100-Year-Old Cowboy’s Secret to Long Life: Pursue Beautiful Women

On Today, Maria Shriver took a trip to Costa Rica to visit what’s known as a Blue Zone: a region with one of the longest-living populations in the world. There, Shriver ran into a 100-year-old cowboy who had his own perspective on what it takes to live a long life: women.

Photo: NBC
Photo: NBC

Shriver was told before meeting the cowboy that this particular one loves the ladies. When asked how many girlfriends he’s had, he said he couldn’t count them all.

The cowboy’s life advice, as translated, was: “I”m poor, but I have money. I’m sad, but I live happy. But in the pursuit of beautiful women — that’s what really kills me.”

Of course, Shriver didn’t go to Costa Rica just to hear a centurion cowboy talk about his love for the ladies. What she was interested in was learning about the food that he and others in the area consume. Rice, beans, and corn tortillas — the tortillas made in a particular way that involves wood ash — are staples of the region’s cuisine, and are credited with residents’ longer-than-average lifespans.

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