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    Shut up arsenal part timers

    by A Yahoo! User Sep 3, 2008 21:13
    A Yahoo! User Sep 7, 2008 00:58 Flag

    "All you part time supporters who Whine & complain about Wenger not buying big or the fact that we aint won nothing for however many years, listen to my rant........" Are you saying you're please we haven't won anything?

    "True we did'nt finish there but we had injury's. So i challenge you part timers to take a trip to last season in your mind and imagine that United didn't have Ronaldo, Rooney and Tevez for the last 3 months of the season, like we didnt have Van Persie, Eduardo and Rosicky. "

    This second point of yours is one we all agree with. But, as we all know that for the last 4 seasons we have had - SHOCK SHOCK HORROR HORROR - 4 injury crisises you think maybe AW would have learned from his mistakes and beefed up the squad to make it a little deeper.

    I am not going to moan about what AW has or hasn't done because it is futile. I am not displeased, but I would like to see us repeat the performances of last year for an entire season this year. With the exception of our west end disaster vs Fulham, we have had a good start so few complaints from this fan.

    The fact of the matter is I trully think that if he fluffs it this season and we come away with little or no progess then his position may actually be questioned for the first time in his arsenal career.

    People may not always agree with AW's transfer policy but I have few arguements with who he has let go, something people overlook from time to time. Just wish Eboue had gone too...

  • Ok, I'm glad we replaced Hleb. Personally I thought we needed another winger anyway, even if he hadn't left, but AW never seems to agree with me that we need a deeper squad and every season I get proved right when the team doesn't win anything because the players are half dead by the end.

    Anyway. What the hell sort of cover do we not have for kolo and willy? F&*K all!

    Senderos? PLEASE!! Don't make me laugh. I'd like for him to go to Newcastle. He can replace Titus Bramble as their resident tit.

    Djourou? Better than Senderos but still he doesn't play often enough to get more experience and he's not robust enough in my opinion.

    Song? He's away at the olympics to begin with and, although I've never been a massive fan he did put in a few good performances at the end of last term. Still, same as Djourou, not enough experience. No leadership.

    Nordveit? Still too young although I've seen him play for the reserves and its like watching a young Tony Adams. I'd like for him to be given a chance but I doubt he'll do more than Carling Cup this season.

    So why hasn't AW bought anyone new in? I'm a firm believer in squad competition and right now Kolo and Willy, and brilliant as I think they both are, have no competition for starting places at all. Just one player could make all the difference.

    Am I the only one who can see this? Good, top quality centre backs are rare and u have to pay in limbs to get them but surely it is the one position AW should consider shedding out for? But no, he's too stubborn and he won't.

    I am one of AW's biggest fans but his stubbornness gets to me sometimes.

    Views please

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    PL schedual in our favour

    by Govinda Aug 5, 2008 16:23
    A Yahoo! User Aug 6, 2008 00:32 Flag

    i think that if we have a run in like last season then the schedule could knock us for 6. AW needs to make sure the team stays focused on the task until the very last game of the season. If we drift away in february/march again then we're gonna be way off the pace come may. And I think it is very likely. WHy? because the players will be knackered and AW still hasn't realised that he needs a deeper squad with more experience

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    by Pob Aug 4, 2008 17:05
    A Yahoo! User Aug 6, 2008 00:29 Flag

    I know I haven't been around for a while Swerve but it's not often I've known your rants to be THAT poisonous. I agree with you though. Badboy has misinterpreted your frustration with Eboue.

    I hate dirty players, I hate over dramatics - we all do. We all shout at the tv when Droggers does it and lets face it, the reason we do with Eboue is because it is so unneccessary (Coincidently I found out the other day the word "Ebouer" in French means Bin Man, which I think is quite apt. Maybe they should take him away from us)

    Eboue is singled out by gooners, and there are a number of us Badboy who feel this way, I would say we are the majority, because he breaks up the flow of the game with his bad behaviour, his arrogant, argumentative attitudes towards the ref. How can we moan about the bad behaviour of Chelski and accept it in our own team?

    Eboue isn't singled out by fans. John Terry, Didier Drogba, Cashley, Lee Cattermole - these players are all reknowned for thinking they are exceptions to the rule and Eboue is one of their elite group who fans can't stand because they discredit their fellow team members.

    As a player he is overshadowed at right back by Sagna and on the right wing by Walcott and now Nasri. He is of no use to the team. I am very disappointed he hasn't gone.

