19 Unfortunate Employee Mistakes That Range From "No One Will Notice" To "Yeah...You Messed Up"

1.The Taco Bell employee who assembled this almost empty taco:

A hard taco in wrapping with a minute amount of shredded cheese and beans at one end
u/Tacomeat- / Via
Close-up of taco with almost no ingredients
u/Tacomeat- / Via

2.The employee who stocked the instant/soft drinks shelves with CLEANING PRODUCTS:

  u/thepaperskyscraper / Via
u/thepaperskyscraper / Via

3.Whoever labeled these bananas:

Bunches of bananas at the store with a "Pineapple $2" sign
u/Sprucehouse / Via

4.These employees who were NOT supposed to block the door:

Stacks of pallets in front of a warehouse door below a "Do not block doors with pallets" sign
u/Rare-Report9519 / Via

5.And these employees who blocked this exit:

Stacks of cardboard crates in front of a door with a "Do not block" sign
u/axospectral / Via

6.The flight attendant who opened this Cup Noodles container like this:

An instant soup container with the lift-off foil top cut all along the edges
u/FriendlyAd564 / Via

7.The person who installed this toilet paper holder sooo far away:

Person reaching for toilet paper that's out of reach
u/WavyZDolo / Via
Overhead view of the distance between the toilet bowl and the dispenser
u/WavyZDolo / Via

8.Whoever was responsible for this Wendy's sign:

"Wendy's / Quality Is Our Recipe / $5 JBC I GIE BAG NOTHING JR ABOUT IT"
u/ForgettableFable / Via

9.The employee who cut this pizza:

A pizza pie with slices cut in all different shapes and sizes
u/Ranzdalfderweise / Via

10.The person who put this lid on:

A lid on top of a container that's not over the foil in the container to be perforated
u/C00lsk3l3t0n_95 / Via

11.Whoever packaged this Harry Potter ornament:

Harry Potter ornament that can't be seen through the package's window
u/pirateman1121 / Via

12.The McDonald's employee who forgot the bun:

A burger with no bottom bun
u/Mycorrhizzla / Via

13.The person who thought this wasn't the most awkward place to put an outlet at the mall:

An electrical outlet that's in a floor tile below a table
u/Le_Brittle / Via

14.The employee who set up this sale sign:

"Membership means low prices: Westinghouse hair dryer with free hair straightener: before, 1,499; now: 1,499; savings: 0" (non-US currency)
u/semtutk / Via

Literally no change whatsoever:

  semtutk / Via
semtutk / Via

15.The employee who creatively set up this "Everyday Low Price" sign:

"Everyday Low Price" is upside down
u/cheesyrefriedbeans / Via

16.The person who labeled this dog leash (apparently, we get a retractable dog AND a leash):

"Retractable dog and leash" on box
u/dxrknxrth / Via

17.The person who made this fork:

The top of the fork tongs has a bar across it
u/Fettmaster2000 / Via

18.The person who designed this page of "missing letters":

The letters that are filled in don't follow alphabetical order
u/NasalNomad / Via

19.And finally, whoever photoshopped this photo and gave this man two right hands:

It's a clothing ad showing a family. and the dad has two right hands, one around his wife's shoulder and one hanging down
u/Curious_Bar348 / Via

H/T: r/onejob.