UPDATE: Emergency services are stood down after concerns River Steeping at Wainfleet may breach

River banks over-topping in Wainfleet. (Photo: Submitted)
River banks over-topping in Wainfleet. (Photo: Submitted)

IThe town, which saw 600 homes evacuated and extensive flooding in 2019, has been bracing itself for the worse since the river over-topped in several places yesterday (Saturday).

However, the river level has continued to fall and a final of the Wainfleet Flood Action Group (FLAG) this morning called an end to the emergency.

Yestedrday, a ‘small number’ of properties were evacuated as a precaution, but with river levels falling many residents had returned home as darkness fell.

Sandbag distribution in Wainfleet. (Photo: Submitted)
Sandbag distribution in Wainfleet. (Photo: Submitted)

Coun Wendy Bowkett commented: “We had our last meeting this morning and the emergency services have been stood down.

"I can’t believe I am saying this but we are still here.

"We had 11 fire crews from all over the region ready if the river breached. The community came together again and everyone has been so amazing.”

Once again the Coronation Hall became a refuge for those seeking sandbags, warmth and a cup of tea,

Early evening, Stewart Peltell, of the Wainfleet Flood Action Group (FLAG), was also hopefull there would not be a repeat of 2019: He posted: “Rivers are going down steadily around six inches from this morning, the tide should not affect the flow too much as the pressure of the water going out is likely to keep the tidal doors open. Clear skies's so hopefully no more rain tonight.”

However, around 9pm, Lincolnshire Resilience Forum posted: “Due to the over-topping we've seen and the potential for a breach, we've advised around 100 households to evacuate. All the affected properties have already been visited and the residents spoken to.

“This has been done entirely as a precautionary measure, so that if there was to be damage to river banks that did cause flooding over night, people would not have to be moved during the hours of darkness.”

All roads into Wainfleet were also closed as a precaution.

This morning the government red warning for ‘flooding is expected’ remains in place.

Lincolnshire County Council is providing Storm Babet updates here.