10 Bollywood celebrities and their lesser-known siblings

Arpita Chatterjee
·2-min read

In Bollywood movies, we have often seen some exciting sibling synergy on and off the silver screen. But there are some celebrities who have siblings that prefer being away from the media's eye. 

To commemorate the 'affectionate bond', here is a glimpse of some of relatively less-known siblings of these Bollywood celebrities.

Siddharth Chopra: Priyanka Chopra's brother

Siddharth Chopra is a professional culinary expert, who happens to be close to his sister Priyanka Chopra. Apart from owning a restaurant, he also has a partnership with his sister in her production house, Purple Pebble.

Saba Ali Khan - Saif and Soha Ali Khan's sister

Saif's younger sister Saba remains out of the public eye. The attractive lady is a fashion and jewellery designer and the board member of Bhopal's Royal Trust.

Sunaina Roshan - Hrithik Roshan's sister

Sunaina Roshan is an author and homemaker, who wrote a book for her beloved father in 2014.

Shahnaz Lalarukh - Shah Rukh Khan's sister

Shahnaz Lalarukh is Khan's older niece. We learn about her friendly and naive nature several times in her brother's interview sessions.

Ritika Bhavnani - Ranveer Singh's sister

Ranveer's sister prefers keeping herself 'out' from social media. And she was last seen during her baby brother's wedding last year, which of course conversed ample about their bonding.

Riddhima Kapoor Sahni - Ranbir Kapoor's sister

Riddhima Kapoor, the elder sister of Ranbir Kapoor, is a jewellery designer by profession, residing in Delhi. An avid yoga practitioner happens to be very much into the realm of social media, all courtesy of the 'Kapoor' tag!

Aditya Rai - Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's brother

Aishwarya's brother Aditya works with the Indian Merchant Navy and happily married Shrima Rai and two sons' father.

Shivang and Sahaj Chopra - Parineeti Chopra's brothers

None is much known about Shivang and Sahaj. But the actress uses social media to share her closeness with her siblings, wishing luck for their new venture in life.

Karnesh Sharma - Anushka Sharma's brother

He was previously working with the Indian Merchant Navy, and later he and his sister started Blank Slate Productions.

Alka Bhatia - Akshay Kumar's sister

Alka, Akshay Kumar's sister, likes to remain away from the limelight and is happily married to Surendra Hiranandani of Hiranandani Groups.