26 Photos That Show How Wildly Cold It's Been In The US And Canada This Month

1.It's so cold, EXHAUST is freezing.

exhaust coming out of a pipe is frozen in the air
GlassturtleOG / Via

2.It's so cold in Alberta, Canada that the thermometer can't even track it.

the actual temperature is -44C
u/iamfromcanadaeh / Via

3.Canada, again.

chopsticks and noodles frozen in the air above a bowl
@TheLisaEvans / Via Twitter: @TheLisaEvans

4. It was so cold at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri recently that drinks pulled out of the FRIDGE instantly froze.

Twitter: @JoePompliano

5. It was so cold in Colorado last weekend, there was a literal SNOW TORNADO.

Twitter: @rawsalerts

6.In Wisconsin, it's so cold windows are starting to freeze FROM THE INSIDE.

ice along the windsheild
Straight-Hold-4444 / Via

7.Door handles are also freezing shut from the inside.

ice on the door handle inside
u/mineorcs42 / Via

8.It's so cold, this person breathed on their glasses to clean them and it froze.

  u/TheDonutPug / Via
u/TheDonutPug / Via

9. This is how cold it is in Calgary.

Twitter: @lhayfron

10. Once again: Calgary.

Twitter: @BadWeatherKyle

11.In Chicago, it's so cold the top of the Willis Tower froze.

  u/SomeOldJew / Via
u/SomeOldJew / Via

12.Its cold enough that light pillars are forming (essentially, light reflecting off ice crystals).

  u/purplepoppy_eater / Via
u/purplepoppy_eater / Via

13.It's so cold, it's even snowing in Nashville.

snowy street
[deleted] / Via

14.This is what this poor person in Alberta had to deal with last weekend.

the driveway and cars covered in snow
TrappedInSimulation / Via

15.Outlets are freezing in Minnesota.

  u/--------hey-------- / Via
u/--------hey-------- / Via

16.Just another day in Alberta, Canada.

the forecast for the week is all -44 degrees celcius
u/VinneBabarino / Via

17.It's not just Canada — this is January 13 in Montana.

forcast shows -45F
u/whiskeydreamkathleen / Via

18.It's so cold in Montana, you can crack an egg and it'll freeze in midair.

frozen egg and noodles in midair
u/beauman1313 / Via

19.It was so cold in Calgary, this person's window broke.

shattered glass
u/WheelsandWatches / Via

20.In Alberta, it was so cold they had to issue this alert.

notice of power outages that might happen because it's so cold
u/JoeRogansNipple / Via

21. Since the temperate of the water is warmer than the temperature of the air, the Chicago River is "steaming."

Twitter: @RichardERoeper

22. You can see it even clearer here.

Twitter: @volcaholic1

23. It's happening in Calgary, too.

Twitter: @CameraGuyNick

24.It's so cold in Chicago, they have to light train tracks on fire to keep the trains moving.

  u/stroobco / Via
u/stroobco / Via

25.It's so cold in Canada, electric vehicle chargers have stopped working.

frozen charging stations
u/Monomette / Via

26.And finally, it's so cold in Minnesota, waterfalls are freezing.

  u/DirtPathExploration / Via
u/DirtPathExploration / Via