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  • expat_smoggie by expat_smoggie Apr 10, 2012 17:30 Flag

    So what has gone wrong for us. Always in the top 4 until Christmas, and then relegation form since. I was at the cardiff match on Saturday gone and felt the players did not know how and where they were supposed to be playing in the first half. Mcdonald and the other scot were just arguing with everyone and spent more time with their hands in the air in frustration than playing for the team. We need team players and solid tactics with plan a, b and c already in mind before each game. Scouts need to watch the opposition and understand their strengths and weaknesses, it doesn't seem to be happening from what I have seen(which i will readily admit is not much since I live abroad). Mowbray was a revelation, when he first came, but seems to have gone stale. Remember Tony, you are only as good as the team you build around you, so consider changes in the summer and dont rely on old mates all the time, football is a business not a chariety adn the fans deserve more attractive football.

  • expat_smoggie by expat_smoggie Mar 20, 2011 10:32 Flag

    Just a note to wish Bryan Robson and his family all the best wishes on hearing he has throat cancer.....

    Even if you have differing opinions about his coaching abilities, he established the academy which is now the back bone of the middlesbrough team, and has made us millions in transfer fees.

    Get well soon...

    come on BORO...!!

  • The story of the moga era.....Another good hard fought win y'day, but just imagine if we didn't have so many sick notes.

    I know they are genuine injuries but the safe havens of middle table and no more relegation sweating is a realistic target.

    Reviewing the remaining fixtures and I anticipate we will have another 4 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses this season.... lets keep the faith and push on for next season..... come on BORO...!!

  • expat_smoggie by expat_smoggie Sep 12, 2010 16:54 Flag

    Ok so we've had a clean out and got a new manager plus back room staff.....and now virtually a complete new squad.....

    However lets look at the league position at end of sept 09 and lets see how we do by the end of sept 10 and tell me if the club has moved forward. What is the long term business plan Mr Gibson at al..?

    Attendances go down typically because of performances and league postion not because of wealth of the areas.

    The measure of the club will effectively be driven by several factors, club financial health, league position, attendance and moral within the club...I for one can not imagine the last item is good, we know hte middle two are going in the wrong direction, I just hope that the press reported financial stories back from 2008 can now be reported in a positive light.

    Mr G Strachan seems to be a very good talker in the lights of the press, but what about in the eyes of his players in the enclosed dressing room.

  • expat_smoggie by expat_smoggie Aug 29, 2010 21:07 Flag

    So what next....?

    Steel works closing, ICI no longer trading, the football team loosing.

    The current encumbent management team seem somewhat less competent than the last shower...Gareth's problem i believe was not having solid proven track record experienced back room staff behind him.....and a lack of his own experience himself. But he certainly has the right aptitude to make someone a good manager.

    and...Mr Strachan well lets see what everyone elses opinion is...southampton, coventry, celtic alike...?

    He did a seemingly good job at Celtic, and I believe was liked at Southhampton, but is not doing anything here......

  • expat_smoggie by expat_smoggie Feb 27, 2010 01:39 Flag

    some interesting comments coming up on this article specifically from Mr Webber.....wouldn't it be great if all clubs had to publish their records of expenditure openly on the fa website...it may have helped avoid the Portsmouth fiasco .....salaries are such a huge part of a clubs outgoings...I just would like to see how much ours spends on the absentees.....Mido should get nothing as he went AWOL....Alves should pay the salaries of all the laid off steelworkers in Teesside...as he was not worth jack poop...!... and some of that had to lay at Mr southgates door of course his signing......lets start to publish the contracts of these premadonas and then maybe well get back to something more like reality....150k a week is not realistic for someone with a fraction of the skill a life saving surgeon in afghanistan may have....a life saved is more than any goal scored or saved anyday in my book especially of those heroes..!...lets all get a grip on reality now and start to think about the bigger pitcure....

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    Oh dear...

    by Haggis Heed Dec 20, 2009 23:56
    expat_smoggie expat_smoggie Dec 22, 2009 14:08 Flag

    Appologies Mr Jigsaw...I concluded from the tone of your email that you felt your team were too good for the league they cuurently reside in, and perhaps you are correct in this assumption as all your players are proven Premiership quality....however not everything is rosey in your garden as you've mentioned hence my reference...

