18 Hiking Snacks for All of Those Happy Trails

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Summer is one of the best seasons to get outside and explore Mother Nature and one of the best ways to discover the beauty and majesty of the great outdoors is by hiking. Whether it is hiking a local trail in your community, planning a day trip to a nearby state park, or planning a longer excursion across the country, hiking is a great summertime activity.

As you prepare with the proper hiking attire and outdoor essentials, you will want to pack some food (aka fuel) to maintain your energy levels and stamina for all of that physical activity. Believe us when we say hiking snacks have come a long way since basic granola bars, jerky, and trail mix. Here are some of the best hiking snacks for your next outdoor summer excursion.

Dirt Kitchen Air Dried Veggie Crisps

Just because you are hiking does not mean you can or should neglect your daily vegetable intake. One of the best ways to enjoy a serving of vegetables while hiking is to bust open a bag of Dirt Kitchen Air Dried Veggie Crisps. With minimal ingredients (think of things like olive oil, real vegetables, and some light seasonings like pepper and salt) these veggie crisps are air-dried to perfection. Plus, they are lightweight, which means less of a load for you to carry in your hiking backpack. Talk about a win-win! If you prefer your veggies mixed with a crunch, try a Veggie + Nut combination.

dirt kitchen zucchini crisps
Dirt Kitchen

Nature's Heart Nut Clusters

Nuts, seeds, and trail mix may be the quintessential hiking snack, but why go through all of the trouble of making a mouthwatering flavor combination all on your own when you can pack a bag (or two) of Nature’s Heart Nut Clusters instead? With epic flavor combinations like Blueberry Lemon Chia Crunch and Everything Bagel Cashew Crunch, who needs plain nuts anyways?

nature's heart clusters
Nature's Heart/Amazon

Blake’s Seed-Based Sunflower Seeds

Besides nuts and trail mix, seeds are another great hiking snack to pack. Instead of choosing bland and flavorless seeds, opt for something with a little bit of flavor and zest like Blake’s Seed Based Sunflower Seeds. Whether you prefer hot and spicy, salty, or sweet, there is a flavor for all types of taste buds.

blake's seed based hot and spicy sunflower seeds
Blake's Seed-Based

think! Protein Bar

Hit the hiking trails armed with an arsenal of energy like think! Protein bars. Not only are they packed with protein, but they also offer a Keto line to help keep you fuller for longer stretches of time so you can enjoy more of the scenery on the hiking trails.

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Justin’s Nut Butter

We hate to break it to you, but you cannot hit the hiking trails with a jar of nut butter. Although that would be delicious, it would also be way too heavy to haul. Instead, stock up on individual Nut Butter Squeeze Packs from Justin’s. Whether you prefer almond butter or classic peanut butter, these individual nut butter packs can be enjoyed all on your own, or pair them together with a piece of fresh fruit or some vegetable sticks.

justin's classic almond butter
Justin's Food

Perfect Snack Snack Bars

Hiking with little hikers? Pack some Perfect Bars. Parent-approved and loved by both adults and kids alike, these snack bars are perfect for a hot summer’s hike. Just make sure you have an ice pack or chilled backpack to store these little guys. If you are looking for something filling and refreshing, consider this your two-for-one.

perfect snacks perfect bar
Perfect Snacks

Stryve Biltong

One of the best hiking snacks is beef biltong. Similar to jerky, Stryve biltong is delicious and tender. Plus, it comes in a variety of flavors so you can choose from your favorites. Hiking just got a whole lot more flavorful with a bag of this biltong.

stryve biltong

Kencko Smoothies

Starting the morning out with an early sunrise hike? Welcome the day with your favorite morning smoothie, blenders are not required. Choose an individual Kencko smoothie pack chalked full of fruits and vegetables then add your favorite plant-based milk to your smoothie bottle, give it a good shake, and enjoy the first rays of the day as you greet the sunrise with a sip. Ahhh…


