3-year-old has cutest reactions to trying spices for the very first time

Watch this adorable 3-year-old taste test different spices and have a hilariously disgusted reaction to minced onion!

Karalea (@karaleapior) is a mom and TikToker who shares videos of her adorable toddlers Franki and Stevie. In a recent video, Karalea shared how her adventurous 3-year-old, Franki, reacted to the flavors of different spices during a taste test. The sweet toddler enthusiastically tastes each spice and has a hilarious reaction to the one spice she doesn’t like!

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The video begins with a shot of Karalea and Franki sitting on the floor of the kitchen with a box of spices in front of them. Franki wears red plaid pants and a striped shirt and grins up at her mom as she waits for a spice to taste. “Trying spices with my 3-year-old,” Karalea explains in a caption.

Karalea starts by pouring a bit of cumin onto Franki’s hand, saying, “Tell me what you think.”

Franki licks the cumin off her hand, thinks for a moment, then says, “Good!”

Next, Karalea gives Franki a bit of rosemary to try. She sprinkles a bit of the herb onto Franki’s hand, as the toddler excitedly says, “Ah! Rosemary!”

Franki tastes the rosemary and breaks into a smile. “I like it,” she says, nodding at her mom.

“Cool,” Karalea replies, then grabs the next spice: minced onion.

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As she begins pouring the minced onion onto Franki’s hand, the toddler says, “Minced onion. That’s my favorite.”

Then, the excited toddler tosses the handful of minced onion into her mouth. She smacks her lips for a moment, then her smile fades. “No,” she says, with a look of disgust on her face.

Then, she spits the minced onion into the basket that sits on the floor in front of her. “No,” she says again. “I don’t particularly enjoy that.”

Viewers were cracking up at Franki’s reaction to the minced onion!

“OMG [my child] does the same thing. It’s always, ‘That’s my favorite’ before even trying it, then she hates it,” one parent shared.

“When she said, ‘particularly.’ OMG!” another amused viewer wrote.

“Haha, I don’t particularly enjoy that one either,” joked another TikToker.

Franki might not have particularly enjoyed all the spices, but her enthusiasm about trying them was certainly admirable!

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