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  • blinding coach seen some ov the countries biggest talents over the years_bringing cole,lampard,carrick,ferdinand, along with recent players such as noble,tompkins,sears,collinson spence,edgar,brown recently,.highest accolade for this tiresome leader at our club for decades
    would be the perfect manager if no interference from the chairman and karen brady who has made westham look 2nd class with her sun colum
    its embarassing -with players like cole,parker,green,upson,hitzelsperger, on verge of leaving i look to tony carr to lead the westham back into the top flight at the first time of asking,.

  • talk about poor travellers_which makes me wonder what the players get upto when the foofball seasons over,probably a fortnight in canvey island its almost 2 bloody seasons!!!
    first away win being way back against wolves on the opening day fixture 2009/10 season.
    THIS IS THE 2010/11 SEASON,.
    players should be hanged up by the #$%$
    gillingham whats your secret....
    when will we win on the road again MOST IMPORTANT WHEN WILL WE WIN A GAME AGAIN....

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    League Two Promotion

    by Philip B Mar 25, 2010 16:13
    geezer geezer Apr 27, 2010 06:37 Flag

    county as champions

  • patrick viera could be on his way to westham the type of player we need at the club_thats for sure
    strong in a tackle and excellent vision for the game all the attributes zola likes in a player.
    the only problem will be the wages reported to want around £85k week_watch this space__
    already taken 2 players from inter this season.

  • carlos tevez will be moving back to london in a suprise 32.8 million pound transfer within the month_the new manager has requested tevez joins the blues.and with abramovichs millions its a dun seal. says my inside mole at the club.

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    by H-Solo Nov 23, 2007 07:44
    geezer geezer Nov 23, 2007 10:34 Flag

    i dont adam and eve it_juergan klinsmann yr avin laugh,passion you say!!billy davies of derby has passion but i wouldnt want him 2 manage england!
    hes german_not good for the english spirit and no good 4 the soul-martin o"neil best british coach out there has passion and understand the game,.

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    pathetic england

    by geezer Nov 22, 2007 19:31
    geezer geezer Nov 23, 2007 07:14 Flag

    nice1 scott seem funny geezer!!
    didnt fancy the trip 2 switzerland anyway 2 cold,.
    off to thailand saturday to drown my sorrows,.
    couldnt handle the abuse from the welsh_haha

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    I Hope England Don't Qualify!

    by Manicman Nov 15, 2007 21:17
    geezer geezer Nov 22, 2007 19:48 Flag

    your comment r well out of order but i do understand last night i was speechless at the inept performance throughout the whole england team_but when i read yr opinions_there correct but when did curbs manage england_he didnt hes my club boss at westham? curbs never managed england although he was approached!!!!
    only british managers with any chance to manage england are m"oneil_a villa and poss d moyes at everton_the geezers done miricals at everton without spending big-personally i would choose mourinio the special 1

  • no spirit,no organisation,and poor defending led to englands failure in next yrs european championships,in austria/switzerland,,.mclaren deserves the sack _no doubt_also the players who wore that england jersey should also never play for the team again,they showed themselves to be ordinary players_with no commitment to the cause,.israel gave england a lifeline!!!
    playing such a vital game at home_and only playing crouch up front in the first half spelt dissaster from the moment the whistle started for the match,.its clear to all english supporters alike
    the currant set-up is outdated we need to bring in a world class coach,ive herd names like mourinio
    could be offered the vacancy_perfect!!!!!!
    but the f.a should also take full responsability to the position england find themselves, brian barwick should also resign_they made mistakes
    therfor they should walk away from there position as head of the f.a and appoint trevor brooking to lead england under a new regime,.
    instead next summer i will b chillin out on the beach somewhere in thailand,.because of the inept performance of the so called england stars who earn to much money_and dont ware that shirt with pride_these players should not get paid to play international football it should be a privledge_these players let the nation down and this morning should be hiding away in there tiny non existant lifes_steve from cardiff-originally from london