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    Evra or Heinze for the Chelski game?

    by Paul Nov 21, 2006 01:00
    blanksblock blanksblock Nov 21, 2006 02:47 Flag

    On current form Evra starts. As mentioned above, we'll see what SAF does during the Celtic game. Heinze is still a few games away from his best. If he was playing well he'd start regardless of Evra's form.

    I know we're worrying about defending against Chelski. But we've been defending fairly well so far without Gabby. Chelski's wide threats aren't tall (Robben, Cole, Phillips) and Shevchenko isn't tall either. Drogba will have Rio and Vidic to cover him.

    I think Evra's pace will be an asset against those wide players anyway. Moreover, Evra has been very instrumental in our attacks and I assume playing at home against Chelski, we intend to go for a win. If things get rough for Evra during the game then I'm sure SAF knows that FIFA rules allow for 3 substitutions during the game.

  • blanksblock by blanksblock Nov 2, 2006 00:46 Flag

    What's the latest news on Ricardo Gardner's injury? When is he due back? There's no info on the Bolton website.

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    Rooney and Saha or Rooney and Ruud

    by A Yahoo! User Oct 30, 2006 21:39
    blanksblock blanksblock Oct 31, 2006 00:38 Flag

    Ruud is a striker, Saha is a forward (I hope you understand what I mean). It's not fair to compare them. What you can compare is a the system of play that you must employ in order to facilitate either player.

    Ruud very rarely did any work in the middle of the field; Saha does most of his work starting from the middle. So the team can do more fast breaks and the midfielders can assist more going forward as they know Saha will come back to assist (hence more goals from different players this season).

    Saha has always been underrated by most fans. If anyone watched his play at Fulham they would never doubt his ability. He single handedly carried that team for most of their games. What has caused his delayed production at Utd is injury.

    If I must compare the players, the most important difference between the 2 is attitude. Saha is like Ole, he gives 100% all the time and is willing to contribute even if he's coming off the bench. Ruud on the other hand was happy when he was an ever present and scoring goals. Yes Ruud is more clinical (which is much easier when you're standing in the box waiting on your opportunity than when you have to dribble 30+ yards to create your chance). But Saha is the type of player who the rest of the team loves to play with (even when he's not scoring). Not to mention his pace and his least recognised asset, his amazing leap (especially considering his height).

    That's my 2 pence worth.

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    If Utd could have any one player in the world...

    by Dan Aug 30, 2006 01:09
    blanksblock blanksblock Aug 30, 2006 01:35 Flag


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    Transfers In and Out.

    by A Yahoo! User Aug 29, 2006 20:03
    blanksblock blanksblock Aug 29, 2006 23:29 Flag

    Now the Mascherano thing I'm all for. But Park; he was among our best players last season. Moreover, he's a constant worker. If he falls over, so does Ronaldo, want to get rid of him too? He's an excellent squad member. Never going to be an everyday starter but should we have sold Ole in '99?

    We need a good holding/tackling midfielder (Mascherano) and a replacement for Ruud (a different type of forward though, maybe Torres). The midfield is the most pressing, so Mascherano for Miller. I'm sure someone will take him on loan if he can't be sold. If we have issues (injuries, failures, etc.) before December, then we move in January. If we buy a striker, then Rossi goes out on loan. There's your 24.

    In reality, the best we can expect is a rush signing to replace our failed bid for Hargreaves (whew, we were paying well over the top for him). Most likely Senna (not too keen on that one).

    In my dreams: OUT - Miller and Rossi (loan)
    IN - Tevez and Mascherano

  • blanksblock blanksblock Aug 24, 2006 06:28 Flag

    What's to understand? If a player isn't keen on playing for Utd. then there's no reason to bend over backwards to get them. Plus this isn't Chelski, we don't pay over what a player's worth. In fact we tend to pay less more often than not.

    I love the way Tevez plays (for that matter so does Fergie), but I think he's a little too similar to Rooney for us to be jumping through hoops to sign him. Plus what kind of message would that be sending to Rossi?

    As I've said before, be patient, Fergie knows what he's doing. How many trophies have you won?

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    If not Hargreaves, then Who???

    by B REEL Aug 21, 2006 22:42
    blanksblock blanksblock Aug 22, 2006 21:54 Flag

    Tevez is ready to leave Corinthians. I can't see his friend Mascherano staying in Brazil alone. Gabby will be a big plus in our corner. A double signing before the transfer window closes would suit me just fine.

