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    City game

    by Miguel Feb 3, 2013 16:56

    agree 100% on the reina comments Dsteer. He has not become a bad keeper, rather he is having a dip in form. a lot of fans are very quick to turn on players when they hit a low point. i would struggle to think of a substantial number of better keepers in world football. his dad didn't help with the barca talk, perhaps thats whats happened with the supporters on this occasion. reminds me of that other bald chap that didn't stick around very long after his mum started chatting nonsense.

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    Daniel Sturridge

    by Miguel Feb 4, 2013 15:40

    completely in agreement on this! he has been spot on since arriving, and worked with his new team mates as though he has been here for years. I think other than the obvious world class performers, both sturridge and henderson have looked full of energy and ideas these last couple of weeks. long may that continue.

    what i really like about the more recent part of the season is that different players catch the eye in every game. henderson and sturridge most recently, but also downing, johnson, enrique, sterling. people are stepping up.

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    by Greg Feb 3, 2013 23:19

    brilliantly categorised Bob.

  • all out attack on negative 'fans' who constantly want rid of players and managers.

    these boards are getting ridiculous. there are about 5 people who have anything positive to say. The others either have there heads stuck up there nether regions, or are stuck in the 80's.

    for me, there are a lot of very promising signs in what is a rebuilding process. bringing in the right type of player, and bringing through youth to make the team play exciting, winning football. mistakes happen, it seems the luck isn't always on our side. We are working towards a much brighter dawn, while many of the teams around us are approaching dusk. for me it feels like we are getting a head start.

    knock me down for being positive, but isn't the clue in the title 'supporter'?

    .........support? look it up.

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    Team to face Mansfield?

    by Hobitez Jan 3, 2013 09:08

    i have a feeling the formation might get changed for this one, and maybe go for wing backs. im probably wrong. dont know why. im going for.


    just being controversial, but would like to see what shelvey can do up top with players who can put him through the middle as well as the wing backs, (who i would see playing very high up the field) whipping in crosses.

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    who armchair really supports?

    by Greg Dec 31, 2012 13:09

    I absolutely hear that point. However every manager inherits a team from his predecessor. With the squad that Rodgers has inherited I do not think he has done a bad job, and concur with our captain gerrard who says that he has seen massive improvement in what is a very young squad. Given time I think we might have the right manager. If I'm wrong by the end of next season, I will hold my hands up and say so. Liverpool expects to win, but in order to do so those in charge need a bit of time. Half a season isn't enough. Sorry if it seemed like I was bullying you, I just genuinely thought you were a fan of another team. It was my opinion based on a lot of things you have said on here.

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    who armchair really supports?

    by Greg Dec 31, 2012 13:09

    "i personally dont think changing managers every half season, who have not had a chance to build there own team or develop playing styles to there full potential should be disgarded"

    makes no sense at all! just to clarify i dont think rodgers should be sacked midway through his first season, as this would be another backward step. Another manager having to start all over again, probably end up selling half the team and rebuilding . . .AGAIN!

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    who armchair really supports?

    by Greg Dec 31, 2012 13:09

    This was a genuine question. If it offends, i apologise. I just find armchairs continual whinging, season after season a little bit hard to get along with, particularly when he persists in making massive sweeping generalisations, and statements with little or no grounds in truth. Liverpool are not what they were at the moment, everybody knows that. i personally dont think changing managers every half season, who have not had a chance to build there own team or develop playing styles to there full potential should be disgarded. for somebody who talks about 'one step forward, two steps back' i would have thought armchair might be on the same page on that. either way, happy new year, and heres hoping 2013 is a winner.

  • just interested to know who everybody thinks armchair really supports?

    my money is on chelsea. what does everybody else reckon?

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    Dare we be cautiously optimistic?

    by A Yahoo! User Dec 30, 2012 19:03

    only an idiot would say lose two games on the trot and then when asked when that happened, say

    Ok then in December we:

    Won. won, lost, won, lost, won.

    two games on the trot?

    seriously armchair, you just keep getting more ridiculous. is it utd, city or chelsea you really support? my moneys on chelsea based on the number of times you ask for the manager to be sacked.

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    Predictions thread 15-17th December

    by Hobitez Dec 12, 2012 13:03

    right folks, i'm out. i've got all superstitious, and since i've stopped doing this, liverpool have started climbing the table. sounds ridiculous, but its a good enough reason for me to stop!

