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  • He seems to command respect all over the place. Happy with him---will you be able to keep him.

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    World Cup eye catchers

    by Colyn Jun 26, 2014 17:16

    Yea, please do (email me).. I can also invite you a closed forum for LFC fans around Europe, where we all post/communicate in real time, which is not a huge group. Mostly France believe it or not.

    Back to Yedlin.. any story of him to LFC would be a little extreme, as we wasn't supposed to make our USA squad, let alone play, and though he looked like a wing wizard, he's MLS so that would be way too big a jump. Italy (Roma suggested) seems a little more feasible. And, tbh, he replaced our very best performer not named Dempsey in Fabian Johnson 28 year old rb, who makes Glenda look less than avg. He's just moved from Hertha Berlin to a bigger club in Germany, but man, can he raid down that right flank, and defend. He kept Cristiano in his pocket for 90"..

    Slightly off the mark, but I'm glad you enjoyed that game and the USA performances / plus shots you might have seen of our fans around the states. If you didn't know better, you'd think we were British or Brazilian during the cup.

    Back to the players, we are once again, linked with Shaqiri who was also a star, which we already knew. Now having Lallana out for 6-8 wks with a knee, immediately makes us feel thinner up top, while we wait days/weeks for Remy to be officially announced. Back to fullback, we've wasted so much time p*$$ing about 20M+ for Moreno, meanwhile Ricardo Rodríguez of Swiss/Germany looked fantastic and prob 2/3 the price.

    We still need a LB, another attacker, and another striker. Of those 3, quality/affordability is the biggest obstacle in the striker area.. no Cavani, Benzema etc.. Gonna have to find another Sturridge to grow into him, Remy and Lambert.. Kristoff (er) Peterson our 20 yo has looked great so far, so I'd love to see us develop a youth striker like him, who can add 10-12 goals.. He and Ibe seem our crown jewels.

    Can't wait to see them Monday in Princeton!!

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    World Cup eye catchers

    by Colyn Jun 26, 2014 17:16

    A bit behind the times yes but Yedlin was a real stand out for me in what I thought was the best game of the World Cup. I thought there was a rumbling that he was coming our way and to be honest from the hour that I saw him I'd have him over Johnson every day of the week.

    Rodriguez looks a special talent and Madrid wasted no time there. That'll put some pressure on Bale for sure. Ronaldo, bale and Rodriguez in teh same team will be tough to accommodate. In my mind it wont work. Neither will Suarez, messi and Neymar for that matter.

    I'll drop you an email bud

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    World Cup eye catchers

    by Colyn Jun 26, 2014 17:16

    Hi Colyn,

    A little late for me to respond to this one, as we've actually moved to sign some already. But, I was impressed by nearly everyone in the Mexican squad, especially Ochoa in goal and their left back Layun.

    I was already a huge fan of (don't call me James) James Rodriguez, and we see what Madrid did... A young defender for Uruguay (Jiminez? Atletico I think), Rojo of Argentina, Mascherano really was a standout and we know him.. Ruiz of Costa Rica, only he's going on 30 now, and loaned to/from Fulham, otherwise if he were 23-24, he'd be a big star.. Daley Blind, De Vrij both of Netherlands.. Origi of Belgium, who we've apparently signed and loaned back to Lille, and 3 Americans made us all amazingly proud in Jermaine Jones, Fabian Johnson, and Deandre Yedlin.. First two are in Bundesliga, Yedlin rumored from MLS to Italy.. Roy Hodgson too!

    IMO, that was the greatest world cup there's been. Obviously I've only been alive for a handful, but it was definitely the best I remember, and miles above South Africa.. Everyone went out to put on a show and score goals. Btw, if you'd like to keep in touch, my email is jasoneman24 or on twitter @acrossthemersey..

  • Hello all, if you're still about.

    Anyone in the world Cup that's caught your eye as a potential transfer target apart from the obvious Mr Messi and Neymar? I've had a few little thoughts here and there.

