13-year-old boxing star continuing her rigorous training during lockdown


These videos show a teen boxing star continuing her rigorous training during lockdown - including 20,000 steps a day and 29 MILE bike rides.

Faye Marshall, 13, spends her mornings running, her afternoons sparring and weekends cycling - all while being homeschooled.

The teen, of Worsall, West Midlands was due to compete at the national level this May, where the prize included an invite to train with Team GB.

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Not wanting to miss out next year, she's using dad Scott Marshall, 42, as a sparring partner, and mum Hayley Marshall, 42, as a motivator.

Faye said: "I want to do the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics - and then go pro.

"I want to be like Terri Harper, Anthony Joshua, Katie Taylor, people like that.

"We've been going on loads of runs, about five a week and then just shadow boxing, skipping, bag work.

"My trainers just told us to keep up with the training, just do what we can.

At the age of 11, after one half-an-hour session to learn the basics of K1 boxing, Faye won the international K1 championship title for her age and weight group.

Since 2019, she's held the title for Midlands Champion for Boxing for the 46 - 48 kilo category.

Mum-of-three Hayley added: "It's hard work to be a boxer, but she thrives off the competition.

"She thrives off the challenge.

"With Faye, she's just got something special - she just picks it up.

"I am very proud of her."

Her amatuer boxing coach Mitchell Roberts, 24, feels the same - he's trained Faye for two years and is thankful for her determination while she's stuck at home.

He said: "She's one of them girls that just loves to train.

"I think, honestly, we could go weeks without talking to her and she would just do it.

"I'll be honest - when this all started, it took the whole boxing community by surprise. Nothing was in place.

"Obviously we've put drills in, like themes in to help them train and what kinds of runs they can go on.

"But also we ask them to use their imagination - try stuff out."

Faye was due to compete at the national level this year, but the competition has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, Mitchell was certain she had a chance of bagging the belt.

He said it largely comes down to her mindset.

"Everything's a challenge. That's the way she looks at everything.

"It's the best mindset."

In terms of the Olympics, Mitchell said he didn't like to predict the future.

He said: "No one can tell the future, can they?

"I don't like to predict anything, I just like to take it as it is.

"Control what's controllable - we can't control the Olympics and what's going on, can we?

"Let's just control what we can now."

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