2021 Fantasy Football Team Names: What will you call your squad?

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There are obviously a bunch of reasons for playing Yahoo fantasy football, but one of the more enjoyable ones is how you can make a team all your own.

And what better way to add that personal touch than by giving it a unique name?

Personally, I take naming my teams very, very seriously. Any time I join a new league, I change my team name to "TBD" (To be determined) until draft time. Once I have secured my first-round player, I then name my team something related to him.

This is an easy way to come up with a name (and it's my superstitious way of hoping my first-round pick leads me to the promised land), but it's just how I do it — there are so many ways you can approach naming your team.

Below you’ll find some of the most unique, creative, and hilarious team names from the Yahoo Fantasy community. You might just find some inspiration!

What will you do with your 30 characters when it’s time to name your team?


I think this team name, while funny, also hits home for the vast majority of us. 2020 was rough, so it's no surprise to see players name their team name based on a life experience. Especially a life experience that has been shared by everyone. I wouldn't be surprised to see Quaranteam stick around, at least for a while.

A Team Has No Name

As a huge "Game of Thrones" fan, I love when people tap into the show to come up with their fantasy team names, and this one is almost too obvious, yet no less wonderful.

For the uninitiated (but with as few spoilers as possible), there was a mysterious character on the show who may or may not have been a god of some sort, who referred to himself as "A man." His most common phrase was "A man has no name."

... It's a lot cooler if you watch the show.

Game of Jones

Sticking with the "Game of Thrones" theme a bit, here's a simple play on words with Game of Jones. The question here is, who the "Jones" part of the team is referring to? Julio? Aaron? Daniel? The mystery is almost as good as the team name itself.

Dak to the Future

An option that is obviously simpler than others, since Dak Prescott's first name is so easy to work with. But this particular team name sticks out to be as a double (or in this case, triple) entendre. You have the play on Dak's name and Back to the Future. But you also have the return of Prescott, and who wouldn't want to go back to when he was healthy in 2020 and heading right towards a potential future MVP award?

See what I did there?

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott
Dak to the Future! (AP Photo/Michael Owen Baker)

Ladies and Edelman

This team name is great because A) It's my favorite kind of fantasy team name — when the moniker is a play on a specific player's name and B) it shows that the specific player doesn't even have to be active in the league. Julian Edelman retired but that doesn't mean he can't be the perfect base for an excellent team name.

No Punt Intended

This one is obviously a witty play on words, but it speaks to the larger situation fantasy managers face that often causes some strife in the community. Which is, the line between fantasy and reality being blurred. How many times have fantasy managers found themselves screaming at their TVs and phones when a team's starting running back is taken out for the backup at the goal line? Or when a quarterback takes a knee to end a game, subsequently causing negative yardage that could make or break a matchup? Or, in the case of this team name, a team punting late instead of giving our fantasy weapons a chance to get more points?

Listen, I get frustrated like every other fantasy player. One thing I don't agree with, however, is hitting up NFL players on social media and spraying vitriol at them just because they did something that helped their actual, real-life team win, while inadvertently hurting your fantasy team.

Fantasy is a blast to play, but let's remember to stay in reality, people — no pun(t) intended.

Victorious Secret

Lololol. This one made me laugh. It's so simple, too. And isn't that the ultimate goal of an original fantasy team name?


Probably my favorite of the "play-on-player-name" team names, FreshPrinceOfHelaire makes the most of character count while being a *chef's kiss* of a name. Clyde Edwards-Helaire isn't the easiest base to create a fantasy team name, but this one sure works.

Now, all we need is CEH to have a wonderful second season in the NFL and this will no doubt become one of the most popular fantasy team names going forward.

My Team

I mean, yeah. This person definitely didn’t want to leave any mysteries.

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