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    CL draw....GULP!

    by FABONGRASS Aug 29, 2013 17:43
    outlaws_9 outlaws_9 Aug 29, 2013 19:57 Flag

    The Higuain episode might come back to haunt us. But i do strongly believe we should qualify if no other player gets seriously injured.

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    by Loyal Gunner Aug 29, 2013 14:13
    outlaws_9 outlaws_9 Aug 29, 2013 15:17 Flag

    What has gone on this summer is actual madness. Every season we at least identified one of our main targets and got them. This summer we supposedly have more money than ever before and we will likely spend the least ever from the looks of it. Simply put it's flawed planning. We have dragged our feet in the transfer market. Some heads have to roll. And it has to start with Gazidis. Still better to wait for a few days more before one takes the pitchforks out. After all we have waited for years for things to change!

  • Have this line from Sweet Child of mine from Guns and Roses playing in a loop in my mind..Where do we go.... where do we do we go now...

    Everything seems to be ...a little lost as far as Arsenal is concerned. The tiny ray of Hope at the start of the season has all but disappeared. We showed potential to begin with but as usual no consistency but more importantly no mentality.

    And I end up asking the same questions that we have done for the last half a decade or so. Why don't we replace our stars who left us? Why cant we defend a lead? Why cant we defend??!! Why don't we ever have a Plan B in a game when things start going wrong? Why doesn't Wenger stop selling us BS? Why are we asked to believe in them when they have nothing to offer us to believe in? Why are we accumulating profits which are not even used to pay off the debts, when we need to badly invest in the team? Why are we becoming a feeder club? Why have the board member lost their pride are just keen on achieving fiscal glory and not sporting glory? and so and so forth...

    I rarely post here nowadays because there is rarely anything new to say. It's the same ole story season in season out. STAGNATION if not decline is the state we find ourselves in. Apart from the win at Reading where we could finally say a Hurray. It's the same ole story. We rarely win the big games. We winn against the minnows and struggle against the more determined teams.

    Reaching Fourth is our sole aim and that itself has been a mighty struggle over the years. I am glad we are not Liverpool or Spurs. But then again We are Arsenal! Champions and Proud we were for how we played. Heart, Skill and Spirit. We miss all three now.

    In the seasons gone by we always needed a Hero to survive. And luckily for us someone always stood up. Most recently it was RVP, before Fab to greater extent. Right now we are searching for a Hero amongst our midst and the pocket sized Spaniard seems to be most likely hope.

    But why dont and why cant we change? The Steve Bould Effect has eventually worn off and we are back to old ways. School boy errors and simply no heart to take the fight to the opponents. Since the Chelsea game where we seemed to be a mood for a challenge, till the sheer quality of the Chelsea's Billion Roubles Team downed us, we have been poor even taking the Reading game into account.

    Even if Wenger doesn't agree with it, sometimes buying quality at the given market price is the only solution. We need more quality for sure. So let's begin with the manager. wenger is tired, he will keep us in the CL for another year. But he simply doesn't have the skills to motivitate this team and he is not ready to buy himself a different squad! I really hoped he would change but seems he is too old and too stubborn to do that.

    He deserves more, but so do the fans. And he simply doesnt seem to care what we think and want. We are not talking about buying trophies here, we are talking about pride. To be proud of your team win or lose, because you know they gave their everything. With Wenger in charge that has been sorely missing. When we play badly, we simply dont seem to care! The Pride of playing for your team is missing. The overpaid troops at Chelsea and City show that, why not ours?

    Things will get better over the next few weeks because we face no big challenge but we are stuck in mediocrity with a few moments of brilliance. We need change, but will it happen? And the damn simply song doesn't get out of my head...Where do we go now.....

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    West Hammered!!!!

    by Jacks Oct 6, 2012 19:43
    outlaws_9 outlaws_9 Oct 7, 2012 12:23 Flag

    You would be a perfect sidekick in a dictatorial system like China where you are not supposed to ask questions and simply keep praising the ones on top no matter what happens! Fortunately we live in a Democracy where you are held accountable!

    If you are really a Gunner enjoy the moment! I am sure John does like most of us here.

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    Team V Liverpool.

    by John Sep 2, 2012 22:15
    outlaws_9 outlaws_9 Sep 4, 2012 13:38 Flag

    It is of extreme importance that he regains full fitness. Wenger has insisted that he won't be rushed. And as matters stand we don't have the need to. The team is gelling well, only Giroud needs to find the net and then things really kick on. My bet would be he scores against Montpelier. The guy is good and one can expect 15+ goals in the league from him.

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    Team V Liverpool.

    by John Sep 2, 2012 22:15
    outlaws_9 outlaws_9 Sep 4, 2012 11:34 Flag

    Wilshere can come into the team at the expense of Theo/Ox/Gervinho. With Cazorla moving to the wings. That seems preposterous seeing how well he has done in the middle. But he was a prolific winger all his life and Wilshere when fit can fill into the hole behind the striker.

    People see Wilshere as a box to box or a CM or even in a DM role. But he has a mean left foot and he is as accomplished a passer as any in the team. With the Poldi-Giroud-Cazorla attacking trident and Wilshere right behind them, we might have more bite in our attack than we do at the moment.

