27 Photos I Found This Week That — To Be Completely Honest — I Feel Like I Wasn't Supposed To See

1.This Wendy's sign that reveals the secret ingredient in everyone's favorite burger: cannibalism!

"Our secret ingredient is our people"
u/mattdeII96 / Reddit / Via

2.This lock that honestly would make me feel like I was decoding hieroglyphics in an attempt to unlock a super secret hidden treasure:

a lock with symbols on it
u/Namenamehihi / Reddit / Via

3.This soda that was definitely trying to send a message to the person who spilled it:

An "e"
u/kaprandczar / Reddit / Via

4.This sign that doesn't want you to trust your GPS...but wants you to trust it instead? IDK, seems kinda like a booby trap to me:

"Turn Around Now"

5.This person who was fishing and caught a PS3 in its natural habitat:

a wet Playstation

Nature is beautiful!

u/Loddez / Reddit / Via

6.This cat, who is definitely inhabited by the soul of a Victorian child who was cursed by a witch to be a feline forever......but who gets to keep his slay facial hair:

a cat on a beam
u/acyfumi / Reddit / Via

7.The person who revealed that THIS was their old smoking spot, and also seemingly the perfect location to be abducted by a) aliens, b) Bigfoot, or c) both, simultaneously:

a forest with flash lights
u/uphigh_studio / Reddit / Via

8.This Tinkerbell decoration that wants you to "dream," and its meaner, evil shadow-self that wants you to die a painful death, I guess!

shadow that says "die"
u/LucidCunning / Reddit / Via

9.The weird, frankly very intimidating plant that someone found in their bag of spinach...which Reddit users are pretty convinced is buffalo burr nightshade (aka a plant that is poisonous to ingest and causes intense pain if a thorn pokes you):

buffalo burr nightshade
u/skalliwag___ / Reddit / Via

10.This sign, that is spelled differently IRL than it is in the shadows:

u/thehippestmanalive / Reddit / Via

11.This person who bought a new house and discovered it has a special closet shelf to put deceased things on. How thoughtful!

u/KaminTheSon / Reddit / Via

12.This easy-to-use, DIY brainwashing tape for when you want a good brainwashing, but are too socially anxious to get another person involved:

"Do it yourself brainwashing"
u/dziggurat / Reddit / Via

13.This hollowed-out banana that poses the age old question: Did something get into it...or did something get out?

an empty banana
u/WitchCulture / Reddit / Via

14.This crypt in Rome, called the "Capuchin Crypt,” circa 1920, which gets progressively more unsettling the longer you stare at it. According to the Universal History Archive, the crypt is lined with bones of an estimated 3,700 Capuchin friars:

Capuchin crypt

15.This feather that has a phone number?...code?...secret message?...written on it, which is really not doing anything to defeat the "birds aren't real" allegations:

a feather with a number on it
u/led_seppelin / Reddit / Via

16.This charging bus that I knowwwww is an electric vehicle, but it's really giving Transformers:

a charging bus
u/JoJoeyJoJo / Reddit / Via

17.The person who got a bag of LIGHTLY salted almonds on a plane........I fear what their "regular" salted almonds look like, TBH:

a pile of salt with almonds
u/naengmyeon / Reddit / Via

18.This sign, which somehow made a gas station look even more menacing at night than it already does:

u/savvyfuck / Reddit / Via

19.This person, who said, 'You know what's better than one creepy Annabelle doll? A whole family of creepy Annabelle dolls!'

Raggedy Ann dolls

20.This statue of a young boy at the bottom of this pond, which no doubt has made several innocent passersby absolutely horrified that they found a dead body on their morning stroll:

a statue of a boy underwater
u/wersh / Reddit / Via

21.This well, which looks like it houses the original, natural spring they source Monster Energy drinks from:

a green pool

22.The person who made whatever this monstrosity is, which feels like a scarecrow...but for humans instead of birds:

a creepy mannequin
u/Sara_MotherofAlessa / Reddit / Via

23.This hunk of frozen tuna that looks waaaay too much like a face for my comfort:

frozen tuna
u/redeyepenguin / Reddit / Via

It's giving Lady Cassandra from Doctor Who, if you know what I mean:

Screenshot from "Doctor Who"

24.This stop sign with an oddly specific time that, for some strange reason, feels a little ominous? Like, will a giant hand shoot up from the ground and pull me under if I wait 30 seconds?? 32??

"Wait 31 seconds"
u/youliveinmydream / Reddit / Via

25.This person's 5 a.m. view from their bus stop, which is giving the same energy as the "Rock Bottom" episode of SpongeBob:

a dark bus stop
u/aribowe13 / Reddit / Via

For reference:

Screenshot from "SpongeBob"

26.The person who went to get in their car and found...a goldfish??? a puddle?? I have so many questions:

a car in a puddle

27.And finally, this person who heard a loud banging sound from their garage at night, only to walk over and see the heavy, previously 100% sealed cover to their crawl space had been very much who knows what. Like, that's the opening scene of a horror movie, bestie!!!

an opened attic door

I do not claim this negative energy!!!!

u/shlam16 / Reddit / Via

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