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    by Seanicemanreturns May 13, 2013 13:52
    A Yahoo! User May 18, 2013 13:51 Flag

    Jason ( Seaniceman ) good for yer Toffees they had a fine season. I can respect that, I reckon most Liverpool fans don't begrudge whatever success another side has.....( lol , I'm lying through my teeth , I'm gutted if my Reds lose ).
    And , yep , its way better being there than watching on the tube , no arguement , but I guess you could sympathise with a fellow like poor Armchair who can't go.

    The bloody Mancs keep stealing from you lot. Go back to Rooney.....fast forward to Moyes...why don't you pick on manUre instead of throwing rocks at Liverpool?

  • All hail mighty Wigan. Unbelievable.

    This is actually good for football in general , though I doubt you'd get that opinion from the highly paid mercenaries at Citeh.

    It happens.

    Now give us a Benfica shining moment. Roman be damned.

    Sorry , Bobert , don't hate you but I sure do dislike your embezzling gangster Chelskite owner. Hope he crashes his yacht and spills a drink on himself.

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    Champions League / Germany / Lewandowski

    by Jason Apr 24, 2013 23:21
    A Yahoo! User May 5, 2013 13:11 Flag

    Now logic would say.......Bayern wins the title that they should have had last year , lets face it , the Chelskites lucked out totally. But.......but.......but......I kind of have an inkling that Dortmund proves hard to kill and pulls this out 2-1.

    And Benfica to raise Abramovich's stress level to artery bursting point by swiping the Europa. Sorry Robert M , but I just can't bring myself to cheer for the gangster's dirty-money bought and paid for mercenarys. I'll support Torres & Rafa for past efforts while Reds....but the rest of your squad can go shrivel and blow away. Nothing personal , Bob , don't care much for blue.

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    Andy Carrol needed for start of next season ?

    by colin Apr 27, 2013 11:13
    A Yahoo! User Apr 28, 2013 16:00 Flag

    The one thing our Reds lack......especially on corners and set pieces.....is a large tall physical prescence to head crosses effectively. If Andy can fill this role , and he DID NOT in his previous stint with the club......then he can be a valuable weapon for Liverpool. The lad needs to be more aggressive , needs to bully his way to goals.

    At any rate....Hammers have stated that they will only go 10 Mil. If that is in fact the case then bring him back to Anfield and hopefully he will use his physical tools more effectively this time around, But DO NOT sell him for 10 Mil. If they'll double that then OK.....coin to spend on new blood. If I'm misinformed on the asking price then please let me know. But don't let him go cheap.


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    Coutinho - the best AM in the EPL?

    by Loki Apr 28, 2013 11:37
    A Yahoo! User Apr 28, 2013 13:18 Flag

    I believe that your suggestion of "style" by Everton probably was meant sarcastically, Ron , and that you rather expect them to try to try to bully him with physical play. Lets hope they do indeed try that tactic. The lad has been outstanding in his brief time here , he is destined for greatness........ as a provider he lays the ball off beautifully for brilliant strikes on the net. Good thread , Loki.

  • Proud of the lads. No quit in these Liverpool men.Nine more matches until we get our striker back, and the BIASED DISGRACEFUL FA can go straight to hell. I do feel bad for Newcastle....who are a decent side and certainly not as bad as this scoreline. But an excellent response from the men in red.

  • Lets look at John Terry's sins and punishments shall we..
    Can you say DOUBLE STANDARD?
    What a colossal loadn of #$%$

    Oh my gosh......an elbow to the face.........is there a suspension for that ?????????
    Reckon not.........huh????????
    Complete Bul-----!

  • Was Liverpool playing today? Doesn't seem that match commentators were aware. A bit nauseating to have to endure the fawning one-sided bloody yapping in Chelsea's favour. At least the lads rescued a deserved point. What ever happened to fair and neutral commentary?

    I hope Chelsea finish fifth. Abramovich and his millions can go to hell.

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    Let's get

    by Gary Jun 7, 2012 11:29
    A Yahoo! User Apr 14, 2013 16:17 Flag

    Ironistic , all the best from the Liverpool end of the country. Fought us to a 0-0 draw.....
    Good luck to your Hammers and to you sir. May next season be successful to both our sides.

  • We've now sunk to this..............scoreless draws against the bottom.
    I could use some sunshine in this grey grey scenario.. How many times can kicks be directly at the keeper? Can no one find the corner? Should have been 5-0.......and its the same old sorry sorry sorry mess.

