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  • chris n by chris n Jan 21, 2013 13:23 Flag

    Why are we looking to fork out £8million on coutinho, who although looks good on you tube is a failure at inter and not close to the proven quality we should be striving for.

    Sjneider would have been £6.5 million plus wages, compared to £8 million with less wages in Coutinho, but who would have been the better player for us? Who would have made an instant impact? I believe it would have been sjneider all the way and yes with wages he would have been more expensive over the long term but he would have brought results, surely this is better than gambling money on a maybe like Coutinho.

    I am 100% behind Buck and I aplaud the buy young policy of the owners so we have value for money, but if that value takes 5 years to acheive anything then I opt for proven with less value for money that can make us a force in the next 18 months.

    Surely Danny Wilson, Nuri Sahin and even Andy Carroll are examples of money wasted on maybe talents, that money could have been better spent. Even Henderson who looks like he is finally proving his talent has taken too long to come to the fore.

    Young totti on your arm is great and it is exciting and new and experimenting with them is awesome, but there is nothing better than proven, quality, experience. Oooarr.

    LFC buy good and buy right, age is just a number.

  • chris n by chris n Aug 18, 2012 17:03 Flag

    Apparently we had an 88% pass completion rate, better than any team last season!!!!!!

    WHOOPDEEFOOKINDOO!!!!!!!! What is the point of keeping the ball if youre not gonna score and lose?

    We played well last season and the results were shit, seems like more of the same. We have lost too much quality in Kuyt, Maxi and Bellamy and not brought nearly enough in depth or quality.

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    Will team GB be a one off?

    by LFC_Armchair_Supporter Jun 15, 2012 10:51
    chris n chris n Jun 17, 2012 10:15 Flag

    I think they should consider structuring a British league, with a main prem and then the next tiers down are split in to north and south to limit travel and costs, but there would then be playoffs for each tier with winner of north playing winner of south to get promotion.

    As for a British team, what about a British team for world cup and split for the Euros? We should at least always have a British team for the Olympics.

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    AVB is joint fav to become manager

    by keiron May 16, 2012 22:08
    chris n chris n May 17, 2012 12:23 Flag

    I agree with what Hob says, his tactics would suit us. Other than Mourine or Pep or Hiddink which is unrealistic I would put AVB as my number 1 choice.

    I dont understand the Martinez thing right now, why sack Kenny for half a good season and a cup win and swap for a guy who had quarter of a good season and no cup runs???

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    I feel for you!!

    by chris n Aug 28, 2011 19:33
    chris n chris n Aug 30, 2011 00:21 Flag

    Benayoun would be a start for you, quality, consistent, creative and can score goals, a very underrated player who I wish was back at Liverpool.

    I do think Wenger pr the money men at the club need to pay what is needed to get players like Cahill and such, we (LFC) went and spent big on Carroll (35m) Henderson (20m) young players with good futures but ready to play now, looking at arsenal from the outside it seems there is and has been too much emphasis on the future (which is not guaranteed to succeed) and complete disregard for the present by allowing players to go without paying what is needed for replacements or players who are ready now.

    Anyway it's not my place to criticise I just hope you have some joy in the Market to help turn it around, I honestly believe our success (lfc) is dependent on clubs like arsenal to take points off of the scum from Manchester (and vice versa)

  • To all Arsenal fans I really do feel for you, I am a Liverpool fan but have a lot of respect for arsenal and really do feel sorry for you fans with what you are going through. I truly hope it gets better for you, clubs like ours need to be there to stop the Manchester machines.

    Please take heart in last season, we were in a bad way for the first half of the season and got there with a squad not much different in quality from yours now although a lot of changes needed to happen.

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    Is Bellamy better than Ngog

    by Kuen Aug 26, 2011 02:51
    chris n chris n Aug 26, 2011 14:21 Flag

    If you look back at my posts you will see I called out for us to get Bellamy back right at the start of the summer, I know his age and attitude are not everyone's cup of tea but I look at the past and bringing a quality old head in has worked a lot in the past.

    No fee and only wages i think it's a no brainer, get him in ASAP and he is perfect cover up top and in the wide areas.

  • I just read that Man City want £4mill for him. I think he would be an excellent addition to our squad. The role he played at city out wide left really suited him and I think he could do a great job for us and he would be great cover for Carroll and Suarez.

