2025 Nissan GT-R Reportedly Could Be the Last R35 after Limited Run

2024 nissan gtr
Report: 2025 Nissan GT-R Will End Godzilla's RunNissan
  • The current Nissan GT-R will be reportedly be discontinued following the 2025 model year, according to Japanese publication Mag X.

  • The report claims that Nissan told Japanese dealers this will be the R35 generation's las year of production due to the inability to produce parts in the future.

  • Mag X's report also claims that details about the 2025 Nissan GT-R will be shared tomorrow, March 14, and that only 1500 copies will be sold.

UPDATE 3/14/24: Nissan today revealed the Japanese version of the 2025 GT-R. That along with the fact it will have a limited-production run was correctly predicted by last week's Mag X report, which claimed 2025 would be the R35 generation's last model year. While Nissan has yet to confirm the end of the GT-R's production or announce details about the U.S. model, the corroborating details give further credence to the rumors.

The Nissan GT-R R35's run could be coming to an end, which wouldn't be all that surprising. The iconic Japanese sports car entered its current generation all the way back in 2009. While it has since received various updates, and its base price has increased by over $50K, the all-wheel-drive monster lovingly known as Godzilla is largely the same. However, 2025 might be its last model year if a report out of Japan is true.

Mag X, a Japanese auto publication, last week claimed to have a scoop that Nissan will be discontinuing the R35-generation GT-R after next year. The original story, which CarBuzz last Friday first shared with English-speaking audiences, claims Nissan told Japanese dealers that the decision to end production of the current GT-R was due to the fact that the company won't be able to produce many of the car's parts in the future.

2009 nissan gt r
From our road test of a 2009 Nissan GT-R.MORGAN SEGAL - Car and Driver

While it remains to be seen if the Mag X report is true or not, we might not have to wait very long, as the outlet also claims that Nissan will reveal the 2025 GT-R tomorrow, March 14. The automaker's announcement will supposedly include details about the final model year's limited-production numbers. It's reported that only 1500 examples will be sold, with 300 of them said to be the high-performance NISMO variant. It's also not clear whether or not those are global production numbers.

We reached out to one of Nissan's U.S. spokespersons regarding the report that the GT-R R35 will both end production after the 2025 model year and be limited to 1500 units. However, they told Car and Driver that they can't comment on future product plans.

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