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    who is our best forward line to play

    by david Jan 14, 2010 23:58
    detrich detrich Jan 19, 2010 17:35 Flag

    no point looking back to phillips. what kind of season did he have last year.
    also no point in looking at the strikers in isolation. you need to look at the feed too. Robert Koren plays the most positive ball - always looking to move it forward.
    You also need to look for the goal threat. Cox and Bednar may be the best bet for now with Koren or Dorrans in the hole. Miller can also give us width so a 4-3-3 could be an alternative.
    Some baggies fans look back to the days of Megson. Not me. But what i did like about Megson's team was they could change formoation during a game. There is more than one way at looking at alternatives.

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    by Alan H Feb 3, 2009 19:55
    detrich detrich Apr 22, 2009 16:57 Flag

    how's the club shaping is a good question

    clearly relegation hurts
    clearly results turn heads

    but here's the shape for me

    1) Good manager in spite of the results
    2) Good entertaining football being played
    3) Lots of buys in two close seasons, expect more this time, and watch for the youngsters coming through (though i would like to see more home grown)
    4) transfer policy seems to be focussing on the young could be's of the future
    5) Tony would like a consistently good centre back. I think Leon Barnett will be better with another season under is belt but will look at martis/olsson partnership with interest
    6) Tony would like someone up front. I would go for Bednar/Miller but would look for a good alternative
    7) We know the midfield can play, we know they can score
    8) England international goalkeeper who has made more saves than any keeper this year. As he grows so he will become more consistent and cut out silly errors
    9) Not a bad disciplinary record. We know who lets us down and we think we might have a better footballing alternative

    I dón't think the shapes that bad.
    I would like to see better results
    I would like us to win the championship again next year (i think we're down) and would like to be better set for the year after with more settled youngsters, more confident players, more interesting buys.
    i would like to see more confidence in the manager and less knee jerk reactions

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    Who will win EPL

    by Sun H Sep 10, 2008 07:49
    detrich detrich Oct 16, 2008 13:01 Flag

    who cares? As a fan who pays to boo i'd really love to have a poo team. unfortunately i'm not getting what i want right now and am standing on the terraces, glumly sitting on my bum, whilst uncontrolled lunatics all around me are dancing with excitement and and shouting obscenities like hurrah. Life is really not fair. I think the rules should be changed and we should call for the relegation of say 14 rubbish teams every year. that would increase the booing quotient and bring succour to the likes of me

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    no veteran english strikers in PL

    by Slyshooter Apr 28, 2008 14:56
    detrich detrich Apr 30, 2008 13:24 Flag

    bet you guys are just drooling at the thought of Kevin Phillips returning to the prem then. Great player. Ask any Sunderland or Southampton player/fan. He's the man who made Crouch and who is know making Miller. Yep!! You'll be getting a young un too. Which is interesting cos i'd have thought if it was a question of respect its the young that don't a chance whilst we all greedily hunt the next big thing in Europe. Which United babe will play in Moscow. Why didn't such a player spotter as Wenger manage to spot Bentley. I'd imagine its been a while since Chelsea bought a kid through.I think Everton had a good year with a few kids showing promise. West Ham were forced to give the kids a go. I don't think spurs did too badly kids wise. Bolton have been buying oldies for years.

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    What is happening ?

    by IAIN Mar 16, 2008 01:50
    detrich detrich Mar 25, 2008 16:00 Flag

    I've just looked at the fixture l;ist and its going to be tough. I think that's whats happening. the league is tough.
    I've also been a fan since Alan Ashman.
    I remember Don Howe being told by the board that the club wouldn't invest in new players during his season in charge and i seem to remember Johnny Giles bringing in a bunch of oldies.
    Its good to look at history. Tony Mowbray's/Jeremy Peace's team/squad has had investment, good players have been signing new contracts, quite a few of the team will be away for international duty this week and we have good young players too.
    TYhe football's been pretty good this year hasn't it? That's a tradition i'm really glad to be linked with. The FA Cup tradition is just a fabulous bonus on this. And if we win two games in hand we're top.
    What's happening is good.