    Your team are doing very well considering the back room garbage which has gone on in the last year or so and hope this good fortune continues for you....

    We as football fans always try to see the best in our clubs even when times are very difficult as my team is experiencing now....things are not as rosey in either of are camps as we would like to thinks so....

    With regards to m'bros return to the top flight...well realistically speaking I think we are more likely to go down than up the way the team is playing and the lack of cohesiveness is very transparent..To be a good side is not about having 11 super stars but playing as a team with may be a couple of superstars thrown in to give you that edge......you guys have a good team and really just need those coupl of super stars to make you into a true top ten premiership side.....we are a long way from that, but I await to see Mr Strachans influence.....Cheers and all the best..!

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    Oh dear...

    by Haggis Heed Dec 20, 2009 23:56
    expat_smoggie expat_smoggie Dec 21, 2009 01:04 Flag

    Yes the game today was won by the black and white and easily so....however I am afraid your rose tinted glasses need to be removed as both sides will not survive in the current English Premiership...M'bro are in a terrible state as a consequence of bad buys from the former manager and a lack of quality youth coming through from our current crop....Temporary hired help will never solve your problem as they know they always have another home to return too..we are in trouble but I am not convinced that things will not improve for us and worsen for yourselves as the season progresses...Your problems have not disappeared and are still simmering away in the background...your current team management and coaching staff will not be able to get similar results out of the existing players without some new blood when you go up...

  • expat_smoggie by expat_smoggie Dec 21, 2009 00:57 Flag

    Results say it all.....our last manager was sacked after 3 defeats in a row (excluding the derby game)...I have the priviledge of watching the 90mins of the n'castle game from the comfort of my living room and we were blunt and didn't seem to have any ideas...forwards are not team players especially Lita...seemed short of confidence.....my goodnes the only way is up at the moment...but looking at the current squad I can not see where the insperation will come from....there has been many references to Leed utd...but look at Charlton, Southampton and Norwich also..are we to be come one of those has beens once again bouncing between the top 3 divisions...is there a silver lining in the form of another investor on the horizon...?

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    boro fc

    by PAUL Oct 18, 2009 00:33
    expat_smoggie expat_smoggie Oct 21, 2009 12:06 Flag

    An interesting point Alex, one however unfortunatlely I believe is flawed....Management of a football club is not down to one indivudual, it is about a team pulled together with the right skill sets to educate, motivate and train the players you have at your disposal to achieve the goals which you believe are attainable by your club....MFC will never be a MUFC unfortunatley as we do not have the financial backing to make us such. We have a tremendous youth academy set up which is providing us a plethera of top championship players, however the next set up is not a small set and only the right combination on the board and in the management team can achieve such. Your manager is your media focal point and front man but it is the people on his shoulder which are happy to let someone take the lime light who truely matter, youth team coaches through to first team coaches need to have experience and drive to want to achieve the clubs vision and not take it as another 'job'..or pay packet. The football profession is a priviledge yet cut throat industry and we (the sky subscriber and/or season ticket holder) deserve respect from clubs....little which is shown by the big business world of the top level of the premiership. Sentimental..hell yes but a club the size of that typically in the lower premier or championship needs the loyality of the local support.

  • expat_smoggie by expat_smoggie Oct 18, 2009 18:14 Flag

    I read the papers and watch the highlights on the web site and still feel dumbfounded as to what business plan our beloved MFC has..??

    Is it a MBA from disney world our board room members have got or purely just no desire to satisfy the massess of disciples that turn up each week, to see a poor game plan and average performances by those who insist in god like status. With no plan B and C from the bench.

    The pride and moral boost the town needs with the closure of various steel and chemical plants is a must this season and promotion is a necessity to achieve such.....

    Mr G and S...lets again review our game plan and what our goals and targets are...we can succeed but need to see the wood from the trees......Lets stick together and show all those outside the boundaries where the factory smoke can not be seen what we are made of....

