15-minute metcon workout with Izy George

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15-minute metcon workout by Izy GeorgeHearst Owned

Although it sounds like something straight out of a CrossFit competition, a metcon workout simply describes metabolic conditioning. This type of training generally involves combining strength and conditioning exercises performed at a moderate to high intensity, so as to engage the different energy systems.

It’s typical for metcon workouts to feature compound lifts which recruit multiple muscle groups at the same time, such as squats, followed by a fast-paced cardio move, such as burpees or box jumps. Metcon workouts, by nature, tend to be quite challenging, however can easily be adapted for all levels.

This metcon session, by Women’s Health expert trainer Izy George, is prime example. Teaming push presses with goblet squats and Russian swings is a recipe for a heart-racing workout (the good kind). If you need to take it down a peg, for whatever reason, slow it down and focus on quality reps over quantity. Take as much rest as you need, and adjust the load as need be; heavier dumbbells to make the workout more challenging, lighter dumbbells to make the workout less challenging.

It’s a high-intensity session, so make time to warmup thoroughly before, and cool-down afterwards, by following Izy’s step-by-step.

At 15-minutes long, this is the ideal lunch break blast. See you on the other side.


15 minutes

Equipment needed

  • Two medium-heavy dumbbells (4kg to 8kg, depending on your fitness level)

The workout


Your warm-up is 1 round of your workout. Take your time and use this round to perfect your form and technique. Use a lighter set of dumbbells if you have them.

  • Deadlift high pull x 40 secs

  • Push press x 40 secs

  • Sumo get-up x 40 secs

  • Goblet squat x 40 secs

  • Russian swings x 40 secs


Perform each exercise for 40 secs (8, 10 or 12 reps, according to your fitness), then take 20 secs rest. Take 1 min to rest at the end of each round. If you have two sets of dumbbells, go heavier for rounds two and three than you did in round one.

3 x rounds of:

  • Deadlift high pull x 40 secs

  • Push press x 40 secs

  • Sumo get-up x 40 secs

  • Goblet squat x 40 secs

  • Russian swings x 40 secs


  • Wide stance forward fold x 1 min

  • Cat-cow stretch x 1 min

  • Upward-facing dog x 30 secs

  • Child’s pose x 30 secs

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