15-year-old boy caught on baby monitor at 1 a.m. taking care of little sister: ‘Thank you for raising him right’

A 15-year-old boy was recently caught on camera taking care of his little sister in the middle of the night — and TikTok’s heart is melting!

Posted by mom and TikToker Sidq Bushra (@sidqbushra), this footage has been viewed over 15M times, and garnered over 25K comments!

And after watching the touching video, it’s no wonder why it’s gone so viral.

In the footage, we see Sidq’s fussy baby crying at 1:20 a.m. Moments later, her big brother enters the room.

At first, the teen seems a little annoyed by his sister, muttering “okay, okay” as he tends to her.

But almost immediately, as he tenderly tucks her in and tries to soothe her, it’s clear just how much he loves his sibling.

Mom notes with on-screen text that her son spends the next 30 minutes trying to get his little sister to sleep, even singing to her and playing soothing music.

Finally, the baby is sound asleep, all thanks to the loving care of her big brother.

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‘What an awesome young man!’

The video, liked over 4M times, has been flooded with emotional comments.

“You should be so proud of the mother you are! Amazing big brother and young man,” one user commented.

“Boy being raised by a queen. He will make a great dad one day,” another user commented.

“He will make the perfect father when it’s time for him. A loving big brother,” wrote another user.

“What an awesome young man!” commented another.

Other TikTokers remarked that they have similarly loving older siblings in their family too.

“We have 4 boys and adopted our baby girl almost 2 years ago. They are all like little daddies, and I don’t make them, they just love her like that,” one user commented.

“Our big kids are 15 and 20 years older than our bonus baby. They used to help at night too, it’s the sweetest!” another user wrote.

As this video clearly proves, there’s no bond quite like that shared by siblings — even if the title of “big brother/sister” comes with a few sleepless night!

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