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    by Glynn May 14, 2009 02:55
    expat_smoggie expat_smoggie May 15, 2009 15:59 Flag

    I believe this 'goal machine' (who the fook printed that banner..?!' has been one of hte main factors of our demise this year

    Sunday league quality play this year...nothing better....but I think he'll get a bag full next year as that is his level...

    great we could be playing Millwall next year...?!?

    quality fusbol...

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    Toon 3 Smogs 1

    by Haggis Heed May 12, 2009 15:55
    expat_smoggie expat_smoggie May 12, 2009 20:02 Flag

    I wonder who has the biggest debt out of the bottom half a dozen sides, or is it the fact that Boro just make theirs public.....

    Fact...all premiership clubs have debt...and I bet NUFCs is quite sizeable with the vast wage bill it has....a bit of advice say good bye to Owen..too much of a liability

    Due to premadona under performing players..my god no one is worth 150k per week...to kick a fooking fusbol around....

    Going back to original message.....M'bro have been very poor this year and deserve to go down...all starting from poor choices from top to bottom I am afraid....poor transfers, poor tactics, poor referring decisions....we have to face it and I resigned myself to the fact that we were going down in Feb.....

    Lets see what happens next year in the championship...

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    by Michael Apr 5, 2009 01:09
    expat_smoggie expat_smoggie Apr 5, 2009 01:29 Flag

    Simply...I'm just embarrassed..!!

    No ideas, Sunday league pub football..

    South gate buys.........
    Alves 1/10
    O Neil 2/10
    Emnes..who are ya..!? 4mm to sit on the bench..?!

    Taylor is out of his depth

    Tunjay is too good for a championship side.
    Downing has lost interest...

    Hey Gibbo ever heard of teh saying pay peanuts get monkeys.......?!

    Back to the old 2nd Division now and dont't hold your breath about coming back up..

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    To the Wire its Gonna go

    by The Earl of Grangetown Mar 15, 2009 00:41
    expat_smoggie expat_smoggie Mar 15, 2009 20:09 Flag

    hope so, but I doubt it..think boro may finish 2nd bottom.

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    Going Down.

    by Red_Till_Im_Dead Feb 23, 2009 23:55
    expat_smoggie expat_smoggie Mar 15, 2009 20:06 Flag

    almost gone

  • expat_smoggie by expat_smoggie Mar 15, 2009 20:05 Flag

    Yesterdays game has just summed up Boros season of bad luck and bad play and poor decisions or late decisions from managment.
    1. The portsmouth goal was off side..how anyone can say that Nuggent was not interfering with play when Couch took his shot I will never know. However saying that we constantly invite our back 5 to be underpressure by not holding the ball further up the field....
    2. Bates sending off...this was just stupid and naive from an immature squad which has not played to a EPL standard all season
    3. Alves Miss at the end..my god it was harder for him to missthan for him to score...he has constantly done this all season and hence we are in the position we are...should we call him Macarone 2..another fing failure in the boro foward line
    4. GS saying fans being disrespectful....please give us something to respect your football team for and we will..one good result in the season does not do that..!!

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    1-1 Draw For Me At Spurs

    by Alan H Mar 4, 2009 05:10
    expat_smoggie expat_smoggie Mar 13, 2009 21:55 Flag

    no club needs relegation in this financially materialistic day and age....if we are lucky to finishe 4th bottom maybe this can be the big wake up call gs et al. need to sort things out properly...it simply is not working how he has things planned, we can not servive on freak performance from liverpool, we need to beat the bottom teams..for gods sake wba has taken 6 points off us this season...that is just embarrassing for any club wanting to be called epl standard....

  • expat_smoggie by expat_smoggie Mar 12, 2009 15:40 Flag

    I think anyone from;


    Most likely

  • expat_smoggie by expat_smoggie Mar 12, 2009 15:34 Flag

    PORTSMOUTH...2-1 TO BORO..(29pts)
    STOKE...1-1 (30pts)
    BOLTON...3-1 (30pts) to Bolton
    HULL...3-1 to BORO (33pts)
    FULHAM...2-1 to BORO (36 pts)
    arsenal, man utd, villa both 2 - 0 defeats
    newcastle draw 1-1 (37 pts)
    west ham 2-2 (38 pts)
    and relagation....