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  • now LFC isnt in the top 4 (or 5, 6, 7.....etc)

    does anyone think the big clubs, chelski, manure, man city, arsenal etc ....... would look at the new LFC manager ?

    all I can think is ....... NO MONEY.....

  • Lets get real here, first off, what new stadium ?

    I thought the first spade was in the ground how many years ago ?

    2nd, 75'000 capacity ? Who do you think you are ? Lucky to get 55'000. Dont listen to the BS. I'm a scouser, I know how many fans would get in a Liverpool stadium, half from Liverpool (30'000 and the rest from Ireland and Norway) poss 50k 55k. anyone stupid enough to think over 60k capacity. . . . . . GO THE MATCH. My friends and family are giving up their tickets to Anfield like they just found dog doo on the book.

    It doesnt even get near capacity each week. FFS.

    Your not manure or barcelona.

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    A few thoughts on the semi.....

    by Anyone But United Apr 15, 2012 02:25
    ian s ian s Apr 15, 2012 22:55 Flag


    What can you say ?

    point 1. Carragher. Wouldnt get in half the prem teams. Too slow. Too old. All he seems to do now is haul down people and he just hasnt got the brain to be clever enough to get in the best positions.

    Point 2. Gerrard. Unlike carragher, he has got the brain to move into new positions. But hasnt got much speed. i.e. dives again for free kick after he kicked ball well past where he could catch it so looks for the dive. Always does it, very good at it. Unfortunately, for kenny, he now plays where he wants when he wants.

    point 3. Bellamy. Spot on. Helped win the game by, as the commentator said, "took the ball a few extra yards forward there to get a better angle for the free kick. . . . . " and then 35m pound man gets hit on the back of the head and GOAL.

    point 4. spot on.

    By the way, 4 or 5 nil ? dream on.

    3 people won the game.

    1. Moyes. Way too negative. Could have torn apart a very poor LFC but decided not too. Shame.

    2. Distin. V poor back pass, held his hand up.

    3. Bellamy. Took the initiative to move the ball forward 3 or 4 yards and hey presto. I'd have done the same.

    Lets not beat around the bush here either. Suarez could have had 4 or 5 yellow cards before half time. The dives the rugby tackle the studs up. The blokes a cheat. Lets not mince words here, CHEAT.

    If thats the way you like your players and how you like to win ? ? ? ? ? Up to you.

    Kids question, would we have him in our team ? Childish to say no, so yes. In a flash. Would he be the same player ? NO. Moyes would knock the diving out of him quicker than kenny has tried to get him to do it. Then he'd be a great player, known for being a fantastic footballer, instead of a cheat.

  • Please call Pepe Reina on 0151 200 9098

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    DIVE DIVE DIVE. . . .

    by ian s Apr 1, 2012 23:40

    I remember a match he played in for newcastle against spurs before there was any talk of him coming to liverpool (there was no talk, he was just an almighty expensive panic buy) an within the first few minutes he was fouled and bullied of the ball about 5 times, and then he just gave up.

    couldnt handle a bit of rough so just faded away.

    didnt get it considering his size and reputation but it was really poor.

    he reminds me of a really poor version of duncan ferguson. lol

  • talk of losing the dressing room flying all around liverpool (the city).

    little argument with the quietest captain in football history, ex diver gerrard, after gerrard tells HIM what he's going to do on the pitch with the players, after gerrard had been told to play in one position and defied the manager, only for the manager to walk away after giving in to gerrard. WTF ?

    dalglish isnt a good enough or strong enough manager. period.

  • All the old fools coming on, apparently both goals were offside, andy carroll was unprotected, should have had a pen, etc etc.

    WTF ?

    sorry, nearly forgot the best one. quote, "its not really fair to have two men marking suarez at times". . . . . . whoever said that should be wearing a helmet and be kept away from the windows.

    did perch make a meal of pepe's leathal headbut ? yeah, got a yellow.

    did pepe REALLY need to go over ? no, not really. take your red card pepe, fool.

  • Not too much mention of carroll's dive today then ?

    apart from fool kenny, sorry, king kenny pretending to make out that he was already falling over. . . . . eh ?

    he tried to cheat a penalty out of his old club. pretty plain and simple, he dived, he cheated.

    well done ref.

  • Nobody come's on and says, "yeah, I admit it. suarez is a diving trunk" or a cheating so and so.

    but when you watch another teams player do it, he's all the so an so's under the sun ?

