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  • at times like this MO needs someone to spin ideas off, someone who know teh club inside out. Give lawrie a ring

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    Let's reminisce.

    by A Yahoo! User Nov 11, 2010 20:41
    viwer viwer Nov 12, 2010 02:49 Flag

    Didn't have time to check out the post you were talking about but what does reminisce mean?
    Yours sincerely

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    Why I hate Cheryl the Geordie Chav #$%$

    by dave harding Oct 12, 2010 16:23

    You've put across a point..

    Now F*** Off you imbecile

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    Rape on a plane... share with all women

    by debz Jun 15, 2009 17:45
    viwer viwer Jun 17, 2009 00:55 Flag

    CJ he's already booked : round the world return.

    I reckon he's the type of character you'd see during dark hours on long haul flights creeping up and down the aisles with crutchless and @rseless underpants hoping to incite some assailant

  • Great motivator, plays to the crowds, passionate and good football knowledge - limited tactical knowledge but still big name ......Celtic.? I think so

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    newcastle relegated all due to united

    by Michael May 25, 2009 01:49
    viwer viwer May 25, 2009 19:46 Flag

    I'd like to respond to the last couple of post on these points.
    Allardyce was a mistake appointment he is a thickhead with a strictly limited view of football and the way it is played --he should never hav ebeen at Newcastle and had no place at Newcastle in any circumstances.

    Owen in my view has disgraced his profession. he used Newcastle as a stepping stone for his own purposes in getting back to UK and in the England team. OK not faulting him for injuries but he has shown no passion and a club captain no inspiration or leadership. No doubt he'll end up in a 2nd rate club in the northwest which will allow him to be near his ponies.0 out of 10.

    Newcastle supporters are 'Customers' who pay for a product which is called entertainment.
    Like going to a pie shop hoping for a great pie but given a bag of S***. You've got a right to complain and make comments about improving. In the Newcastle case the recipe and product is crap but 52000 fans keep buying it!! This doesn't happen with any other club or any business and that is the remarkable thing about it. Think about it with a theatre, restaurant, car manufacturer, tailor, fish & chip shop....

    Meanwhile talentless blockhead (Allardyce) has became a multi millionaire..... munching cud on the bench and commenting on the technicalities of football

    Owen probably doesn't know how much money he has and the only urgency he has is when the horse racing card come out.

    nd the Newcatsle fans will be all forgiving and back in their 40,000's in August when he shameful circus gets on its way again.

    BTW How do you turn a gutsy player like Alan Smith into a dud??

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    newcastle relegated all due to united

    by Michael May 25, 2009 01:49
    viwer viwer May 25, 2009 17:06 Flag

    After yesterday's debacle, as a lifelong Newcastle supporter I can only say the club finacial owners and players got exactly what they deserved. Even yesterday things went Newcastle's way with other results yet we witnessed a spineless, passionless attempt at playing an EPL match. Villa were in 3rd gear yet they still had Newcastle in their pocket. The look on Owen's face was "What the F**K?" and the rest of the team looked as they they wouldn't pass a GP referral fitness test. Its completely up the creek. Fat Ashley must now know this morning what it's like to lose 100 million and on top of that he is a despised pariah in Newcastle.

    Owen has disgraced his profession, Viduka, Butt, Smith are past it, Colcociini & other Wise buys just CRAP' and the new 3 year contract man 'Ameobi' is a Hartlepool type player at b.est
    Next season will not be easy loads have got to go and who will come?? No big players and its got to be a case of spotting a bargain or great potential - something Newcastle are not renowned for.. its building into a Leed's scenario.

    I seem to be the only supporter against Shearer staying either for the club's(fans) or his own good. He tried and it didn't work.. but he doesn't appear to be that tactically aware and of great motivational skils. I could never understand the link with Dowie. All credit for him jumping in the sewage but it's too thick and polluted to be sorted at a football manager level.

    Only good that has come out of it will that the financial owners will feel the pain for their mismanagement they can't possible stay in the long term. and the club is going to have to be built up from ground level all over again.

