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  • This board is about as busy as Gary Glitter's agent..Where have you all gone? Joint top and nothing on here..C.O.Y.I

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    sam allardyce....

    by A Yahoo! User May 29, 2011 18:12
    whubob whubob May 30, 2011 18:16 Flag

    Irons, Irons, Irons........Dont be silly, look what happened last time we had someone from Iceland.........

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    by whubob Oct 9, 2010 22:50
    whubob whubob Oct 21, 2010 20:10 Flag

    But in the early 80s we were still waving the union jack? Land of hope & glory and Rule Britania are also British songs.We need a English tune.Jerusalem,writen by Londoner William Blake has the right words.
    And did those feet in ancient times
    Walk apon Englands mountians green
    And was the holy lamb of god
    On Englands pleasant pastures seen.

    An obvious early reference to Bobby Moore,how did he know about Bobby in 1808?. A true mystic & Hammers fan,or should that be a true ironworker?

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    by whubob Oct 9, 2010 22:50
    whubob whubob Oct 10, 2010 20:23 Flag

    With our new govenment Land of dope and tory would be better.Or two little boys?

  • What should be the England nationl anthem do you think.? We must be the only country in the world without a official national anthem.We use god save the queen at football/rugby matches.England cricketers use Jerusalem, as they are also using in the Commonwealth games at the moment.Lets have some ideas as what to use.How about Paul Weller with English Rose?

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    Revise players

    by seanito Sep 30, 2010 16:03
    whubob whubob Oct 3, 2010 00:25 Flag

    Well Irons,after todays draw is the revival realy here? I still aint got a scooby mate.

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    carlton cole

    by LEX Aug 29, 2010 05:35
    whubob whubob Sep 16, 2010 02:08 Flag

    With our luck we would end up with julian Clary and then Avram will still say he always done well in Portsmouth

  • whubob whubob Sep 11, 2010 19:50 Flag

    How about the most exciting fighters to watch maybe not the best of british top 10.The best i have watched live would be
    1.Kirkland Lang
    2.Dave Boy Green
    3.Charlie Magri
    4.Andy Tilll
    5.Jason Booth
    6.Nigel Benn
    7.Carl Thompson
    8.Alan Minter
    9.Enzo Maccarinelli
    10.David Haye (as a crusier.)
    I have had so much fun watching these fighters over the years and only 2 fighting now.You never know what was going to happen when these boys were in the ring?

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    by A Yahoo! User Jan 30, 2010 21:12
    whubob whubob Jan 31, 2010 04:06 Flag

    Millman.I saw that but i thought it was a trailer for a new series of Are you being served.I thought it was young Mr Grace.

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    by A Yahoo! User Jan 23, 2010 05:17
    whubob whubob Jan 23, 2010 19:48 Flag

    did'nt West Ham beat Man Ure 166-0 last season or did i just dream that?

  • We are #$%$. Supporters help infirm tragic strikers.A donation of just £45 per game could help a old striker who has been left by his owner.Take David Di Michele.He was left on a motorway hungry and lost,we took him in and cared for him,gave him £50 grand a week,new house,car.We never put a old striker down.Your donation could help us bring loads more old strikers back from the brink.Take Diego Tristan,he was found tied to a lampost,unloved,unwanted.We took him in and helped him back,he scored 3 goals for us dont you know.We also take in young pups who are unwanted.Take Savio,scruffy,ugly little beast,we got him loved and he did nothing in return and now we have rehomed him and he is very happy and a lot richer.So please remember,this transfer window,please give as much as you can afford to #$%$. We never put old strikers down

  • whubob whubob Oct 22, 2009 23:26 Flag

    RAZOR, That would be great.The closest i have come to having a title is when i nearly married Blackadder.Love SIR BOB OF UPTON

  • Just read in the N.O.T.W. about this new mob putting in a bid for our great club,saying they will give millions to Zola in the January transfer window.Got me thinking how many Italians do you think we will get for christmas?.Do any of you lot fancy comming into my consortium and we could buy a couple of Pasta Restaurants in Green street/Barking Road,we could clean up.We could name one after our beloved club,The Gravy Train.As the new owners will be yanks we will need to open a couple of mens oversize outfitters selling check jackets with a burger bar in each one.They think Duxbury and Nani would be outed.Storey is leaving Chelski after christmas so he might come here and we could have even more of the Chelsea old boys? They get our best players,we get their unwanted staff, We could change our shirts to blue ones and our shorts could be the stars & stripes.Change our song from Bubbles to the Ronald McDonald theme and we would be sorted.We would have more chance of scoring though when they change the goalposts to the American Football ones,we always seem to be aiming over that bar at the moment,how many goals would Boa Morte score?

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    Dean Ashton

    by A Yahoo! User Sep 5, 2009 00:29
    whubob whubob Sep 24, 2009 20:28 Flag

    At the moment i would not mind seeing Pop Robson back..

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    Relegation Ahead??

    by A Yahoo! User Sep 22, 2009 23:54
    whubob whubob Sep 23, 2009 11:51 Flag

    What was it Churchill once said........OHHHHHHH....YESSSSSSS

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    by Neilo Sep 22, 2009 22:38
    whubob whubob Sep 22, 2009 23:26 Flag

    AH.Convert number 1.

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    by Keith Sep 1, 2009 20:57
    whubob whubob Sep 4, 2009 23:34 Flag

    No problem.Let me know how you get on.Is it the green one you have?

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    by Keith Sep 1, 2009 20:57
    whubob whubob Sep 3, 2009 22:04 Flag

    Happy.After reading yorkie b,s 2 replys im not sure about this care in the community lark.If ever there was a advert against it,he's your man.Arguing against him is like a duel against a unarmed man.The old song about Yorkshire born,Yorkshire bred seems to be true,Yorkie are you strong in arm?.We know the rest is true

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    by Keith Sep 1, 2009 20:57
    whubob whubob Sep 3, 2009 15:20 Flag

    You mean like the expenses scandal that came out due to a reporter digging and digging untill a small scrap of evidence came to light and he nailed em.I hope some reporters from the Recorder are reading this,national scoop boys,fill ya boots.The workings of Zola do not seem real.As you say,the stats say we have a better defence now and look stronger than for a long time.So i know,I will sell our best defender of the season so far.Lets hope Carlton Cole dont start scoring goals then on that logic then..

  • I am off work with the flu at the moment and reading anything i can get my hands on.Just read a article saying members of the public can play top golf courses like St Andrews for £70 a round,they are saying its much to dear.I was thinking how much would you pay to play football at some of the best stadiums in the country,ie Wembley,Old Stratford,Upton Park.Would you think £70 for a day playing at these great places was to dear.Also does anybody know,is swine flu the same as man flu as i think i have got both.Help me........................