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    hleb sais that fab is greedy!

    by rob69 Jul 8, 2008 15:52
    A Yahoo! User Jul 8, 2008 18:22 Flag

    seconded - there is not one syllable in your post i disagree with. you speak the truth

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    hleb sais that fab is greedy!

    by rob69 Jul 8, 2008 15:52
    A Yahoo! User Jul 8, 2008 18:21 Flag

    this cracks me up so much. I mean I don't mind hleb as a player - he's good but he's no freddie. I will not be crying if he leaves. The thing is he's accusing Fabs of shooting and being selfish well thats the EXACT reason I think Hleb isn't good enough. He NEVER scores. At the beginning of the season I thought he had turned over a new leaf when he popped a few in but no, he still refuses to shoot.

    He's dug himself a massive hole in this rant and i can't wait to have him walk. Hopefully we'll get a good 15 mil or so for him and I've seen Nasri play in France. I personally believe he has far more potential

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    Did Henry earn 120K at 24 after one good season?

    by Fred E Jun 29, 2008 23:56
    A Yahoo! User Jun 30, 2008 00:10 Flag

    u think that will be printed on arsenal.com lol? Watch sky sports news, its being reported every half hour

  • A Yahoo! User Jun 30, 2008 00:03 Flag

    he's a bell. let him go. he's so full of shit i can smell him from here

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    Did Henry earn 120K at 24 after one good season?

    by Fred E Jun 29, 2008 23:56
    A Yahoo! User Jun 30, 2008 00:02 Flag

    mate, fred's got a point. read sky sports and his comments are reported as quotes. if this has been made up then expect a court case. its fact - he said this. he should get over himself

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    Adebayor, Is He Really That Good?

    by Richie Jun 29, 2008 05:02
    A Yahoo! User Jun 29, 2008 23:54 Flag

    i completely agree, Ade seems to think he's the dog's bollucks suddenly and is comparing himself to TH14. I'm sorry but to be considered that good then you need to perform consistantly for a number of seasons. Just because he had one season where he knocked a few in he suddenly thinks he's more important than the rest of the team. Read the interview with him on sky sports and he so shamelessly puts himself ahead of the team.

    I think he should fuck off and get over himself. I predict if he stays and is given a better contract he'll have a flop of a season. He's being over hyped. let him be a flop at another club

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    Great article from Hansen

    by Swerve Apr 14, 2008 17:43
    A Yahoo! User Apr 14, 2008 18:24 Flag

    it is a brilliant article Swerve and it proves us all right - AW needs to buy big, even if it means compromising some of his precious principles which right now are getting the team stuck in the mud.
    It was a good point too about the team's lack of motivation in the FA cup - it was transmitted from AW, something he needs to accept responsibility for.
    Hanson also made a good point about Gallas. I think he COULD be a good leader but he needs to change his attitude.

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    Will anyone jump ship?

    by A Yahoo! User Apr 14, 2008 16:44
    A Yahoo! User Apr 14, 2008 18:17 Flag

    phantom, i dont agree on a lot of them.

    I agree that Senderos is pants - he MUST go IMO, along with Eboue and perhaps Gilberto, although I get Swerve's point that he has been a bit better. It hasn't swayed me enough tho, I still believe he has passed it.
    Denilson has not shown the potential we expected but if I'm being really fair I believe he and Bentner both deserve another season to show their stuff.
    I'm beginning to get a little frustrated with Hleb. His yellow card yesterday was completely unneccessary. I don't believe it is all down to him, AW keeps playing him behind the strikers where usually he is more effective but how often do you watch games and think - hang on, why is Hleb out wide? He always ends up out on the wing and we've all known for ages he's pants at playing wide. I don't know that he necessarily should go, but we need someone else in the squad other than him and Rosicky who can play that type of roll. Perhaps Theo will slot in well but I think an addition is needed there.
    As for Toure, get real. Who the hell wants to get rid of him? No one with any brains. And Gallas - he's been better than last season but I think AW needs to sit down with him and kick him up the ass if he wants to get the best out of his captain. Otherwise he should be replaced.
    As for Song, someone many people get annoyed with me for slamming - yesterday I was impressed. I think he deserves another chance in the wake of Senderos' frequent calamities.
    Don't lose Flamini either

    As for Fabianksi - he hasn't had too many opportunities although he was a catastrophe against spurs. I think he deserves one more season to prove himself.
    I don't care if Lehmann goes. Whatever happens we need another keeper. I wait with baited breath because I have never believed it was AW's strong point picking goalies

  • Its being touted around on skysports and setanta that AW's biggest challenge now is to keep the team together over the summer? Fabs said only a few days ago that he is staying, is anyone else going to sod off through frustration do you think?