    This is a nice headache for Wenger to have. With Rosicky's return due around the same time as Wilshere, I believe we should be rotating our midfielders and keeping them fresh for the Christamas fixtures where fresh and fit players can make a difference between victory and defeat.

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    International break...........

    by sold.A_pup Sep 2, 2012 15:29
    outlaws_9 outlaws_9 Sep 3, 2012 18:39 Flag

    So if this Liverpool side is worse than usual, care to make any calls for the match on 23rd Sep. Chris? I say 3:2 to you guys, with RVP scoring a brace. If he doesn't manage to score you guys lose 1:2! :)

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    by Fred E Sep 2, 2012 22:26
    outlaws_9 outlaws_9 Sep 3, 2012 16:21 Flag

    Well, I can always blame it on swype! :) But you get my point. Let's hope his heel is healed.

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    RVP: He Scores...WHEN HE WANTS!!!

    by Le Professeur Sep 2, 2012 18:03
    outlaws_9 outlaws_9 Sep 3, 2012 16:18 Flag

    If Arsenal had a midfielder playing as a CD, the press would have ripped into Wenger saying how he is not ready to buy a new CD even when the money is available to him and he knew that there were players injured who are not expected to return anytime soon. You play the team at your disposal. And yes you are right as long as you keep scoring more, that's what counts. What happens when you stop scoring? International duty is round the corner and RVP has a reputation of coming back crocked up. We know from our personal experiences. Then it will be intersting to see where the goals come from. Rooney has to find his shooting boots and fast.

    This year I am hopeful when our teams meet on 3rd of Nov. We will have more of a chance than we did last year. This might sound silly and premature but even without RVP Arsenal looks stronger than it did last year, because even if we seem weaker in attack, we have a more balanced side and actually look compact and secure in defence! And believe me
    that is sight for sore eyes as a Gunner!!

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    Team V Liverpool.

    by John Sep 2, 2012 22:15
    outlaws_9 outlaws_9 Sep 3, 2012 15:55 Flag

    The balance to the team is because we have someone like Arteta playing infront of the back four. He isn't as accomplished as Fabregas but he is an intelligent player and he breaks up the oppositions play with timely interceptions and his positioning in spot on most of the time, which deprives the opposition the room to manouver the ball infront of our penalty area.

    Fabregas for all his creativity did leave a gaping hole in midfield and there was no one really who sat back and did the job of shielding the defence and linking it up with the attack. Song was a supposedly DM who actually was an attacking midfielder and left the defence exposed.

    Diaby on current form makes Wenger's decision not to go for Sahin or any other DM or CM like an obvious decision. And being around 190 cms gives us presence in the middle. I just hope he stays fit and brings his best form to the big games.

    The top sides have started well, but all bar Arsenal have shown defensive fragility. We still seem to be a bit hung up on RVP, but with our attack settling down that should be over as well.

    With us facing City and Chelsea in September we will surely know where we stand. 2 points out of these fixtures will be a fair result. Anything more will be a bonus. By beginning of October we will have a clear picture of what we can expect from our team. Chelsea, City and MU are the top favourites, but we can stake our claim for the role of the dark horses in the race if we can manage to defeat City or Chelsea later this month. The objective has to be to stay within striking distance of the Top come end of the year. After that anything is possible.

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    by Fred E Sep 2, 2012 22:26
    outlaws_9 outlaws_9 Sep 3, 2012 00:43 Flag

    Diaby was indeed very impressive. But he has been that even the past. He is talented but consistency and decision making has been his achilles heel. Let's hope he can maintain his form and we will be well served.

    But more than Diaby the defensive as a collective has been impressive. And Mertesacker is showing why Wenger bought him. As soon as Giroud finds some goals, things will really start moving in the right direction. And the RVP hangover will soon begin to wear off as well.

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    The Stever Bould Effect?

    by outlaws_9 Aug 27, 2012 09:28
    outlaws_9 outlaws_9 Aug 27, 2012 09:29 Flag

    Damn! STEVE Bould not Stever! Hate this Swype!

  • It's early days but from the looks of it, the Arsenal defence really looks like a ....... Defence! In the past seasons our attack had bite but the defence, despite having good defenders looked all over the place. Steve Bould's introduction to the training staff seems to changed all that.

    In the last two games the team has looked solid in defence. Agreed that the teams were neither Barca nor MU. But even against less accomplished teams our defence looked brittle. In the last two games the team as a defensive unit has looked solid like rock.

    What has changed more than anything else is that we are double marking players near our box and many a threat has been nicked in the bud this way. We are closing down the room available for the opposition close to our penalty area. This tactical discipline was conspicous in its absence in the last seasons.

    And the reason obviously is Bould. His introduction has brought defensive and tactical nous into the team. Because honestly our defenders over the last few years were not bad, but they simply never could do their job of defending when it got rough.Yesterday Stoke couldn't manage to fluster us. We looked strong and compact. And apart from the result, we dominated the match against them, which one could never claim even when we won against them.