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    Summer So Far..

    by Jason Jun 10, 2014 18:59

    Hi Jason

    Lambert certainly caught me unawares that's for sure. After the initial shock and NOOOOOOO I sat down and thought about it and realised that there's a lot of sense in it. As you say he's scored a few and regularly, he has the highest number of assists after Gerrard for English players in the PL and the fee is fine. I'd also like to add that he adds another English player to the PL squad, something City have some difficulty with.

    Emre. Ok good but the books open and let's see how he gets on.

    As for others I still think we have a very good chance of landing Lallana but again we'll see. This could be another where Southampton's price is too high, we back out and he goes to Tottenham.

    Not many other rumours other than the names you've mentioned.

    A further thought. many have stated that the defense needs work. Fine, I agree but Wisdom is back, Kelly is somewhere in the system and I'd hope Sakho would improve. he's fit and playing in the World Cup right now.

  • Welp, I figured I'd start a post to see which of you lads is still out there, and if so/any, what are your thoughts on our summer so far.. Players in, players out / headed out, and players strongly rumored..

    Rickie Lambert - Certainly stunned everyone, but for 4M, and what he can offer domestically, it's a bit of a genius move. He's NOT Andy Carroll, and that's a good thing because he can actually hold up play effectively, give a target man, and he's quite clinical, both run of play and fks / pks. Rickie is 3rd in "British" scorers the past 2 years behind Sturridge and Shrek. Allows Borini room to develop if he stays, w/ less pressure.

    Emre Can - I LOVE this move and player. Knew of him before he went to Bayer from Bayern. Bayern thinks he can be the next Schweinsteiger, which is lofty, but he showed a bag of skill last year. He'll deputize for Stevie, when he needs a blow, can do what Jordan does, with more flair, and plays CB / LB. Great!

    Alberto Moreno - Starting to think it will never happen, since he's been supposed to arrive in "2 days" for the past month, and it also seems we're unwilling to pay the fee properly. Rather than the 16M up front, in payments like a car. I dunno if this is FSG or Ayre, but you'd think we'd learn our lesson.. Salah, Gylfi etc., If you want the player and do have the money, spend it FFS..

    Shaqiri - I found an article and a friend translated it, since it was written in Slavic / Albanian (I now know he's only have Swiss), that said he definitely wants to leave Bayern, would refuse United, wants UCL and would be open to LFC. I think this one could happen, and would be that TOP class player we've been wanting

    Lallana - I'm not saying much.. I feel bad for Soton, I feel bad for Lallana, and I feel bad because I'd like him. BUT, if we were to end up with Shaqiri and another, like my never ending favorite, Tello, adios Adam..

    Lovren ?
    Caulker ?
    Vorm ?
    Anyone else for the ins? The outs are all pretty obvious..

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    Haven't been so gutted since.....

    by Loki May 6, 2014 20:51

    New deal for Johnson? Mistake in my opinion. What has he done to deserve one? While, as you say Skrtel has dropped a bomb or two he is, I agree being exposed by his other defending partners and midfield in front. You defend as a unit and we've been guilty of not doing that at times.

    There are many over the last two weeks that have criticised Rodgers for some of his tactics . Firstly not being able to break down Chelsea which I find odd and now going after Palace.

    I would say that there's a huge responsibility on the players here. The tactics, in what Rodgers wants from his team is quite simple; keep the ball. That's it. Our problem is that we don't have the composure, skills and belief to actually stay 100% disciplined. We basically over stretch ourselves and try to force the issue and that leads to problems especially nowadays where teams are so effective on the counter. Pace is king.

    In short I think Rodgers is right but he has work to keep developing the squad and players (including sales and acquisitions) to truly play to that philosophy. In my mind you should stay true to your roots and not change for anyone.

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    Haven't been so gutted since.....

    by Loki May 6, 2014 20:51

    God that one hurt..

    Glenda Johnson CANNOT be the number one priority to re-sign, as Rodgers had said a few weeks ago. Hopefully that was just talk to get him to shut up about his new deal, because he is absolutely dire at defending. For every time where Skrtel looks to be hung out to dry, you can be assured the ball was played in from Glenda's position / area, though Skrtel made a horrible misjudgement late on.

