19 Halloween Costumes That Were Talented, Brilliant, Incredible, Amazing, And Show-Stopping

As someone who typically goes the basic costume route, my favorite part of Halloween is observing everyone else's creativity. That's why I love perusing Reddit — chronically online people have the BEST ideas. Here are 19 that truly amazed me:

1."My wife has been bed-bound since January with Long Covid, but she loves to dress up for Halloween. So I made this costume for her."


2.This woman made the alien from Spaceballs bust out of her stomach:


3."This year, I’m going as my biggest childhood fear for Halloween. I think I nailed it."


4.This payphone costume:


5."My office costume entry from this year."


6.This person was a wine bottle opener:


7."Chicken cord on blue."


8.This kitty Coke bottle:


9."My 72-yr-old mom having fun lol."


10.This person was Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors:


11."Happy Halloween from your friendly neighborhood wild thing!"


12.This headless horseman costume:


13."OMG shoes."


14.This opossum costume:


15."My full size (9'5", 2.9m) Enderman costume with stilts for Halloween."


16.This Mr. Peanut:


17."I made my plant costume."


18.This couples costume of Predator and his thermal vision:


19.And finally, "My sister’s husky has a fantastic costume this year!"