14 Hands-Down Hilarious Fails From This Week That Are Absolute Knee-Slappers

Hello, BuzzFeed; Julia here, your one and only source into the hilarious fails of this week's internet. Welcome to the weekly roundup where I, having been through the trenches (spending hours on the internet), share with you all the funny posts I have collected (so you don't have to be chronically online, like me). Enjoy!

1. This job advertisement:

Twitter: @emloubarlow

2. This uplifting email:

Twitter: @gracecamille_

3. This comment on this sweater:

Twitter: @Em_E_Dee

4. To whomever is walking around like this — are you okay??

Twitter: @crulge

5. This antique store attempting to swindle us:

Twitter: @amylou126

6. Whoever wrote the copy for this newspaper. I NEED to know what they were thinking:

Twitter: @hansmollman

7. This niece's method of compliance:

Twitter: @zzdoublezz

8. Whatever is going on with this movie theater:

Twitter: @_dana_bell

9. This guy??????

Twitter: @DaveMcNamee3000

10. This evil cat...

Twitter: @SzMarsupial

11. This Five Nights at Freddy's notebook that is actually just a Scooby Doo notebook in disguise:

Twitter: @UnderScorePNG

Hand holding an open notebook with a drawn image of the Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo on its lined pages
@UnderScorePNG / Via Twitter: @UnderScorePNG

12. This, because middle schoolers have never changed:

Twitter: @shockpine

13. This linguistic fail, because I thought this, too (but, miraculously and thankfully, not for quite as long):

Twitter: @DeWittBFartin

14. And, finally, this dad:

Twitter: @socpens

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