15 Coronation Street spoilers for next week

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Next week on Coronation Street, there are sinister scenes in Stephen's serial killer storyline as he closes in on another potential victim.

Elsewhere, Amy turns the tables on Aaron as they clash over the lawsuit, while Sarah fights to save her marriage after betraying Adam.

Here's a full collection of 15 big moments coming up.

1. Stephen is caught out for lying

owen, stephen reid, coronation street

Owen confronts Stephen and reveals that he and Jenny have been comparing notes over his recent meddling in their relationship. He demands to know why Stephen lied to them both.

Stephen struggles to think of an explanation, so an unimpressed Owen threatens to fire him once he takes over the factory.

2. Stephen loses his temper

stephen reid, coronation street

Fearing the inevitable consequences when Owen buys Carla's share of the factory, Stephen tries to convince the Underworld boss not to sell up after all. Carla insists that it's a necessary move for the sake of her mental health, leaving Stephen kicking himself for making Carla question her well-being in the first place.

As it all becomes too much for Stephen, he unleashes his anger by trashing the factory floor. Michael witnesses this and wonders why Stephen is behaving so strangely.

3. Elaine stands up to Stephen

elaine, stephen reid , coronation street

Still hoping that he can make a rival offer for Carla's share of the factory, Stephen once again suggests to Elaine that they should remortgage their Redbank property and buy into the business.

Elaine makes it very clear that she has no intention of ever using her money to invest in Underworld. Stephen is livid that he can't manipulate Elaine as easily as he'd hoped.

4. Stephen could claim another victim

elaine, stephen reid, coronation street

Stephen turns his attention to cashing in the life insurance policy that he took out on Elaine. He replaces her blood pressure tablets with caffeine pills, which begins to have an adverse effect on her health.

Stephen realises that he doesn't have much time when Carla threatens to sell the factory to Owen unless he comes up with the cash soon. Stephen responds by spiking Elaine's drinks.

Later, Elaine becomes dizzy at home, causing her to fall and hit her head. Stephen finds her unconscious and sneaks out of the flat rather than seeking help for his fiancée.

Will Elaine die?

5. Tim gets suspicious

stephen reid, tim, coronation street

Tim tells Steve that he's suspicious of Stephen's behaviour.

Tim tackles the matter head-on by confronting Stephen over what happened to Elaine.

6. Sarah and Adam argue over her affair

sarah barlow, adam barlow, coronation street

Sarah confides in Audrey about the breakdown of her marriage to Adam, admitting that she now regrets throwing it away for her fling with Damon. Audrey suggests there could still be hope for the future if Sarah tells Adam how she feels.

Sarah asks Adam for another chance, but when he refuses, she suggests that he was partly to blame for the affair because he was always working and neglected their relationship.

Adam receives some advice of his own, as Ken suggests that he shouldn't give up on his marriage so easily — just like he never did with Deirdre.

7. Adam struggles with his jealousy

sarah, adam barlow, coronation street

There's a positive moment for the Barlows when Adam agrees to meet Sarah for lunch. Unfortunately, things turn sour again when Sarah is forced to cancel due to work commitments.

Adam tells Sarah that he doesn't believe she had to work. He accuses her of meeting someone else for lunch behind his back.

8. Aggie has an auction blunder

aggie bailey, coronation street

Aggie attends a charity auction hosted by her former neighbour Yvette, accompanied by Sally and Dee-Dee. Keen to impress her old friend, Aggie bids £3,000 for a summerhouse.

Aggie fully expects to be outbid by another guest but gets a nasty shock when Yvette declares the item sold.

9. Amy worries about the legal fees

amy barlow, aaron, coronation street

Amy remains worried about how her family will afford the upcoming legal battle with Aaron. She suggests that she could use her inheritance from Deirdre to fund the case, but Steve insists that it's not necessary.

Steve and Tracy plough ahead with plans to sell the flower shop flat, but Amy is concerned that this will mean Paul, Billy and Summer lose their home. With Tracy also planning to sell the shop itself, Mary's job is at risk.

When Summer finds out how much Amy is struggling, she confronts Aaron for causing so much trouble with his refusal to accept what he did.

10. Amy makes a big decision

amy barlow, aaron, coronation street

Amy confides in Maria about how she's feeling over the expensive court case. She then decides to reach a settlement with Aaron by writing the retraction that his legal team previously demanded.

Amy shows Aaron a draft of her retraction, but he complains that it doesn't make sense. Amy points out that it's difficult to make sense of something that isn't true.

Aaron is wrong-footed when Amy tells him to write the retraction himself and she'll sign it. However, as Aaron thinks back over what happened on the night he raped Amy, he struggles to write the retraction.

11. Max spends more time with Bec

max turner, bec, coronation street

Max gets in touch with his Secure Training Centre friend Gav, confirming that he managed to track down his girlfriend Bec.

Gav continues to seek favours from Max, asking him to tell Bec how sorry he is and convince her to start taking his calls again.

Later in the week, David and Shona question Max about his meetings with Bec, wondering whether she's his new girlfriend.

12. Isabella upsets Rita

rita tanner, isabella, coronation street

Brian arrives late for work at The Kabin after a night playing card games with his Italian cousin Isabella. Rita is not amused by his lack of commitment.

Isabella shows her nasty side again by confronting Rita in private, claiming she's too old for work and that Brian needs a younger assistant at the newsagents.

Rita is livid and responds by quitting her job.

13. Brian starts to tire of Isabella

brian , mary taylor, isabella, coronation street

Brian admits to Mary that he's fed up with Isabella's smoking and he'll be relieved when she returns to Italy.

Mary is pleased and suggests that they should go for a drink later. However, Brian fears Jenny's reaction at The Rovers following the dispute with Rita.

14. Ryan struggles after his discovery

carla barlow, ryan connor , coronation street

Carla worries about Ryan's low mood, so she encourages him to get dressed and meet her for lunch.

Carla informs Daniel about the situation, revealing that Ryan hasn't left the flat for a week as he's so upset over the 'Crystal' catfishing mystery. Daniel encourages a guilty Daisy to visit Ryan and cheer him up.

15. Damon's days in Weatherfield could be numbered

coronation street, damon

Leanne is unhappy when she finds Damon arguing with Sarah in front of customers at the Bistro.

Deciding that Damon has caused trouble one time too many, Leanne tells Nick that he needs to go.

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