I'm At A Loss For Words After Reading These, Umm, "Unique" Posts From Parenting Groups

1.This parent who should've kept this crap (literally) to themselves:

Parent shares a gross story of their child putting cousin's poop in their mouth; no swallowing but finds it disgusting

2.This mum with vodka in her bum:

Screenshot of a social media post in a group named “Mums Group” asking about the effects of a vodka tampon

3.This parent who asked a bunch of random Facebook users to consider housing their kid indefinitely:

facebook post asking random people to take this person's kid for a bit because there are problems at home

4.This parent who wants to exploit their stay-at-home mom friend:

social media post about  personal frustrations with babysitting and receiving help

5.This parent who needs to learn to love and accept their child, rather than looking for scapegoats:

Facebook post expressing confusion over child's statement on sexual orientation, seeking advice and prayers

6.This unbelievably vain person:

anonymous facebook post about a parent worried about having ugly kids

7.This parent who wants to police other parents for some reason:

anonymous facebook post from a mom judging a pregnant friend's health choices

8.This parent with a pressing question:

facebook post asking if you can do a heavy metal detox with a 3-month-old

9.This person who couldn't figure out where to post this because it really didn't need to be posted in the first place:

Social media post of a person sharing their first experience with a coffee enema, expressing surprise and feeling renewed

10.This parent who is horribly offended by the color pink:

one star review where family got a pink kiddie pool instead of green and went on a rant about gender

11.This mother-in-law who just sounds awesome:

The image contains text discussing women watching their sons become submissive in various domestic aspects

12.This parent who doesn't seem to want to take accountability for the fact that they enable their two-year-old to run wild while unsupervised:

post asking for advice on what to do with a wild toddler who makes messes while the parent sleeps

13.This parent with some unorthodox ideas:

Text summaries from a social media post discussing confusion over an egg hanging practice to make a baby's gums hurt less during teething

14.This person who only wants to part with their period underwear if they can sell them:

Facebook screenshot of a user discussing selling used period underwear; comments discuss the idea with mixed reactions

15.This parent isn't satisfied with their family:

Highlighted text on a mobile device discussing family dynamics and expressing a personal opinion on desired children's genders

16.This parent with some unique remedies:

Image of a text post recommending fermented garlic in honey and using cold air for coughs

17.And, this parent who wants to make life 1,000x harder for their kid:

social media post where a user asks about systems and consequences related to birth certificates and sovereignty for their kid

H/T: r/ShitMomGroupsSay