    I rermain a loyal Red. Respect for the 96.But.......can we see some killer instinct please Brendan?

    Johnson put in a pathetic effort , Very dissapointed in the lad. Even Luis was kinda uninterested. Only Steve tried to get the three points. Where oh where is our KILLEI INSTINCT? Where is it?

    Too #$%$ off....sorry guys.

  • A Yahoo! User Mar 31, 2013 16:02 Flag

    Colin mate , don't give up. Stupid yahoo for whatever reason has bolloxed the message boards.....but with patience you can still communicate. Great win over Villa but I reckon the lads have too much ground to make up to reach the top four this year. 2014 will be our breakthrough.

  • The officials are bullied into knuckling under to the Mancs.....in every match there is a disconnect from what actually is......and from Sir Alexs / Mancs blatant favoritism. We've now sunk to the level of the most dirty and cheating level of what ruined Italian football. What a mess. Heaven help us sort out this sordid ugly mess. The whole world is watching.

  • The pieces are in place........the timing is right.........personally I'm gutted that we won't go top four and get into Europe this campaign. But try and stop us in 2014. As a lifelong fan I'm disappointed....as I'm sure all true Reds supporters are......but all signs point to a bright and positive next year.

    Doesn't mean I won't cheer my bloody head off for the reast of 2013...OK? Just that a bit more patience will be required. Don't give up the faith.


    Oh yeah , we will kick vills'a #$%$.......guaranteed !

  • No quit in these Reds. What a comeback. Magnificent Liverpool. A brilliant stepping stone to the remaining matches of the season.

    Yahoo dumped my oonts_oonts_oonts moniker so I reckon I'll soldier on as plain old Oscar. Don't know what Yahoo has done to the message boards , but what a mess. Hard to keep track of .....or in some cases to respond to messages. Do they consider this as being an improvement?

    At any rate , brilliant Liverpool. Onward and upward. YNWA.

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    Jamie Carragher confirms retirement

    by Hobitez Feb 7, 2013 14:00
    A Yahoo! User Feb 10, 2013 15:25 Flag

    Carra's been a rock. The quality of the man is shown by the respect given him not just by Red's supporters but by opposition fans commenting. The legs grow old but the heart never changes.

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    Can we really make top 4 this season?

    by Hobitez Feb 4, 2013 11:35
    A Yahoo! User Feb 9, 2013 16:30 Flag

    Support the lads. The rebuild is underway and looking pretty damn good in my opinion. If our Reds fall a bit short this year they'll not next year. Lot of positives , and no one has given up on fourth just yet.

    Brendan has his head on straight. He's what the club needed.

    Tough call on Pepe , feel like a traitor even talking about him. See what the last third of the season does.

    3-1 over WBA.

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    Jamie Carragher confirms retirement

    by Hobitez Feb 7, 2013 14:00
    A Yahoo! User Feb 9, 2013 16:10 Flag

    Very decent of you to say these kind words. I know that you're not a Liverpool supporter , so its actually quite gratifying to hear positive words from a ( supposed ) enemy. Good on you , and thanks. No arrows or spears will be aimed at you in future. We all love this best sport on planet earth...regardless who we support.

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    City game

    by Miguel Feb 3, 2013 16:56
    A Yahoo! User Feb 3, 2013 18:53 Flag

    Aye , Rob.

    Been a while since I were down in the deepest dungeon of Warwick castle. I miss it.

    I do believe we'll nick fourth.


    YNWA !

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    City game

    by Miguel Feb 3, 2013 16:56
    A Yahoo! User Feb 3, 2013 18:33 Flag

    Patience my friends. Our Reds are defo on the correct path.

    Even the impatient fans ( hullo armchair ) must agree that we are moving forward.

    Fourth is attainable. Focus , desire , and hard work.


    YNWA !

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    Webb - Manshitter UTD game

    by LFC_Armchair_Supporter Jan 7, 2013 16:51
    A Yahoo! User Jan 13, 2013 16:01 Flag

    Loki , I never respond to bob as anything but bob. He feels safe ( in his Abramovich world of stolen embezzled roubles ) that our Reds won't have the coin to challenge his Chelskites , thus the constant continuing critisism of all things Liverpool by bob. If Chelski didn't have endless stolen oil money with which to keep bailing out their efforts do you think old bob would still be talking from up on his high high horse? Reckon not?

    Perhaps negative bob would be a more accurate moniker.


    Seems apt.