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    Who would fans have as next Manager

    by KIERAN Apr 28, 2009 22:47

    Gibbo and Southgate obviously have agood relationship and Southgate has said at the start to him that he could do the business with limited financial resources - He failed .. and Gibbo seems to be a man of his word so GS stays.
    But I think you'll find out next season as Mbro wallow in the nether regions of the championship Gibbo will terminate the relationship.
    In my view I just think that GS does not have it as a top league manager

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    Who would fans have as next Manager

    by KIERAN Apr 28, 2009 22:47

    Yes- I agree KHT20 with you , you can definitely rule that one out.

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    by A Yahoo! User Apr 6, 2009 19:19
    viwer viwer Apr 28, 2009 15:10 Flag

    For me last night 0-0 results proved that newcastle haven't got a hope - So the bottom 3 as it stands to go down.

    Years ago when Newcatsle lost the 12 point lead and MU confirmed champions the with a win somewhere - the same day Newcastle beat Spurs 7-1 but the result made no differnce.
    The indigenous population up here were and little bit upset and wrecked the town -- I think they're more than a bit upset now.. and I hope they show some sense..

    Thank you Mr Ashley

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    by A Yahoo! User Apr 6, 2009 19:19
    viwer viwer Apr 27, 2009 21:30 Flag

    Its ironic that at a club wher you have an owner who put up the money, supports the manager though thick and thin and then the club slides down the to premiership. At NUFC the owner is not a man of scruples, has obviously been involved in activities behind the manager's (KK) back and runs for cover when it comes to standing up and defending people.

    2 opposite ends of the scale at MB and NU with ultimately the same result (relegation)

    I heard that Gibo did not like McLaren and also that club captain Southgate wasn't one of his greatest allies - so perhaps it was 2 people (Gibo & Gareth)who disliked someone getting to work together.

    My view is that Southgate is like John Gregorys, Phil Browns, Sam Allardyces == Always posing for the cameras, jumping up and down on the sidelines and spouting off about technical things but when it comes to the nuts and bolts they don't really have a clue.

    At Newcastle the only good that will come of it will that they will have fat Ashleys head on a platter when things are confirmed and that the club has to be built up from scratch. In the Championship they'll still get 40,000(I'm certain Shearer will stay)

    Whatever the judgement about chairmen/owners - the NE clubs don't seem to get it right

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    Let us pray......

    by Boro CJ Feb 21, 2009 00:45
    viwer viwer Feb 23, 2009 23:52 Flag

    CJ it doesn't look too good. Gareth might have made it a bid harder for SG after praising the manager to the skies but the bottom line id GS doesn't seem to be able to inpsire the team or show any tactical nous (perhaps too long at 1 club).

    When you look at the shambles at Newcastle - they are looking fairly safe and Sunderland who changed manager seem close to getting out of the woods.

    Can't see you getting out of it -- and would have a very hard time bouncing back.

    I reckon Gibson will eventually get round to waving goodbye to him that is before May along with Hughes out of Man City & Rafa at Liverpool

  • The anarchic town of Middlesbrough was brought to a standstill when a car with a valid road tax disc was reported in the centre. Word of the vehicle quickly spread around amongst Smoggie inhabitants along with rumours that royalty had descended on the city. Baying mobs gathered round the vehicle clawing at the cars paintwork and hungrily pressing their faces against the windscreen and windows terrifying the unfortunate occupants of the car. The car had apparently mistakenly strayed from the A19. The elderly couple later told reporters that they were on their way from Yorkshire to Newcastle to see the Christmas Festival lights when the woman Edith Mould said she need the loo - her husband saw a road sign which said TOILET and they ended up in Middlesbrough. When police arrived on the scene they dispersed the crowd by handing out bars of munchies and Woodbines. After the police negotiated a deal with local mobsters, they were able to lift the now wheel-less car and its occupants onto a flat bed trailer and drive them out of the municipality.

