2022 NFL draft scouting report: Washington State OT Abraham Lucas

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Washington State OT Abraham Lucas

315 pounds

Yahoo Sports' 2022 NFL draft grade

5.63 — possible third- or fourth-rounder; contributor potential

TL;DR scouting report

Well-proportioned, highly experienced college tackle whose challenges in the run game might require an incubation period

The skinny

A 3-star Rivals recruit in the Class of 2017, Lucas committed to the Cougars and redshirted his first year on campus. In 2018, he started all 13 games at right tackle and was named All-Pac-12 second team. Lucas repeated the effort in 2019, starting another 13 games and being named All-Pac-12 second team. He started all four games in the shortened 2020 season, followed by 12 more starts in 2021. Lucas competed at the 2022 Senior Bowl.

Washington State OT Abraham Lucas is one of the most experienced tackles in the 2022 NFL draft. (Photo by Boyd Ivey/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Washington State OT Abraham Lucas is one of the most experienced tackles in the 2022 NFL draft. (Photo by Boyd Ivey/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)


  • Terrific length to play tackle — 6-foot-6 3/8 with 34-inch arms

  • Outstanding testing skills in movement drills, especially 10-yard split (1.68 seconds)

  • Fluid, flexible athlete with pretty clean movement

  • Good muscle memory on short pass sets

  • Economical footwork in pass protection

  • Peripheral vision allows him to spy line games, late breakthroughs

  • Adequate recovery ability to pinch down late

  • Quiet, patient feet to mirror pass rushers' patterns

  • Good, quick, potent punch — exactly how it should be executed most times

  • Withstands contact on power rushes surprisingly well

  • Coordinates feet and hands on contact pretty well

  • More run-game exposure in 2021, which was needed

  • Staff praised his work ethic, smarts, awareness and consistency

  • Quiet, workmanlike approach — worker-bee mentality

  • Extremely durable — almost never missed snaps, started 42 straight games


  • Frame appears close to maxed out, mass-wise — packed on pounds after high school

  • Movement skill mysteriously disappears in the run game

  • Only so-so movement when it comes to pulling, working up to second level

  • Disappointing explosion leads to some dull contact, little people moving

  • Operated in offenses that won't translate readily to most NFL systems

  • Cougars threw the ball 73% of the time, and it shows in his run-blocking technique

  • Lack of finesse on some run blocks, lack of power on others

  • Might need some technique/approach changes, which negates experience factor

  • No left tackle experience, only a handful of career snaps at guard

  • Still required some TE assistance on work vs. speedy edge rushers

  • Four false starts as a senior — far too many for his experience level

  • Older prospect — turns 24 in October

Best-suited destination

Lucas is an interesting study in that he was a one-position player for a gimmicky, pass-heavy offense. Typically, that type of prospect would be met with serious scrutiny — and Lucas can fairly receive some of that. But we believe the "Air Raid" stigma only holds so much water, and you can't throw the bathwater out with what could be a pretty serviceable prospect in time.

Early on, Lucas might require an adjustment period and be relegated to a swing tackle role. But in time we believe he profiles as an above-average right tackle for a pass-heavy operation. Among the teams that could be interested in his services include Buccaneers, Broncos, Chiefs, Bills, Steelers, Cowboys, Raiders and others.

Did you know

Lucas told a fantastic story at the combine of how he received a noise violation in the dorms his freshman year for shredding a few metal licks on his guitar.

Player comp

A slightly less gifted Samuel Cosmi

Expected draft range

Round 3

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