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    Merson: Wenger Is a JOKE.....

    by Le Professeur Apr 20, 2012 14:11

    lol Merson the drug fuelled alkyl i really am ashamed that this prat ever donned an Arsenal shirt

    The guy is a total and utter disgrace who he keeps a job on the sky panel is baffling mind i think he is the buffoon and but of all the jokes but hasn't the brains to see it

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    blue nose bas===tard

    by power villian Mar 25, 2012 09:17

    Try not to be an i told you so prat all your life

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    New Order

    by AndyPandy Mar 26, 2012 09:54

    I dont rate Jones as a central defender as yet with Man u he was good at Bolton but it would seem SAF seems to think he is best with a midfield role we will wait and see
    Evans is ok with an experienced defender with him but has yet to make the correct decisions when playing alone or with John O'Shay (when he was at United) smalling seems to have played more as a back rather than a centre back when i have seem Man u

    so your going for a young midfield ? well SAF didn't like it and brought back scholes who From the sounds of things will stay 1 more yr as will Giggs

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    Arsenal the FIRST team EVER.......

    by A Yahoo! User Mar 12, 2012 22:00

    Krul being the away GK was time wasting RVP as Arsenal captain drew first Howard Webb attention to it

    After that when webb did his usual sod all he had a go at Krul about it
    web had to have a word with both of them in the first half towards the end

    In the second half i don't think anything was said until we scored the second goal in the 5+ mins added on then i do believe RVP rubbed in the fact his time wasting had in the end cost his team

    To me it was looking like one of those nights we attacked wave after wave and had some really great chances but Krul was equal to them i think in the end the result was right

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    Arsenal the FIRST team EVER.......

    by A Yahoo! User Mar 12, 2012 22:00

    1) fuck off you green eyed yid scum
    2) Krul was time wasting
    3) web the ref was letting them kick us all over our own ground
    4) we won in the 5th min of the extra time (KARMA KRUL)
    5) squeaky bum time yiddo's

    we might well get 3rd place if this form keeps up

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    What are the odds:-

    by John Mar 11, 2012 11:44

    Gazidis just fucks up the club big time and should be shown the door along with his Yankee boss and the rest of the arsenal board we need the Russian and dein back pronto

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    Thoughts on last night.

    by Govinda Feb 16, 2012 08:03

    I have said and i will say once more silent stan couldnt give a monkeys so long as the cash keeps rolling in
    The wrong person was backed they should have sold to ustamov and he can see the shambles with his own eyes from his box not some passed on info from a lacky

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    Redknapp Application

    by John Feb 9, 2012 09:42

    the revenue miss called this arry is a likeable soul he is in line to be the next England manager
    are you gonna find 12 men god and true that would say they don't like arry out side of Arsenal fans??
    doubt it

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    by John Feb 12, 2012 18:12

    Evra is and always will be a Trouble maker Suarez is a proven cheat and was he not banned while at Ajax for biting an opponent?
    how many times has Evra pulled out the race card? why is that not being looked at?
    Further to the point they are both idiots one a trouble maker the other a diva not a good mix
    But i think this stupid hand shake before a game is ludicrous frankly

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    by John Feb 6, 2012 12:31

    its as clear as daylight now the Yankee scum is fleecing the club for as much as he can!!
    Thank Christ usmanov is keeping hold of his 29% or we would be in hock up to our necks just like manure and Liverpool were with Yankee owners

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    Arshavin Must GO!

    by Bigsy Jan 18, 2012 18:37

    well it sure aint the same as mine cos i dont rate Wenger anylonger either and would say he has gone senile as well as stubbon

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    by lex Jan 18, 2012 17:28

    I am a very very long standing Arsenal Fan My family have supported this club for generations and i am very sad and angry looking at what is happening
    There are players who are taking money under false pretenses they are not fit to wear the shirt

    And this lot are the worsed team i have seen for 30 odd yrs even baring in mind the last debacle at old tramshed

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    Wenger has he really lost the plot??

    by lex Jan 18, 2012 13:10

    Maybe not City but he could cope with the rest
    It was reported he is now far wealthier than the Chelsea owner
    He is also not as trigger happy nor does he have a wish to pay a manager and foist players on him so with him and a new maqnager we mighht reach the hights we should have reached under wenger but he got stupid after the stadium and ok we had no money but now we should have 53 o0dd million to spend he seems to scared to spend it or any.

    Frankly i think London is more attractive than Manchester also how many players are getting restless as they dont play let alone win that must start to put some off but they would be looking for champions league football and a team capable of challenging for silverware which we are some way short of doing under the current owner (kronke) who's teams are all mediocre at the very least and total shite at worsed he does not invest in his teams but tries to screw as much out of the fans as possible

    Its ok the FA and UEFA but any good lawyer will drive a coach and 4 through there rules heard of restraint of trade ?
    The genie is well and truly out the bottle i am afraid, sad ly i cant see it being corked anytime soon.

    So on that premis I think it better to join them rather than try to keep not spending a penny or buying a kid who is better than the player you have ie AOC is to my mind better than Arshavin and Wenger is NOT playing him

  • We need rid of the YANK
    Every one of his teams are CRAP!! and he is taking Arsenal the same way

    So to the late Danny fizman I hope you are rolling in hell while you ROT you brought this Yankee didnt like the russian and sold out so you could leave all your money to who gives a dam who
    But it seems we the supporters of the great Club are paying for it
    so thanks twat

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    Wenger has he really lost the plot??

    by lex Jan 18, 2012 13:10

    well the other one aint shy when it comes to spending
    I couldnt care less whats in the board room so long as it aint a tight yank !!

  • In todays Current bun (not exactly reliable but phone tap maybe?)
    Wenger is reported to have said he is not buying in this transfer window,
    Well I am sorry but the old fool is now sadly delusional as well as senile and stubbon to boot.
    AOC is it seems to me a far better prospect than Walcot ever was he is much better than the russian Arshavin who i think needs to be let go we need to cut our losses
    Squillachi is well past his sell by date as should be on his way
    as should johann and diaby as well as rosicky,(who has improved but not greatly)
    chamack and walcott as he has NOT improved and still cant cross why did the silly old goat send fringpong away on loan for heavens sake? if he were still around Song could be moved back to CH and frimpong play the song position
    Why is it taking so long to get Wilshire fit?
    Why has he not bought another striker?
    whi is it he dosnt think will improve his current squad its paper thin what does this bloke drink its effecting his eyesight as well as his brain

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    by John Jan 12, 2012 18:58

    as you said to me John when i was speaking about his footballing contributions at man city

    "Who cares anymore? He buggered off for more money. He's got more money. Now he gets rotated like everyone else, rather than having a bigger part to play if he had stayed here.

    Maybe City's training/fitness/rules aren't as rigged as they are at Arsenal."

  • I was under the impression that Wenger had already scrapped all the transfer windows silly old goat never spends any fucking money whatever

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    by Dave SE Jan 11, 2012 21:51

    now i have stopped laughing i have taken a copy and saved it as a word doc i will repost come the end of the summer transfer window to see what tablets Dave the yid should be taking.


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    Demba Ba

    by John Jan 9, 2012 10:26

    yes its not 1 of his knees apparently it was both he has glass knees aparently thats why when he failed the medical it was considered a no go if it was one i think stoke might have given him a chance since he was a free agent