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    Comparing KK & BR

    by tauseef May 27, 2013 12:18
    tauseef tauseef May 29, 2013 18:00 Flag

    Guys, I have all the respect for KK as a player but he came out to manage a team after a long time so it was bound to happen. He was appointed as a manager and suddenly was poured with 100 mil. He went for brits only and without thinking of price. All u guys trying to mask the fact that every manager knows tha transfer price of the player before the deal is done. So KK must be held responsible for the flop show. Imagine what would be value of AC, Downie & Hendo combined?? IMO hardly 30 Mil. We lost almost 40 Mil on this business only.

    Further, talking about the condition of the club, It was far better when KK took over then BR took over. KK had all the money to invest plus far better players. On the other hand, BR was given ateam that was shattered, many players wanted to leave and very tight fund to spend. We had such a thin squas that we had to make Stirling a part of regular 11. Plus we had only 1 striker during the first half of the season. Also, BR got a team which would be relegated if the points of last half season was considered.

    Still BR managed to infuse confidence & belief in the team outcome of which shows in second half of the season. Meanwhile BR also involved to get rid of deadwood.

    Finally, emotions are different and reality is different. Give credit where Is due.

  • I know iris ridiculous to compare two different managers but can't stop to compare. With all due respect for both, I think KK has pushed us back to at least 5 years and for me he is the culprit for those silly transfer deals. Even fans like us can not understand the logic of paying this inflated price for the likes of Hendo, Downie & above all AC. Imagine those transfer with the likes of Goetze, Lewdonski etc. and think about the potential loss we have had because of these transfers.

    Not only transfer but also the way Liverpool lost control in second half of the season11-12 when KK was in charge. We were 18th in terms of points during that second half. Also, there was no strategy and players were plaing like headless chicken.

    Most importantly, because of his failure in transfer, FSG has decided not to overspend in transfers to strengthen the team.

    On the other hand, BR deserves applaud for getting higher position in the league with thin squad and almost no money to bring in players.

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    Coutinho - the best AM in the EPL?

    by Loki Apr 28, 2013 11:37
    tauseef tauseef Apr 30, 2013 06:40 Flag

    Loki, totally agree with you. In fact, its a treat to watch him play. his vision and weight of the pass is exceptional. He creates chance from almost nowhere and some of the chances he created are beyond our imagination too... This guy is out of the world. He is the best in terms of creating chances and that too in very short time of arriving. I am sure we will see lot more from him next season

  • tauseef tauseef Apr 10, 2013 15:35 Flag

    My point is that if Suarez stays next season and we would not buy 3-4 QUALITY PLAYERS & not headless chicken Then he will absolutely loose interest playing with high intensity. And with FSG budget of 20 MIL I am not sure we can buy quantity with quality. Also, if we can manage to get 80 MIL with selling of Surez, AC, Skirtel, Spearing then we can definitely buy 5-6 quality players and IMO 4 very good players are better than a world class player.

    You saw this against West Ham. Their tactic was to keep Suarez in control and they did resulting a draw. If we have 4-5 very good players at a time on the pitch like Tottenham then we can rely on the team and not the individuals. The reason for our inconsistency is because we rely too much on Suarez. If he has a bad day then 9 out of 10 times we can not get 3 points. Consistency comes only when we do not rely on 1 or 2 players to win us game.

    For Torres, I definitely fill that he would also love to come where he is loved the most!!! Also, he is still the best finisher IMO. He knows when to hit & when to stop. I think Suarez & DS still have to learn a lot to match his finishing skill. Because of lack of finishing skills, we are having the highest number of shots off-target in PL this seaso which was not the case when Torres was here. Also, his 18 goals this season have come when he is not the first choice later on.

  • At first glance, it looks ridiculous, but for me, we should not resist this offer if it comes. IMO Suarez is world class player and we have got only SG apart from him who can actually be part of any starting 11 in the world. BUT, recently I have observed that defenders can now anticipate movements of Suarez more often then not. No doubt, Suarez is at his peak and it is the right time to sell him. Also, in last couple of games, I have seen him playing very average. the reason being he is fully aware that we wil not be in Europe next season. That is a major cause of dip in his form and I think he certainly wants to leave at the end of season. SO, if he is not willing to further his stay here then there is no point to keep him. I am sure if he stays here next season, he will not replicate the form he has shown this season.

    If we can sell him for 50 MIL then we can buy at least 5 quality players with 20 MIl comes from FSG and 30 MIl from the selling of Skirtl & AC. So with this 100 MIL we can easily buy some decent players like Dede, Eriksen, Williams, Alonso and of course, TORRES.

    Let us think that with the inclusion of above players how would our team... definitely far better then now with starting 11: Reina, GJ, Agger, Williams, Enrique, Alonso, Gerrard, Eriksen, Coutinho, Downing, DS, Torres.

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    Predictions thread 6th-8th April

    by Hobitez Apr 3, 2013 16:16
    tauseef tauseef Apr 5, 2013 06:19 Flag

    Reading v Southampton 1-2
    Norwich v Swansea 0-0
    Stoke v Aston Villa 0-1
    West Brom v Arsenal 2 - 1
    Liverpool v West Ham 3 - 1
    Tottenham v Everton 1 - 1
    Chelsea v Sunderland 2 - 1
    Newcastle v Fulham 1-2
    QPR v Wigan 2 - 3
    Man Utd v Man City 3-2

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    Our Form since December

    by tauseef Apr 2, 2013 07:52
    tauseef tauseef Apr 3, 2013 16:19 Flag

    Dstter_lfc agreed with you that our past managers bought the players considering the reputation of players and not as per our tactics or style of play. KK did the job differently but TBH he bought in-form players rather than class and result is in front of us. These players never recover after blip in their form though Downie & Hendo lately improved a lot. Still, what a mess of 70 milion for the likes of AC, Hendo & Downing (I think these three combined should not be valued for more than 30 milion)

    What I like about BR is that he knows what sort of players he need and he is buying players with patience and do not make any rush to buy silly players at inflated price. True, it cost him a striker because of this in the beginning of the season, but still he managed to implement his tiki-taka football and with the inclusion of DS & Coutinho we are getting the results. In summer also I believe BR will go for 3 players only but with those players, I still believe we will defo be in CL in 14-15.

    Regarding our first half of the season, we were short of a striker and hence could not convert ample chances, that resulted in so many draw games which we should have won with current inclusion.

    Before December P14 W3 L4 D7
    After December P17 W10 L5 D2

    Because we were short of a striker at the start, we had as many as 7 draw in 14 games. But afterwards we are doing better than expected.

  • Every now & then I find BR to be criticised as a mid-table team manager. So I thought to bring you notice our form since December in PL

    ManCity - P16 Pts 34
    Tottenham - P17 Pts 33
    Arsenal - P16 Pts 31
    Chelsea - P16 Pts 29

    By this comparision we can clearly see that we are very near to all these clubs in last 4 months that too with the blips against Villa at home & Saints away. also we could have won Arsenal & Mancity away matches. I think BR has done a good job considering our thin squad. He found Stirling, Suso, Jonjo and turn the fortunes around for the likes of Hendo Downing. Also, Joe was very good at beginning & I am sure he will be at his best in very near future. We also got he likes of DS & Coutinho at a bargain price considering their performance.

    Adding to that, we know our weak point and that is defence. If BR can sort it out this summer with a class CB (2 CB if Skrtl is leaving) and a DM along with a AM &/or striker, We will be in top 3 next season for sure.

    Apart from ManU, we can certainly overpower any other team if we play to our potential. We just need to strengthen our defence and make sure we don't leak so many stupid goals next season like we did this season.