    Middlesboro Police Chief Arthur Bonkers said “Car Tax, TV Licences and driving licences are not one of the priorities in trying to maintain rule in this f*****g place and the arrival of this car had understandably caused shock amongst the inhabitants which was something akin to a UFO sighting”. He added “ he would like to thank local mobsters and in particular mob boss Louis Spewzoni for their assistance in securing the release of this vehicle” , reportedly in exchange for concessions on other aspects of law in the Boro.

    Speaking on the condition of anonymity from his plush mansion in the midlands Gareth Southgate said: “Up there a tax disc is about as rare as travelling Middlesboro supporters”

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    Newcastle United FC

    by viwer Nov 20, 2008 00:28
    viwer viwer Nov 22, 2008 03:10 Flag

    Davey - 2 or 3 points less and we'd be shouting to string him up by the balls!
    As for the Chelsea game, I guess less than 5-0 would be a result to talk about over our friends at SL & MB.

    I'll stick my neck out for 1-1

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    ...Its Joe....

    by A Yahoo! User Sep 26, 2008 20:08
    viwer viwer Sep 27, 2008 01:14 Flag

    Kinnear? Say no more apparnetly Venables was hoping to get a 2 year contract paid in advance with guarantees of 2million payoff if sacked.
    Clearly Wise has got his finger in here the little #$%$.

  • 1. Allow it to fall into the hands of a financial predator with no understanding of what he buying.

    2. Allow him to sign up a group of his crooked friends to work within the club

    3. Insult and degenerate the core asset of the business.

    4. Unsettle all of your contracted players with talk of selling or massive cuts in wages.

    5. Make promises to buy but instead sell.

    6.Attract worlwide attention and bad press to the club.

    7. Brag and boast in nightclubs and spend 250,000$ to impress.

    8. Scuttle off around the world trying to sell off the club like a piece of sweaty fish.

    9.Sit back and watch the team performances go down as fast as the share price.


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    Boro Not Chasing Foreign Cash

    by kht20 Sep 5, 2008 19:31

    Better to have someone with a fiver in their pocket that a fat B like Ashley in charge.. At the end of the day they get found.

    You can take a big fat F*******g elephant out of the jungle.. but you can't take London out of the big fat F*******g elephant

  • viwer viwer Jul 15, 2008 01:15 Flag

    Jabber- I think you’re using it in the wrong way. This kind of thing is for exchanges between most people who don’t know each other…. Whatever you think you know about somebody you don’t know - is probably wrong….and if it starts to get beyond banter and #$%$ take .. it’s a waste of time .. go on the Man Utd Board to see what I mean (even though it’s by far the best board for bites).

    I only started going to the smog board because somebody posted on the NU board #$%$ team, #$%$ town , discuss” The prat who posted it took my reply hook line and sinker…so I kept going there.
    Anyway back to the meat of the message… Just minutes ago I received a confidential document from Middlesboro County Council archives via a Councillor Doug Robson which outlines the 3 main reasons for low attendances a Middlesboros football stadium.
    They are:

    1. Bingo, Pool, Darts & Dominoes are the main sporting interests on Smogside
    2. On match days at 3.00pm most smoggies are either not yet out of bed or going to bed
    3.People who are tagged or ASBO are not allowed near football grounds

  • Man Utd- The world's richest football club, European Champions etc... now have an opportunity to show who they really are in the CR Saga.
    Regardless of potential profits - they should let the world know who's who..
    Real Madrids??? - look at the record.. Say no more.

    Ronaldo is a boy. who should remember what he said after the CL final when he said he would stay - plus how MU have made him.

    Hopefully the quote from AF that "These people have balls" will turn out to be true.

    Sit tight MU for 1, 2 3 years and show who's boss. this will be for the better of the game

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    by A Yahoo! User Jul 10, 2008 09:09
    viwer viwer Jul 10, 2008 23:36 Flag

    Once again Blatter is totally out of order - instead of talking of slavery he should talk about honour of contracts and appreciation for their good fortune and standard of living they have.

    One person could stop all this. CR!

    Someone is stirring it up - and it looks like it is with the approval of Ronaldo's people.

    I think he's(CR)getting to the point of no return.