    Lucas was a passenger all game long, and nowhere to be seen at the end of the match, which is where Jordan probably would have saved our #$%$ with his recovery speed and work ethic.

    I just wonder sometimes, why doesn't Flannagan play right back and Glenda play left? Flanny isn't blessed with his skills, but the boy gets stuck into tackles and rarely caught out .. I think Rodgers, for as much as I love the man, still has alot to learn and tinker with. We could have easily still went on and tried to win that game 4, 5, 6 -0, AND parked a mini bus.. that's where the great ones make their bacon. Bringing on Agger and going to a 3-5-2, would have shut up shop, and let us attack on the counter.. Anyways, while it's futile, here's to hoping Villa can stun the Etihad..

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    Haven't been so gutted since.....

    by Loki May 6, 2014 20:51

    Tough one but I think the game highlighted what we all knew and what needs to be done for next season. I'm gutted but I'll take this on the chin considering what we've achieved. Last night clearly highlighted several things to me.

    Lucas isn't up to it. He obviously doesn't listen among other really annoying traits.
    If Johnson is an international fullback then I can be one too.
    Defense needs work
    Henderson has been missed
    The midfield is still an issue to address.
    There must be plans for a long term replacement for Gerrard

  • 1989 and that dagger through the heart with the last kick of the season.

    Can you believe how poor Johnno, Skrtel and Sakho were in that last 10 minutes?

    To be fair, I blame Rodgers to a certain extent. The Chelsea game, he should have told the boys to sit back and allow Chelsea more of the ball, we only needed a draw at the time, and last night, bringing Moses on instead of a CB? He should have also told the lads to settle for 3 nil and not pour forward so much - he spoke to Lucas repeatedly so he had plenty of opportunity to do that. Am I being unfair in view of how good we've been this year? Yes, but I want my cake and eat it!!!!!

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    Priorities, Priorities...

    by Jason Apr 22, 2014 23:50

    I agree that Henderson is a loss. He's been excellent all year, only slightly masked by the brilliance of Suarez in particular. I'm really going off Lucas too. For me he brings nothing to the table other than taking up a place.

    I see that Maureen will discuss a weakened side with the real Chelsea manager and go from there. But I agree CL will be a priority for them.

    I see Sterling again being the critical player creating trouble and confusion between the lines, that is if Rodgers plays the same way as we did against Norwich.

    While a draw would still be sufficient (provided we win the remaining games afterwards) I would like to see us win all 3. Mainly as it will be another record for the team and another finger in the direction of Ferguson who will have an influence on who will be United's next manager. It's almost perfect with him basically ripping apart everything he's built.

  • Not for us, but indirectly for us, via way of Jose Maureeno and his 400M "threadbare" squad.. poor guy. After watching, arguably, the worst BPL Champions League performance I've ever seen, tonight by the Stoke City London Chelsea Potters, and their accumulation of cards / injuries, along with needing lots of help, it's got me wondering what the "Spending One" will do..

    I read that Ramires will receive a 4 match ban to be announced tomorrow, for that classy forearm smash vs Sunderland, Cech is out with a dislocated shoulder, Eto'o won't be risked, Hazard is a big risk, and Terry rolled his ankle badly.. Considering some of these issues and a tie in 6 days back in London, I have no doubt, Jose will prioritize CL, BUT will do whatever he can to ruin our parade.

    I'll predict right now, Schwarzer, Ivanovic, Cahill, Matic, Oscar, Ba, Salah, Azpilicueta, Schurrle, will be definite starters, with Terry / Hazard / Willian a question, and maybe Lampard since he's banned from UCL.

    I know this thread is mostly about them, and not us, but I want to win this game so badly, perhaps more than the match at OT in 2008/09, for my disdain towards Chelsea and Jose, and in trying to figure out what he has available, makes it an immense tactical battle, which I think BR is bound to figure out.