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    Evans or Cahill?

    by dsteer_lfc_68 Jun 12, 2011 16:55
    chris n chris n Jun 12, 2011 17:50 Flag

    Personally I would prefer Cahill, I think at 26 he would improve us now, Jones (not evans) would be great but I think his in experience right now could be costly, when I have watched him he is very very good with the ball be too reckless without it, Cahill would be cheaper and the benefits would be quicker.

  • Could'nt have happened to nicer bunch of c&^*S, wonder what excuses you will come up with now????

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    The year United took number 19!

    by A Yahoo! User Feb 28, 2011 23:18
    chris n chris n Mar 1, 2011 23:20 Flag

    What goes around comes around, we will be back at the top sooner rather than later and Manure in the next few years with financial plight and the end of red nose just around the corner will fade away for a while before coming back and I am sure again we will have our days of slim pickings where trophies are concerned, it is inevitable.

    You have to be proud of the past but live for today and hope for the future. We have a wonderful past, today is getting better and better and I cannot wait (hope) to see united pass us on their way down.

  • not the three game winning streak without conceeding, not that we got rid of El Sulk to play with Le Sulk at Chelski, not that Andy Carroll was at Anfield or that Suarez is off the mark already.

    The best news last night and the best news I have heard for a long long while was that RAT BOY has retired. A distinctly average full back who was lucky enough to play in some (I hate to say it) decent teams with some (hate to say it even more) decent players who made him seem much better than he was.

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    Funny song

    by chris n Jan 30, 2011 00:38
    chris n chris n Feb 3, 2011 02:34 Flag

    His armband said he was a red torres torres
    but really he was blue instead torres torres
    just ask Wayne Bridge and you will see
    it all goes wrong at Chelski
    Fernando Torres Terry will shag your wife!!!!

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    Funny song

    by chris n Jan 30, 2011 00:38
    chris n chris n Feb 2, 2011 23:51 Flag

    A funny song for our deadly new strike duo who have a couple of indisgretions in their past, to the tune of Itchy and Scratchy out of the Simpsons

    He Bites, He Fights
    He Bites, He Fights, He Fights
    Bite, bite, bite
    Fight, fight, fight
    The Carrol and Torres show!!!!

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    No need for the parting shot Nando

    by Hobsey Feb 1, 2011 17:49
    chris n chris n Feb 1, 2011 23:54 Flag

    His armband said he was a red Torres Torres
    But really he was blue instead Torres Torres
    Ask Wayne Bridge and you will see
    It all goes wrong at Chelski
    Fernando Torres Terry will shag your wife!!!!

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    New Torres song

    by A Yahoo! User Feb 1, 2011 23:07
    chris n chris n Feb 1, 2011 23:50 Flag

    His armband said he was a red Torres Torres
    But really he was blue instead Torres Torres
    Ask Wayne Bridge and you will see
    It all goes wrong at Chelski
    Fernando Torres Terry will shag your wife!!!

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    Funny song

    by chris n Jan 30, 2011 00:38
    chris n chris n Feb 1, 2011 07:52 Flag

    Well Senior Judas did sell his soul to Stamford bridge but the big lad has signed up and I will be honest it has made the pain and despair go and some excitement and hope come back

    Anyway a fun song for our new number 9, good luck Andy lad

    He used to play in black and white Caroll, Caroll
    He said I'm off your fcuking **** Caroll, Carroll
    We brought the lad to merseyside
    There's nowere for defenders to hide
    Andy Carroll. Liverpool's new 'number 9

  • chris n by chris n Jan 30, 2011 00:38 Flag

    Fistly let me say I love Torres and will be upset if he leaves, especially to go to Chelski. I am also chugged we are getting Suarez, a show of intent by the board. But this song made me laugh

    His handball proved he was a cheat Suarez suarez
    You'll never score past me he said Suarez suarez
    Judas from Athletic Madrid
    Has sold his soul to Stamford Bridge
    Luis Suarez new Liverpool number 9

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    Warnock return to Liverpool on loan???

    by chris n Jan 15, 2011 20:50
    chris n chris n Jan 15, 2011 22:20 Flag

    I did mean to write Anfield and not Enfield by the way, damn predictive text.

  • According to ceefax, the BBC website and Stephen Warnocks page on wikipedia he is back at Enfield on loan until the end of the season. But I cannot see this story anywhere else.

    If it is true then I a chuffed, a hard working lad from our youth system and a decent player. He will give 100% for us.