15 Hollyoaks spoilers for next week

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Next week on Hollyoaks, Juliet's story takes an emotional turn, while Norma gets some sinister threats and Rayne's dark side is revealed.

Here's a full collection of the biggest moments coming up:

1. Juliet's loved ones team up again

juliet nightingale's event in hollyoaks
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Romeo is struggling to write his poem for Juliet. After seeing the back of her bucket list, Romeo realises all she really wants to do is spend time with those she loves.

When Romeo and Rayne bump into Damon at the Love Boat, he tells them he's planning a movie night to raise money for cancer charities. Rayne encourages Romeo to take Juliet to the event, rather than stressing over the poem.

Damon agrees to change the movie to Juliet's favourite film, and Juliet is happy to see all her friends together for the evening.

Juliet later gets out an old story that Romeo wrote when he was younger, and with the help of all their friends, she relives her childhood.

After an honest conversation with Romeo, Donna-Marie is also left feeling inspired to make sure every day is as special for Juliet.

2. Sienna gets the wrong idea

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Sharon can't get through to Zoe, who refuses to pick up her calls.

She heads to the garage after noticing a strange noise coming from her car, but is unimpressed by Warren's attempts at flirting.

Sienna walks into the garage just as Sharon is getting out of the back of the car, leading her to jump to conclusions.

3. Norma sees a face from her past

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Norma comes face to face with an old acquaintance, who has just been released from prison, having been locked up for protecting her.

Wanting to keep him away, Norma gives him enough money to start a new life elsewhere.

However, when Jack walks past and hears the name of the recently freed 'Terry Smart', he recognises him and is concerned.

4. Sam refuses to listen

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At his wits' end, Dave calls in help from Lizzie and Mason, who try to stop Sam from making things worse by not respecting Zoe's wishes.

Despite their advice, Sam is determined to do whatever it takes.

5. Juliet worries about Donna-Marie

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With Juliet in pain, Romeo and Peri come in with a wheelchair for her, but she refuses to use it.

When Peri and Juliet go for a walk, Juliet is forced to confirm the painkillers aren't helping much.

Donna-Marie tries to find any keepsakes her daughter has from her childhood, but instead stumbles across empty vials of morphine, prompting Juliet to fear the worst when she sees her mum with them.

6. Romeo and Peri's idea backfires

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On her way to Price Slice, Peri comes across a deflated Romeo. She explains that Juliet is getting worse, but reminds Romeo that he isn't alone and she's there for him.

At the shared house, all of Juliet's friends are unable to focus on anything other than her.

When Romeo explains that Juliet didn't want the wheelchair he got her from the hospital, Prince puts his foot in it, leaving Romeo feeling even worse.

7. Prince struggles with his emotions

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Prince wants to make amends with Romeo for his earlier blunder.

Nadira is still upset with the lack of support from Prince earlier that day, and advises him to give Romeo some space.

When Hunter finds his brother feeling down, Prince explains that all he wanted to do was try and keep things light-hearted for Romeo, but instead feels like he's making things worse.

8. Norma gets a sinister threat

norma crow in hollyoaks
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Norma receives a surprise visit from Terry. However, having seen him yesterday in the village, Jack has suspicions that Terry was up to no good and wants to keep an eye out for Norma.

Jack later faces the man he helped to send down and tells him to leave Norma alone, but things take a turn for the worst.

Terry then leaves Norma with 24 hours to give him the money, or he'll go to the police about her involvement in the crime which put him behind bars.

When Warren returns home, Norma confesses all about Terry, leaving him determined to protect her.

9. Warren and Sharon agree to a date

warren fox in hollyoaks
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Warren has Sharon on his mind. Wanting to change her opinion of him, Warren leaves one of Sophie's drawings in her car.

Knowing it's a set-up, Sharon plays along and this time leaves her real number on the back of the picture.

Determined to get a date with Sharon, Warren texts her, letting her know she left something behind, only for her to turn up and realise he meant himself.

After his cheesy chat-up lines make her laugh, Sharon finally agrees to go on a date with Warren.

10. Juliet's family make more memories

juliet nightingale's event in hollyoaks
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Juliet's family have a surprise planned for her, but a worried James has a different opinion on where she should be.

Peri, with the help of Juliet's loved ones, has decorated the folly with pictures that celebrate all of the wonderful memories the couple have together.

As James, Donna-Marie and Peri watch Juliet explore with Romeo, James asks Peri how long she thinks she has left.

11. Peri and Juliet enjoy a special moment

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Peri later reads Juliet what she hoped one day would be their vows, which she wrote when they were in Brighton. Peri's favourite song comes on and she confesses this is what she hoped would be their first dance.

Wanting to give Peri a moment to imagine how their future should have been, a determined Juliet gets up to dance with the love of her life.

12. Rayne's dark side is revealed

romeo nightingale and rayne royce in hollyoaks
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Nadira is struggling with Juliet's condition deteriorating, and Lacey tries to comfort her.

Things get heated in the shared house when Rayne puts her foot in it, leaving Nadira to think Rayne is disrespectful flaunting her social life while her friend is dying.

A premature post from Rayne later leads to Nadira finding out some heartbreaking news.

Lacey sticks up for Nadira and everyone makes amends, but Rayne's spiteful side comes through as she shares some cruel words with Nadira.

13. Warren and Norma have a heart to heart

norma crow and warren fox in hollyoaks
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Norma receives some blackmail threats in the post from Terry.

Before Warren can react, Joel walks in and tells his dad about Juliet's condition.

Warren, Norma and Joel sit together reflecting on the news that Juliet doesn't have long left.

Warren tells Norma she'd have liked Juliet, who would have taken the world by storm if she'd had the chance.

14. Peri reassures Yazz

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Tom is tasked with a difficult conversation with his daughter Steph.

A grateful Peri thanks Tom and Yazz for being there and doing what was needed.

When Yazz admits she froze up and didn't do much, Peri reassures her and tells her parenting isn't as easy as Tom makes it look.

15. Norma interferes in Warren's love life

norma crow in hollyoaks
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Norma wants to protect her family and plans on paying off Terry. When Warren discovers Norma's plans, he tries to change her mind.

Despite his earlier advice, Warren later tells his mum she was right, and he's paid off Terry after all.

After a day of reflecting, Warren wants to go and find Sharon and set the record straight. However, Norma puts him off, insisting that he deserves better and not someone who is so quick to judge.

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