20 People Who Got Roasted So Bad On The Internet So Far This Year, They Honestly Need To Just Delete Their Account Right Now

1.On ribs:

A very overcooked plate of meat with comment: "I'm Muslim and even I know when a rack is absolutely fucked; this shit looks like it was shoved in one of them hot pocket sleeping bags and microwaved on 'zap me daddy' for 8 minutes"

2.On Tupperware:

"Tupperware? Looks like a takeaway food container"; response: "That's exactly what tupperware is you upper class crumpet"

3.On the Dutch:

"My 4 year old searched: '[random letters]' I was mortified"; response: "I can see that, your kid knowing how to type grammatically correct Dutch at such an early age; that's fucking weird"

4.On children's shows:

A man putting a surgical mask over their eyes, with comment: "It's because of this kind of people why the Power Rangers say their colors"

5.On the dictionary:

Response: "I just know you be hissing at books like they're garlic"; original comment: "Now I'm positive y'all making up words ever year because wtf is an agnostic???"

6.On toes:

A person posts their bare feet, with very stubby, far-apart toes, with comment, "Feels like my feet are not meant to wear climbing shoes; any shoe suggestions, guys?" response: "I drew those feet in elementary school"

7.On Pride:

Someone says about Pride Month, "and how their get a month but soilders only get 2 mins" and response is, "they don't 'only have 2 minutes' ya obtuse cabbage"

8.On creepiness:

Someone posts a cloud formation that looks vaguely like the shape of a person with boxy shoulders, with comment, "Can anyone explain?" and someone responds with, "cloud" and a link to Wikipedia

9.On chocolate:

"If you love milk chocolate but don't like dark chocolate, you actually like sugar more than chocolate"; response: "If you like pickles but don't like cucumbers, you actually like vinegar more than cucumbers"

10.On attractiveness:

"If being sexy was a crime, I'd be serving a life sentence"; response: "A life sentence? For a crime you didn't commit?"

11.On the law of the land:

"So now you're telling us you are anti-Constitution?" Response: "Did you do long jump in high school? Because if you were half as good at that as you are at jumping to conclusions, you would have set records"

12.On remote work:

"remote jobs are terrible for your mental health, I want to socialize with everyone I need to know if the woman in HR is going ito get divorced"; response: "you're the exact reason the rest of us wanna stay home"

13.On red flags:

Person on a date in someone's house posts photo of what looks like a small blue barrel/cup and says "She has a drum like this in the room; is this a red flag?" and someone says, "No, that is not a red flag; that is a blue barrel"

14.On hands:

Person says they just bought the world's ugliest headphones, and when someone says to post a pic, they say they're coming in 2 days and posts a photo of their open hand; response: "it looks like you have both too many and the normal amount of fingers"

15.On fine dining:

Someone posts "the best homemade dinner on the planet" and a picture of boiled potatoes, buttered bread, and a meat stew with carrots, and the response is, "All of the UK eats like the Germans are still flying overhead"

16.On bread:

Someone posts extremely dense-looking bread with comment, "This is it lads, the worst loaf of bread I've ever made"; response: "A toddler with a skateboard could get more air than that"

17.On seasoning:

Someone posts a plate of chicken legs with some BBQ sauce resting on their leg, with their bare, dirty foot visible; response: "Why are your feet seasoned better than the chicken?"

18.On the people of England:

"Praying for the people in England," "What happened there," "They live there"

19.On jumping:

"This should be illegal," showing a video game console with YXAB and XYBA; responses: "Making the jump button anything but the top button s/b illegal" and "This is the most disgusting tweet I've ever seen; the orange juice after toothpaste of tweets"

20.And on old-fashioned cooking:

"Can't beat a full English," with a photo showing fried eggs, sausages, ham, baked beans, and either breaded meat or hash browns in a tray; response: "Did you cook this with sunlight?"