    I don't believe we can really afford to lose anyone, in fact as we all agree we need more depth. I wouldn't mind if Eboue or Ponderos went, so long as they were replaced. thoughts?

  • by A Yahoo! User Apr 13, 2008 21:23 Flag

    I think the overwhelming majority of people on this board and around the country in general are in agreement that Theo Walcott has arrived. Many have been questioning AW's decision not to play him more often and last week it emerged that Theo had confronted him about it at the training ground. Today it is being reported that Theo has said that if he gets a good run of games at the beginning of next season he wants to tie himself to the club long term. What does everyone think of this? last week we get the impression he's a bit cheesed off at not being a first team regular, David Bentley got jealous and started butting is fat head in to try and unsettle him and now we hear he is happy.

    Personally I think he is a star of the future. No, he isn't Rooney but when he really, really improves, I think he could be just as prolific as our old number 14

  • A Yahoo! User Apr 12, 2008 22:42 Flag

    despite key injuries? u mean the key injuries Arsenal suffer from EVERY season? AW should allow for injuries, any sane manager would. The point is he always claims he can count on his youngsters when his stars are unavailable, but as we all know he is often reluctant to use them when it actually comes down to it.

    I think DD is interested in creating a power battle at the club and you have fair reasoning, that would be a disaster - we dont want to be like Liverpool, but the thing is we wont, not with the investors we have because they are all independant of each other and didnt going in as a partnership like the scousers.

  • A Yahoo! User Apr 12, 2008 19:45 Flag

    So you don't trust DD? I completely see your point, it is a fair one. I'm in agreement on principle yet I feel myself wanted AW to attract the type of players he knows he can. But do we need investment for that? can he not do it already? I dont know

  • http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11670_3411747,00.html

    DD makes a good point - why prevent foreign ownership if you're so content to field an all foreign 11. It is a famous quote of AWs that Arsenal judges players on ability not passports, so why not the same with directors? Of course I personally would like to see more of an English influence in the club - what with it being English and stuff - but why can't we find an effective equilibrium? With more investment we will be able to better compete with the likes of ManUSA for the top youngsters if AW insists in his youth policy (although I think we are all agreed that we need a touch more experience - but i digress)

    The point is thagt DD wants the best for the club, there is no doubt in anyone's mind about that, even PHW's. Whether people all agree with DD is another matter. Personally I want our team to do well, we are always targetted by other fans as being moaners, especially recently - but the truth is Arsenal is a team that is expected to perform. If they weren't then these other supporters couldn't give us a hard time. With extra investment we would be better placed to compete effectively at the top.

    The flip side to this arguement is that, as it has been highly publicised recently, in January AW had 70 million to spend. Arsenal seem to have cash to attract big name players and increase squad depth but they haven't.

    My arguement has always been the same - AW's insistance on keeping a small squad has been proved as ineffective. He claims he has full faith in so many of his youngsters and that they will perform when he calls upon them. A prime example of AW deviating on this was against liverpool when he switched Toure to the right instead of fielding Hoyte, allowing Senderos a diablical game when Toure would have been more effective in the centre.
    Furthermore, Armand Traore and Lukasz Fabianski have both not performed at the standard expected when they were called on this year. Granted, Fabs in still 3rd choice, but Traore is effectively our 2nd choice left back. Why doesn't AW deepen the squad?

    We need a bigger squad but it seems AW doesn't want this investment? Am I right in thinking this? I do not mean to impose my belief on others but this point is one that has had me thinking for ages and I can't get to the bottom of it

  • http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/a/arsenal/7339174.stm

    So what Nige is saying is that our squad is too small, therefore the players are exhausted at this stage in the season and our defense needs a bit of beefing.

    fair points all of them. but why can AW still not see that he needs a larger squad!?!

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    Mr Bergkamp the manager

    by A Yahoo! User Apr 10, 2008 16:25
    A Yahoo! User Apr 10, 2008 16:32 Flag

    only good news, only good news

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    Play on the Emirates Pitch!

    by Ryan D Apr 10, 2008 16:29
    A Yahoo! User Apr 10, 2008 16:32 Flag

    lol i aint payin £400, what a laugh