Purely Elizabeth Granola

Step aside trail mix, there is an updated hiking snack and it is packed with nutrients and superfoods that actually taste good. Enter Purely Elizabeth granola. This organic granola is made up of perfectly crunchy, salty-sweet clusters that are way better than traditional trail mix.

purely elizabeth original granola
Purely Elizabeth

Sourse Chocolate-Infused Vitamins

When you are out hitting the hiking trails, the last thing you may remember to pack is your daily vitamins. Instead of scrambling for supplements, enjoy your daily vitamins in a tastier form that is so good, that you may just consider it a snack. Whether you are looking for a better mood, a burst of energy, or an opportunity to add a little hype to your hike, you will never forget your daily vitamin when they are tasty vitamin-infused chocolates. (You can thank us later).

sourse vitamin infused chocolate

Lesser Evil Popcorn

Looking for a light snack that will not weigh you or your backpack down? Pop a bag of popcorn, but skip the microwave and grab a bag of Lesser Evil Popcorn instead. Be bold with an exciting flavor like Fiery Hot, keep it classic with simply salted kernels, or stay sweet with a bag of Himalayan Sweetness.

lesser evil popcorn
Lesser Evil

4505 Meats Butcher Snacks

If biltong or jerky is not your thing, try a stick of 4505 Meat’s Butcher’s Snacks. 4505 Meats makes meaty snacks for a variety of diets and lifestyles so all of your hiking party can enjoy these tasty hiking snacks. Plus, each Butcher Snack Stick contains 24g of protein, perfect for a long afternoon of hiking!

4505 meats butcher snacks
4505 Meats

Mozaics Chips

Craving something crunchy? Toss a bag or two of Mozaics popped veggie chips in your hiking backpack. These organic popped potato chips and veggie chips are made with real veggies you can actually see. Made from real veggies, Mozaics is a chip you can feel good about and are great for guilt-free snacking on the go.

mozaics real veggie chips


If your day of hiking involves an overnight camping stop, include a bag of Right Rice. This rice alternative is made from vegetables and is packed with the power of veggies. Right Rice cooks just like couscous. All you have to do is simply boil water, add the rice, and take it off the heat, which makes it perfect for hiking and camping. Plus, it is packed with plenty of protein to help you refuel after a long day spent in the great outdoors.

right rice snack

My Source Nutrition Fiber

If you are worried you will not be getting enough fiber while you are hitting the hiking trails, add a packet of My Source Nutrition Fiber. Simply add a packet to your reusable bottle of water, give it a good shake, and feel good from the inside out knowing you are getting your fair share of fiber for the day.

my source nutrition fiber
My Source Nutrition

Copper Cow Coffee

If a hiking trip turns into an overnight camping trip, you are going to need a fresh cup of coffee to help you greet the morning sunrise. Enter Copper Cow Coffee. This sustainability-obsessed Vietnamese pour-over coffee helps you become your own barista at home, errr, at the campgrounds. Plus, all you need is boiling water, so this coffee can accompany you no matter where your summer hikes take you.

copper cow coffee
Copper Cow Coffee

MOSH Protein Bars

As if you needed yet another protein bar recommendation (Hint: You do), throw in a couple of bars of MOSH. Founded by Maria Shriver and Patrick Schwarzenegger, these protein bars were made with brain health in mind, perfect to stay focused when you are trying to read all of those fun hiking maps!

mosh protein bars
MOSH Protein Bars

CanDo Keto Krisp Bars

If you practice a low-carb diet and are worried about packing the proper hiking snacks to support your lifestyle, have no fear, Keto Krsip Bars are here. Gluten-free, low carb, and low sugar choose a bar that fits your health and wellness goals are flavor preference. Whether you want a boost of collagen or a plant-based protein option, there is a Keto Krsip Bar (and flavor) for everyone in your hiking brigade.

keto krisp bars

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