New £150m Sky TV deal 'approved' by SPFL clubs

New £150m Sky TV deal 'approved' by SPFL clubs
New £150m Sky TV deal 'approved' by SPFL clubs

SCOTTISH football clubs have agreed a £150million TV broadcasting deal with Sky Sports, according to reports.

The agreement hung in the balance after Rangers and Livingston delayed their response to the proposed contract last week.

But the Daily Mail now report that the SPFL have gained the votes required for the deal to go through.

If confirmed, the Sky's new deal will allow them to broadcast 60 games per league campaign, starting from 2024/25.

It would also mean that clubs will receive an increased collective payment of £30million, rising from the current £25million.

In an email to clubs, SPFL chief Murdoch MacLennan said: "I am pleased to be able to advise you that the Commercial Resolution in respect of the proposal from Sky has now been approved by cinch Premiership Clubs and that the Qualified Resolution amending the SPFL Rules (to accommodate the Sky proposal) has also been approved.

"Thank you for your support of this important rule change. The extended contract with Sky will underpin the finances of the SPFL for the next seven years, in the face of what appear to be strengthening economic headwinds.

"Over the coming days, we will look to contract with Sky and to announce the extension, which, by value, will be by far the largest single commercial contract in the history of Scottish league football."

The TV deal has drawn controversial comment from both Rangers managing director Stewart Robertson and Aberdeen chairman Dave Cormack.

Robertson argued that the deal was undervaluing the Scottish game, while Cormack insisted it was a good move for the Scottish Premiership given it's current level.