24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual: Here's every custom livery for the race

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24 Hours Of Le Mans Virtual
24 Hours Of Le Mans Virtual

We get our first look at the safety car, too.

This Saturday will be quiet in Le Mans, France. The year pilgrimage to the northwest part of the country by racers and race fans alike is on hold due to the coronavirus. However, that doesn't mean the weekend is free of motorsports. Fans will be able to enjoy the 24 Hours Of Le Mans Virtual, an online, 24-hour race that'll take place in the rFactor 2 simulator and broadcasted around the world.

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The flag drops this Saturday, the original race's scheduled date, and there will be 50 cars on the track along with the safety vehicle. Here's our first look at those liveries with a comprehensive spotter's guide.

The liveries look like the real thing, with official sponsor logos and plenty of creativity baked into the designs. One Team Project 1 car stands out with a big eye on the door as the colours transition from black to red and orange to purple and back to black. R8G Esport Team's Corvette C7.R GTE, with its white, teal, and orange colour scheme, is hard to miss. Fans of simpler liveries should enjoy Ferrari – AF Corse's restrained red Ferrari. Rebellion Williams Esport's red-on-black that transitions to a light blue also looks good.

Are You Ready For This Weekend's Race?

Leading the virtual race, and acting as the race's safety car, is the MissionH24 hydrogen prototype LMPH2G, which completed its first lap of the iconic circuit just before last year’s race started. It's a project spearheaded by race organiser Automobile Club de l'Ouest and GreenGT, a pioneer in high-performance electric-hydrogen vehicles. The car's development driver, Olivier Lombard, will pilot it in the race alongside sim-racer Aurélien Mallet.

Organisers for the virtual race are going all-in on making the event a high-quality production. It will not only broadcast live on TV around the world, but there'll be race analysis, pit reports, on-air guests, and more for the entirety of the 24-hour race. There'll also be a live TV studio. The digital flag drops at 3 p.m. CEST, 9:00 a.m. EST, Saturday, June 13.

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