13 Super Cute Easter Nail Designs

From pastel perfect color combos to sweet bunny manis, these cute easter themed nail ideas will add a little pep in your step.



There’s no denying it: Easter themed nail ideas are easily some of the cutest and most joyful out there. You’ve got cute bunnies with carrots, blooming designs, soft pastel palettes, and sweet little chickadees complete with orange beaks. Just glimpsing down at an Easter mani is bound to put a smile on your face! We’re here to help inspire your upcoming Easter nail look with a roundup of our favorite designs that capture this spring holiday (you can even use some of these ideas on your toes!)

Bunnies & Eggs

This festive Easter mani has a the fixings of this springish holiday: A cute smiling bunny with oversize ears, teeny pastel polka dots, little flowers, and colorfully decorated Easter eggs.

Spring Florals

For Easter nails that’ll endure before and after the holiday, opt for some classic spring florals. This design sits on a blush pink base with saturated hues of red, green, yellow, and purple.

Speckled Matte Nails With Hearts

Here's a fun Easter nail idea that doesn't feel too on the (bunny) nose! Tiny, pastel-hued hearts sit on an opaque white base featuring black specks.

Easter Egg Nails

Instead of drawing on actual eggs to your nails, consider a more abstract interpretation. For example, this beautiful design features candy-hued strips of sky blue, mint, pale purple, and baby pink with ribbons of gold to separate each block of color.

Chickadee Mani

Bunnies get a lot of attention for Easter, but don't write off adorable baby chicks. This design features speckled eggs on the tips with an accent nail on each hand featuring a freshly hatched chickadee.

Realistic Butterflies

It’s not officially spring until little butterflies drift through the air to find their sweet nectar. This beautiful design features realistic violet and blue butterflies with iridescent details for a hint of magic.

Speckled Nails

Another way to lean into the easter egg vibe without going too literal is to create speckled nails. This particular design features a pale lavender hue with black speckles, but you could mix and match colors depending on the look you're going for.

French Bunnies

This cute Easter twist on a classic french manicure swaps out those iconic white tips and replaces them with bunny silhouettes. The folded ear makes this design extra cute.

Baby Animal Nails

Can't decide between a bunny or chicken? Go for the full barn with this cute Easter themed manicure. A speckled base featuring a hatched chicken, bunny, and fluffy sheep will make everyone say "aww" whenever they catch a glimpse of your mani.

Pastel Marble Nails

If you’re into a more abstract Easter mani idea, opt for this swirling display of marbled pastels. The brighter colors versus muted tones makes for an especially playful result.

Polka Dots & Bunny Ears

This cute Easter mani idea features two accent nails on each hand. One's a white bunny rabbit with floral designs in the background, and the other has various-sized polka dots.

Scattered Easter Icons

Keep your nails extra cute via this nail design for Easter. Each nail features a sheer base with a layer of tiny pastel dots. Then little icons featuring a carrot, eggs, bunny, and chicken are added to the mix.

Sunny Day Clouds

Usher in sunny spring days via this beautiful cloud manicure. An ombre effect that fades from sheer pink to bright blue sets the stage whith fluffy white clouds and dots are added on top.

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