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  • football4life by football4life Nov 28, 2011 04:47 Flag

    The man just refuses to lose his game, its really quite astonishing, the man is 30 years old with kids and has won everything yet he continues to fight on. Nadal who is federer's only real obstacle seems to be on his way out of tennis (only nadal can beat federer when federer plays at his top level, not novak not andy only Nadal). So the question is does Fed reach 20 grandslams? if not 18?

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    Well Done Sam Stosur

    by Kathy W Sep 11, 2011 23:51
    football4life football4life Sep 12, 2011 14:17 Flag

    Agreed Darren! The call was correct yet Serena continued to berate her and unfairly took the spotlight away from the wonderful display Sam was putting on. Serena should be made to acknowledge that the correct call was made and the incident was of her making only.

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    Sharapova - Overwhelming favourite?

    by A Yahoo! User Jun 29, 2011 12:54
    football4life football4life Jul 2, 2011 15:51 Flag

    Good Call Bobito, I thought Maria would outlast her for sure. On the positive note we finally had a young player player step up her game and take victory. Hopefully if she keeps her form and Maria stays healthy the other players will be forced to become more aggressive in developing their game.

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    Sharapova - Overwhelming favourite?

    by A Yahoo! User Jun 29, 2011 12:54
    football4life football4life Jun 30, 2011 19:24 Flag

    I was impressed how Kvitova recovered from her second set woes, if that forehand goes bad on saturday Maria will pounce.

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    I don't understand...

    by rockgnr Jun 29, 2011 17:13
    football4life football4life Jun 29, 2011 19:47 Flag

    rockgnr, Tsonga made a 22 year old nadal look really bad at the SF of Aussi in the past. He's very talented and inconsistent, on his day he can beat anybody. Also, Fed made more unforced errors than we see from him, in the 5th set he had some points on Tsonga's serve that he cheaply gave away with long forehands. Fed still belongs in the same league as Nadal, Nole, and ahead of Andy. It really shows his greatness that at his age he can still hang with extremely talented and motivated players in the prime of their careers. In regards to Fed only winning 1 or 2 more slams I think that's a fair statement. Currently we have 5 players who are capable of winning a slam (as delpo is finally getting healthy again). I don't see any individual winning more than 3 in the next two years.

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    Sharapova - Overwhelming favourite?

    by A Yahoo! User Jun 29, 2011 12:54
    football4life football4life Jun 29, 2011 17:11 Flag

    Experience is key in the latter stages of a tournament especially in womens tennis where we see mental lapses. Sharapova is also playing at a high level right now. I think she is an overwhelming favourite to get to the final. I'm really looking forward to the SF of Kvitova vs. Azarenka.

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    Spineless officiating

    by A Yahoo! User Jun 28, 2011 07:28
    football4life football4life Jun 28, 2011 15:55 Flag

    I think this is the problem with injury timeouts in general, they can be abused. Unfortunately, what other option is there? I would rather have the rule there and have it be abused sometimes rather than have a player who is in sincere need of a timeout be denied because its at a critical point of a set.

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    Selective Serena

    by A Yahoo! User Jun 25, 2011 13:58
    football4life football4life Jun 25, 2011 14:56 Flag

    Darren are we really surprised? The women is a brat. She won't let logic and fairness get in the way of her self importance and pity.

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    First seeds to fall? Predictions

    by sarah37729 Jun 17, 2011 19:54
    football4life football4life Jun 25, 2011 00:38 Flag

    Bringing that up again, you also guaranteed that if Nadal plays with the watch he would lose to Fed. Well he won in a match where both men produced superb levels of play.

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    The Williams Sisters seeding

    by Ambo Jun 15, 2011 12:16
    football4life football4life Jun 18, 2011 08:53 Flag

    To add to the points made about the unfairness of the seedings at wimbledon i present Federer. As Bobito mentioned before Henman got high seedings because of his "past accomplishments" on grass. Based on that past and the extreme bump of Serena shouldn't Fed be #2 as he has had much more success at Wimbledon than Novak has. The seeding system at the moment lacks clarity and opens the door to rigging based on what makes the most money.

