in being glad Chelsea got beat. Seeing the Chel$ki wallet in the crowd made it special, too, witnessing his money failing because it just goes to prove that money can't buy passion and that's what Liverpool had and Chel$ki didn't.
    BAD LUCK CHEL$KI and may you continue having it until Nancyboy leaves and you become a real team once again instead of some ponced up fantasy team made by money.....jeez, even Blackburn had some degree of home grown talent when they were rich with buying power, and the best thing is that Chelsea will become equally as average as Blackburn now have.

  • Can you hear it, surely you can hear it? It really is difficult not to hear the thud as the Birmingham City jaw dropped open and hit the chest!
    If you didn't hear that thud then maybe you heard the technicians working on the ticket boothes at St. Andrews to lower the admission costs to Championship League levels.
    Surely we're not deaf and must have heard something.....the echo has barely died away from the sound of splashing that Birmingham City tears made, you must have heard it.
    Bad luck Birmingham, I personally would love to see you stay in the top flight so that we can kick arse whenever we meet and bounce you around as our very own whipping boys.

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    Villa send blues crashing 3-1

    by A Yahoo! User Apr 16, 2006 22:28
    Wayne Wayne Apr 16, 2006 22:55 Flag

    Let's not be too harsh, even when things are really, really bad we can still have Birmingham City 0 and the Baggies to beat by keeping them in the Premiership...sometimes the Villa need easy opponents to shit all over.

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    by A Yahoo! User Apr 14, 2006 00:59
    Wayne Wayne Apr 16, 2006 20:51 Flag

    WOW Twilight Zone, there's that magic number 3 again.
    3 Points
    3 Goals

    HA HAHA HA HA HA enjoy the fall and have a safe landing when you land in the Championship. Byeeeeeeeeeeee xxxx

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    by A Yahoo! User Apr 14, 2006 00:59
    Wayne Wayne Apr 16, 2006 18:25 Flag

    How sad.....a phlegm brain from Worcester supporting a team out of well founded and vitally apparent ignorance. Oh well, not to worry because when Villa get it right we surely do get it right ..... and Birmingham, lol, well haha they just 'Birmingham' around in a hope that they might one day win 1/10th of what Villa have.

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    by A Yahoo! User Apr 14, 2006 00:59
    Wayne Wayne Apr 15, 2006 18:50 Flag

    Is it true they're called 'The Blues,' so that the intellectual colossi that are Birmingham City fans have a chance of actually spelling the name correctly? Birmingham is a whole three syllables, after all, a tough spell...ha, matching syllables and IQ of a Birmingham supporter, if only they could count to three then they'd realize how many points they'll lose on Sunday.

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    by A Yahoo! User Apr 13, 2006 05:12
    Wayne Wayne Apr 13, 2006 16:01 Flag

    He seems ideal for the England job when it's considered that the current national manager is Swedish!

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    O'Leary OUT

    by Evo Mar 16, 2006 01:53
    Wayne Wayne Mar 30, 2006 08:16 Flag

    correct.....the nancyboy has done nothing except ponce around with someone else's purchases and make himself the best candidate for the business end of a lump hammer to kiss his cherry lips!
    Chelsea are doing fine...below average for the players they have....but times will change and then all of the fairweather chelski fans will probably mysteriously become Villans when we begin winning again.

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    Well said, Lee Hendrie

    by Wayne Mar 10, 2006 02:46
    Wayne Wayne Mar 14, 2006 07:10 Flag

    He's frustrated, Barney, and people do daft things when they get like that, if he had the run in the first team he'd be as great as he always was before, my goodness, he used to be an England midfielder so we know he has the tools.