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    December 1 - 3 Predictions

    by A Yahoo! User Nov 30, 2012 10:00

    West Ham v Chelsea 0-1
    Fulham v Spurs 2-1
    Citeh v Everton 3-1
    Arsenal v Swansea 1-1
    QPR v Aston Villa 1-0
    West Brom v Stoke 2-1
    LFC v Southampton 3-1
    Reading v ManU 0-2
    Norwich v Sunderland 1-2
    Newcastle v Wigan 4-1

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    November 27th/28th result predictions

    by Hobitez Nov 27, 2012 15:05

    i got shafted by yahoo last week. as usual the referee proving the deciding factor in the league.

    Sunderland v QPR 1-2
    Aston Villa v Reading 2-2
    Chelsea v Fulham 1-0
    Everton v Arsenal 1-1
    Southampton v Norwich 2-1
    Stoke v Newcastle 0-0
    Swansea v West Brom 1-1
    Tottenham v Liverpool 2-3
    Man Utd v West Ham 3-1
    Wigan v Man City 1-7

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    Nov 17/18/19

    by Kuen Nov 12, 2012 10:13

    im having a very bad season. hey ho, keep on chugging along.

    Arsenal v Tottenham 2-1
    Reading v Everton 0-3
    Liverpool v Wigan 4-1
    Man City v Villa 2-0
    Newcastle v Swansea 2-0
    QPR vSouthampton 1-0
    West Brom v Chelsea 2-1
    Norwich v Man United 0-4
    Fulham v Sunderland 2-2
    West Ham v Stoke 0-0

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    Prediction Nov 10/11

    by Kuen Nov 7, 2012 08:48

    Southampton v Swansea 1-2
    Arsenal v Fulham 3-1
    Everton v Sunderland 2-0
    Reading v Norwich 2-2
    Stoke v QPR 2-1
    Wigan v West Brom 1-2
    Villa v Man United 0-2
    Man City v Tottenham 2-2
    Newcastle v West Ham 3-1
    Chelsea v Liverpool 1-3

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    Prediction Nov 3/4/5

    by Kuen Oct 31, 2012 11:19

    Man Utd V Arsenal 2 - 1
    Fulham V Everton 1 - 1
    Norwich V Stoke 0 - 1
    Sunderland V Aston Villa 0 - 0
    Swansea V Chelsea 1 - 4
    Tottenham V Wigan 3 - 1
    West Ham V Man City 1 - 5
    QPR V Reading 2 - 0
    Liverpool V Newcastle 4 - 2
    West Brom V Southampton 2 - 0

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    Team to face Anzhi Makakahalackalakakala

    by Hobitez Oct 23, 2012 12:27


    i know this is an extremely inexperienced team, lacking game time across the board, but i think the people coming through look hungry lately, and in actual fact all of these players are individually good enough. i doubt this will happen.

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    Prediction Oct 20/21 & 27/28

    by Kuen Oct 21, 2012 23:19

    Aston Villa V Norwich 1-0
    Arsenal V QPR 2-0
    Reading V Fulham 1-1
    Stoke V Sunderland 1-2
    Wigan V West Ham 2-2
    Man City V Swansea 4-1
    Everton V Liverpool 2-3
    Newcastle V West Brom 0-1
    Southampton V Tottenham 1-3
    Chelsea V Man Utd 4-1

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    Prediction Oct 20/21

    by Kuen Oct 7, 2012 21:10

    i was out of the country, and couldnt get to internet. oh well.

    Tottenham v Chelsea 1-1
    Fulham v Aston Villa 1-0
    Liverpool v Reading 5-1
    Man Utd v Stoke 1-1
    Swansea v Wigan 2-2
    West Brom v Man City 1-0
    West Ham v Southampton 2-1
    Norwich v Arsenal 1-4
    Sunderland v Newcastle 0-1
    QPR v Everton 1-2

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    Table & Predictions - 29 Sept to 1 Oct

    by A Yahoo! User Sep 27, 2012 08:32

    good work vuvu. waaay more democratic than the FA.

    Arsenal v Chelsea, 4 - 1
    Sunderland v Wigan, 2 - 0
    Reading v Newcastle, 1- 2
    Everton v Southampton, 1 - 0
    Fulham v Man City, 2 - 2
    Norwich v LFC, 1 - 4
    Stoke v Swansea, 1- 1
    Man U v Spurs, 1 - 2
    Villa v West Brom, 0 – 1
    QPR v West Ham, 2 - 2