  • football4life by football4life Jun 6, 2011 16:57 Flag

    The level just keeps on dropping. Will Sam Stouser, Caroline, Azerenka or anybody of the youngies step up and force the rest to bring up their games. This is seriously getting painful.

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    grand slams

    by tony Jun 6, 2011 09:54
    football4life football4life Jun 6, 2011 14:53 Flag

    That has to be one of the dumbest questions i've heard. In reality, the french open is the best slam as far as making the right calls since all courts are clay and the ball mark can be spotted, as opposed to the other slams where only the main courts have hawkeye while others (often ranked players in 1st and 2nd round matches) have to live without it. So your complaints should be about the other slams not the french open.

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    Nadal lost his only chance of becoming the GOAT?

    by C Jan 26, 2011 20:25
    football4life football4life Jun 5, 2011 12:45 Flag

    Novak sometimes wears a hat on court so does murray, are they bad players? Roddick won a slam wearing a hat on court so did Hewitt, are they bad players? your points lack any sort of logic.

  • football4life football4life May 31, 2011 01:29 Flag

    Well said Sparky! I recall the same thing happening to Fed 2 years ago, Novak until this year viewed tennis as a grind. Like you said winning or losing has a role in this situation. Ironically, the two players that seem to enjoy themselves the most on the court are underachievers who lack work ethic Monfils and Tsonga (Monfil's match earlier today drives the point home there is no reason this guy can't be on the same level as the elite 3 except for his lack of focus and terrible fitness).

  • football4life football4life May 30, 2011 22:49 Flag

    Actually he does work for a living. Pro players don't just sit around on the coach and then go play a match. It's a constant life style revolving around training, scheduling, diet, etc.... Going out to do cardio,footwork, serves, etc... in the summer heat is not fun.

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    Top Five (Male)French Open Favourites

    by Jason May 18, 2011 03:14
    football4life football4life May 18, 2011 22:48 Flag

    In order: Nadal, Novak, Fed and everybody else might as well stay home.

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    Roger Federer

    by Dony May 17, 2011 03:13
    football4life football4life May 17, 2011 03:49 Flag

    I believe he can win another slam but needs some luck along the way. At the moment I don't believe he is able to beat Nadal and Novak back to back in SF and Final.

  • football4life football4life May 16, 2011 22:38 Flag

    Actually Igor/Phoenix, he will need atleast 3 weeks to become #1. Also, don't forget that Djokovic has NEVER beaten Nadal or Federer in a slam final. He is playing out of his mind right now but I believe that during the summer circumstances will come where his confidence and form will suffer (Not a criticism of Novak, nobody could sustain form like that, tennis is simply too hard). That being said lets all enjoy his current form to push around a 24 year old Nadal on clay means you are doing something extremely special.

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    by seven of eleven Feb 11, 2011 14:43
    football4life football4life Feb 12, 2011 04:04 Flag

    That's a childish arugument there Jack, "we can put out a team full of young players and win as many trophies as you have NONE" I mean really???? Trying to deflect the argument into Arsenal's lack of winning? BTW i'm not a supporter of either club but I admire the Arsenal model of keeping the budget balanced and spend only from what the club makes not from the clubs relationship to rich owners and willing financing banks. Also, weren't the vast majority of UTD fans making fun of city and their "attempts to buy a trophy"? now the majority of UTD fans on this board are hoping for a similar ownership as the one city has. Hypocritical much?

    All that being said I support and understand your hatred for the Glazers who know nothing of this sport and have no passion for it. The only thing the Glazers understand is how to squeeze every penny possible out of this club. UTD deserves better, atleast the Qataries will actually be fans not just penny counters.

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    Baghdatis & crowd

    by Kit Jan 18, 2011 17:18
    football4life football4life Jan 20, 2011 23:31 Flag

    Well I was wrong about that one, all credit to baghdatis for taking it to Delpo.