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    Prawns, I hope you were watching

    by A Yahoo! User Jul 27, 2006 04:57
    blanksblock blanksblock Jul 27, 2006 22:18 Flag

    I'm a relatively new United fan. Not by choice, but by circumstance. I live in a country far away that has only recently afforded me the luxury of video coverage of the team. Now I don't presume to be fully aware of the club's history. But I certainly make it my duty to read and gather as much information about all that happened before I started following the team.

    More than anything else, the main reason I have come to love (and I genuinely mean "love") Manchester United is its structure and philosophy. A sound business entity, a solid football structure (built around the youth system) and a guarantee of ATTRACTIVE & ATTACKING play on the field.

    Now, I'm always open to everyone's comments, but when I hear things like "SAF is causing our downfall", I get really upset. I can think of no better guardian of the "United way" than Sir Alex. He believes in one thing, Manchester United first and everything, including star players after.

    Now to complain that we haven't signed anyone and that we are not attractive to stars anymore is a load of crap. We really don't need to panic buy or pay too much for anyone. We do need a replacement for Roy Keane, but tell me who that is. There might be a few players with some of his qualities out there, but not a true replacement. If a star is not attracted to Utd, good, we don't need him. We don't need anyone that doesn't want to play for us. They can go to Chelsea earn a good salary for a year or 2, play 20 games, get frustrated, get dropped from their national team and then finally move to a club that will play them, at realistic wages.

    I don't think it's realistic to want to win everything, every year. We can aspire towards it, but to actually do that would mean that no other team would be improving and giving us competiton. Football, like all sports, is about ups & downs. One needs the other in order for you to appreciate both. So those newcomers who can't understand why we aren't winning at the moment, you have a choice. Get frustrated and start supporting Chelsea or get behind your team and get prepared for the long term which will include many more years of wins and losses.

    When Roman decides to leave Chelsea (as soon as they win the CL or he gives up trying), they will have to face the reality of not having the money to buy everyone that Utd has scouted. In the mean time remember this, we lost by 2 wins and 2 draws last season. We had major injury issues and a poor start to the season caused by an unfamiliar formation to accomodate Keano's waning skills. Both of those issues are behind us. I believe we will win this year, with or without a midfield signing, and funnily enough I expect Liverpool to be more of a challenge than Chelsea.

    Now if you want something to complain about, turn your attention to the new owners. Ask about our debt and make sure we have a gaurantee that these people understand the history and that they don't intend to screw up everything for a trophy and then banish the club to a future of bankruptcy and poor play on the field.

    That's my 2 pence worth.

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    this is gettin scary boys

    by A Yahoo! User Jul 9, 2006 06:18
    blanksblock blanksblock Jul 9, 2006 07:48 Flag

    Just relax. This is Manchester United here, not some mid-table club. We're in the Champion's League, 2nd richest club in the world and we still have a very good team that could win the championship even without any additions. Keep in mind that if we hadn't been drawing games because of our negative tactics early in the season (as much as it pains me to say this, in order to fit Keano into the team) we could easily have been neck & neck with Chelski.

    We're rebuilding, there's no need to jump into the market just to say we've bought someone. The prospects look good if you ask me. The best central midfield boss available (Stephen Appiah) has just been linked with the club, at a reasonable price. If Ronaldo goes to Real, he won't be cheap, so we'll have more money to spend. I think Cicinho plus 10-15 mil. pounds would be a great deal. Fergie said he expects Ruud back (say what you want that's a guaranteed 20 EPL goals every season). Rooney, Saha, Smithy, maybe even a few goals from "The Baby-Faced Assassin & last but not least, the emergence of one Giuseppe Rossi, puts us in good stead in attack. The defence is solid and we've got adequate backup in every position (Pique's class will emerge this year). Van der Sar and Ben Foster in goal.

    All we need is one or 2 for the midfield and we'll be OK if you ask me. Right now I think Fergie's worrying about keeping our current players together and bringing through some yongsters. For all the Ronaldo worriers, think about it, he's still just potential. He's not truly proved himself as a consistent threat, he still holds on to the ball too much and he doesn't have the personality to play a co-starring role, and take it from me Wayne Rooney is "the" star.

    Patience is a virtue.