    My only wish for our part, is that we had Jordan available. He was a big miss, as Lucas was a mess. Allen is a little engine himself, but doesn't offer much going forward yet, whereas Jordan even compensates for no Danny. If we have Sturridge 100% fit, I hope we figure out a way to pick them and their parked bus apart!


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    Do you want Aguero to start?

    by Loki Apr 11, 2014 21:34

    Hi Loki,

    No, but he will. Dzeko is in red hot form, our defending, Skrtel in particular has been very, very good, and I don't think up alone could trouble Skrtel since he plays more style than power for a big man..

    That said, I suppose it also depends who's paired with Skrtel. Aguero killed us last year, and facts show, Aguero plays, he scores.. The only win/win, is if he's off form and gets hurt/subbed early like you say

    I'm not sure Dzeko would bother Skrtel / Sakho too much.. besides Aguero, it's about where is Silva?

  • I think it would be good if he did. I watched him past time he played after injury and he really does suffer from a lack of match fitness. I hope that statement doesn't bite me on the bum! I really think dzeko would be more of a threat to our defence this particular game.

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    Midfield conundrum

    by Loki Apr 9, 2014 21:44

    To be honest, the beauty of Brendan Rodgers, is that nobody knows what he's going to do.. I often find myself disagreeing from several of our selections out of the gates, often wanting Sterling over Coutinho or vice versa..

    While City are a wonderful side, and in great form, they have weaknesses, so I think rather than going crazy trying to defeat them where we possibly can't, he's strictly going to focus where we can & our strengths. Pellegrini must be having similar struggles, which makes me feel good.. Rodgers is becoming great at the tactical mind-games..

    Another note, while you fellas are still around.. I'm headed over the 11th v Newcastle and to visit friends. I'd love to get in touch if you boys would like a pint or 3.. I'm sure we'll be celebrating one thing or another.. Let me know!

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    Midfield conundrum

    by Loki Apr 9, 2014 21:44

    Tough call isn't it. Thing is Rodgers has made some subtle little changes to the midfield to suit the opposition and it's worked with a bedrock of a consistent defensive line up with Gerrard just in front. (bar the few leaked goals that is) The front players and other midfielders have adapted and adopted these subtle changes really well.

    In truth I've no idea what he'll do................

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    Midfield conundrum

    by Loki Apr 9, 2014 21:44

    Hey Lads,

    Glad to see we're keeping the wheels turning here..

    Been giving this one some thought for a while now too, along with Sakho staying in for a "fit" Agger (if there's such a thing". It's a back and forth, pro and con debate, but I think for me, since we're at home, and caused them all kinds of chaos in a dominant performance at Etihad, we go with Coutinho.

    There's not really a player in the world right now who can bully Yaya, though I think Allen nipping at his heels could be a nuisance, but that said, I think rather than play through him, we play past / around him. He doesn't like tracking back, and if we can hit quick counters, I think we can really expose them.

    Demichelis is a card waiting to happen, so if we can get Suarez and Sturridge the ball in isolated spaces, at pace, we could really have at em.. Zabaleta is probably the best RB in the LG, but he had trouble vs Soton against Lallana and their style of play, so Kompany can really be stretched..

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    Midfield conundrum

    by Loki Apr 9, 2014 21:44

    Hi Loki

    I think I'd be tempted to go with Allen as well. He's better than Lucas full stop and keeps the ball better than Coutinho. That I think is the best way of ensuring that we have a fair share of the ball.

    The alternative is to concede possession and try to get them on the break. In that instance Coutinho may be the better option.

    The other option is to play Sterling in the hole and pack that midfield with Allen or Lucas. That might be the way we go on this. It's a subtle difference but a formation that Rodgers has gone with recently.

  • This is where I think its gonna be won and lost this weekend. Do we play Coutinho? Or do we take out Toure from the game by having Allen or Lucas trailing his #$%$ all game?

    Its a tough one, but I think I would use Coutinho as an impact player on this one and have Allen in a diamond midfield. I know Lucas did well at West Ham, but does he have the pace we will need on Sunday?