    I just dont get it ? If he cheats, is he not a cheat ?

    dont give me this BS about simulation etc etc.. its cheating ffs ? no if's or butt's the blokes a cheat.

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    No EPL title next season...

    by LFC_Armchair_Supporter Mar 13, 2012 09:58
    ian s ian s Mar 27, 2012 00:56 Flag

    you missed your calling, a comedian.

    lfc are about as near winning the prem as saddam hussain is as controling wales.

    get back to me when you land,

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    Roy Hodgson lost us good players

    by Tony Moorhead Mar 26, 2012 23:56
    ian s ian s Mar 27, 2012 00:50 Flag

    I thought aquaman left because he was shyte ?

    remember the turd on a stick quote ?

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    once a cheat . . . . . .

    by duncan t Mar 24, 2012 23:12
    ian s ian s Mar 26, 2012 00:37 Flag

    any one see the punch then ?

    or are we all king (puke) kenny fans and it was a legit goal ?

    own up fakers, the bloke is an out and out cheat.

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    once a cheat . . . . . .

    by duncan t Mar 24, 2012 23:12
    ian s ian s Mar 25, 2012 00:04 Flag

    We could sneak past Sunderland I suppose, playing football (or trying).

    Or we could do what you do and send suarez on to dive us to the win ? If we ever had that much money to spend of tripe that is.

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    LFC manager who talks sense ?

    by duncan t Mar 24, 2012 23:32
    ian s ian s Mar 24, 2012 23:59 Flag

    better man than me ? you having a laugh ?

    if somethings red I'll call it red. If its blue I'll call it blue. Your man kenny cant seem to see whats right in front of him after watching replays which is worrying.

    it means he's either a liar or a cheat. you pick, but it's nothing other than that. which is it ? Both ? its at least one of them, neither to be proud of.

    wonder wich one you picked ? or are you a coward and put your red tinted glasses on to see everything was just rosy. . . . .

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    once a cheat . . . . . .

    by duncan t Mar 24, 2012 23:12
    ian s ian s Mar 24, 2012 23:50 Flag

    if he watched it with another team then it would have been handball everytime.

    you can be biased towards you team (NP) ant then you can be an absolute blind A hole.

    I think we know which one dogleash is.

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    LFC manager who talks sense ?

    by duncan t Mar 24, 2012 23:32
    ian s ian s Mar 24, 2012 23:45 Flag

    All funny to listen to though. lol

    Dogleash's head is going to explode live on tv soon. Cant hack it.

    Funny I think, watch diving donkey falling all over the place, whinging and whining and who does it remind you of 20 years ago ? ? ? ? King Kenny himself. Great technical players but both so easy to go down. Pitty.

  • after the murder and manslaughter hoo ha, the debacle of the racist suarez and the embarrassment of how the club support him ? WTF ? now the so called fans seem they need to injure the club even more. . . . . . .

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    In two minds about Luis Suarez...

    by Anyone But United Dec 6, 2011 09:37

    it's very simple.

    the guy is an amazing footballer when he wants to be.

    but he also hits the floor quicker than a turd leaving a dogs a-hole when he thinks he can get a free kick/pen/anything. . . .

    quite sad. just gets known as a diver.

  • the guy can play. true.
    has some super quick feet. true.
    exceptional skill. sometimes.
    falls to ground quicker than any other player in the prem. = embarrassing. sad. stupid. waste.

    has kenny been trying to teach him his old tricks ?

    makes ronaldo look like grahame souness.

    weak. very weak.

    sorry, did nobody mention the word DIVER ?

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    Another comment on the Derby

    by dsteer_lfc_68 Oct 3, 2011 18:02

    Nice try but a bit silly.

    Yeah, there was contact. But between Rodwells shin and Suarez's (whatever) toe's. So just why did he roll around on the floor as if his leg was broke ? then take a while to get up pretending he really was injured ? then still pull a face waiting to come back on the pitch just to try and make out it really hurt ?

    He might not have directly got rodwell sent off. But he didn't exactly help did he ? Neither did lucas or charlie adam for that fact.

    If you want to surround the ref at every decision feel free. Just dont pretend your any better than manure at intimidating the ref.

    Now back to why suarez got some stick. I thought most people would know that by now ? Quite simply, he's a cheat who likes to gob off. A good player, yes. But still a gobby cheat. Fact. Why should people like him ?

    At Stoke he should have had two very simple yellows for diving in the box. These were not difficult decisions, just poor guttless refs.