    Hopefully the malaise has been weeded out for good. The occasional individual error will happen but hopefully as a team we will maintain the composure we have shown in these early stages.

    Now only if we started fiding the back of the net, matters will start lookingmuch better.

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    No Rooney??

    by The Londoners Aug 25, 2012 17:29
    outlaws_9 outlaws_9 Aug 25, 2012 21:16 Flag

    Lol. Thank you. Thankless, would be the word. Speaking german has taken its toll. Unthankful was a literal translation from "undankbar" in german. Scheisse passiert, Sh*t happens. Oh man, I am embarassed. And you sure are lurking around Chris!

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    No Rooney??

    by The Londoners Aug 25, 2012 17:29
    outlaws_9 outlaws_9 Aug 25, 2012 17:47 Flag

    You are absolutely fixated on John aren't you?? RVP scored a blinder, he cost 24M, was worth more than double if he wasn't in his last year of contract, so how does John come into the picture.

    Just because RVP left Arsenal doesn't mean he stops being a great player. Just a unthankful footballer like most of them. His class and finishing remain top class. He will score a few for MU and we should get used to it.

    It hurt when I saw him score that goal, only the last minute equaliser against the Spuds made my day better. Let's celebrate our new rather than worry about the ones that left. That's an advice for all Gunners, me included.

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    Song Sahin

    by John Aug 20, 2012 09:03
    outlaws_9 outlaws_9 Aug 20, 2012 14:29 Flag

    I have no doubts about Sahin. Only Cazorla is better than him in our present team. The guy is a playmaker of the highest quality. With the ability to run a game. He is 23 but has years of experience as he started out in the same age as Fab!

    I hope we can keep him. He will succeed if Wenger shows the same support and encouragement he has shown players he believed in. Sahin is short on confidence because he had a long injury lay off.

    With match time under his belt he will be a match winner for us. Intelligent player and he should link up well with Cazorla, Poldi and Giroud.

    For me Giroud should have started the match with Poldi. Giroud needs someone to feed him from the flanks. The guy has excellent positioning and is very strong in the air. If we prop Poldi next to Giroud, they will flourish together.

    Poldi is not a Central Foward and it showed in the last match. His role should be that of a false no. 9. Free to move around the front line and backtrack when needed.

    For me the puzzle is almost complete. We need to stay compact defensively and show some spirit. The 0:0 had many positives bar the scoreline. On another day that would have been a 3:0. Apart from Cazorla and the twisting and turning Gervinho our creative outlets were limited. Sahin should end that. I am thrilled and really looking forward to our game against Stoke.

    If we keep this team together for a year we will have something special on our hands. But thats been our problem, lack of continuity. But this time around we have no Stars to sell, with the exception of Sahin going back to Real, if he really manages to create a good impression!

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    by John Aug 20, 2012 11:11
    outlaws_9 outlaws_9 Aug 20, 2012 12:38 Flag

    Mexes sucks! His wage is pretty high and thats why Milan want to get rid of him. He is an error prone but strong defender. We don't need him! Just when we have got rid of most of the prima donnas no sense in getting another one in the team.

    How about exchaning Pato for Bendtner or Sharawy or even Flamini!! But Mexes for Bendtner.......We should bonk the person on the head who suggested that!

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    Song Sahin

    by John Aug 20, 2012 09:03
    outlaws_9 outlaws_9 Aug 20, 2012 12:09 Flag

    We sold Song because he was lazy?? Sounds like he wanted a better contract but we decided that better cash in rather than invest in him! We didn't get rid of him when he was rubbish, when he becomes a decent player we get rid of him. Try making sense of that!

    Sahin will be a massive boost to our team. The guy is real class. When he left Dortmund he was one of the best players in the Bundesliga. Imho he is better than Kagawa, because he is capable of playing many roles. But he is best suited for the role Fabregas played.

    By no stretch of imagination is he a CDM. I rate Coquelin very highly but whether he is ready to shoulder the responsibility this year is questionable. Buying M'vila is a sensible option. But doubt that will happen.

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    So what now?

    by John Aug 15, 2012 22:07
    outlaws_9 outlaws_9 Aug 16, 2012 00:21 Flag

    Imho the only guy who can replace RVP is Huntelaar! The is as old as RVP and Rvp despises him! Hunter has scored goals in every league he has played. Barring a freak run at Milan. He will cost sub 20M and is value for money.
    We dont need a new striker but it is about sending a signal of intent. Someone like Hunter or Llorente will bring the buzz back. Rvp leaving is not unexpected but to ManU that feels like betrayal. I wish him no luck. By law averages he its due for the treatment table. Sorry a bit spiteful but RVP deserves every bit of it. Will rant some other time. It just sucks mate.

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    Should we replace RVP if he leaves?

    by Govinda Aug 13, 2012 10:37
    outlaws_9 outlaws_9 Aug 13, 2012 16:59 Flag

    I dont think we need another striker, I have high hopes of Gervinho. There is no point in buying striker to make up the numbers. Giroud,Poldi,Theo,Gervinho and RVP we are one striker too many. When injury strikes thats a nice luxury to have. Otherwise some player will be warming the bench, in this group it would be Theo.