These 3 States Still Don't Have A Costco. Here's Why

Close-up of a Costco storefront with blue sky
Close-up of a Costco storefront with blue sky - Bing-jhen Hong/Getty Images

When it comes to Costco, people are passionately opinionated. The wholesale chain is known for keeping its prices lower than other retailers, and fans stay on top of everything from the best food court snacks to the latest finds. While members might not think much beyond the access they have to their local store, you might be surprised to learn that there are still several states without a single Costco warehouse. The three states that are not home to the beloved bulk store include Rhode Island, West Virginia, and Wyoming. Why the Costco snub, you ask? It all boils down to a numbers game.

With the smaller populations of these states, they have not quite made the cut under Costco's radar -- at least not yet. Costco strategically evaluates potential locations based on factors like population density, market demand, and logistical feasibility. And while Rhode Island, West Virginia, and Wyoming may have missed out on the Costco craze for now, they're in good company with over 600 locations spread across the United States. Although it might not be feasible for everyone to cross state borders to shop at Costco, shoppers can reach the chain in other ways.

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How Those Without A Costco Can Still Snag Deals

Three people with carts shopping in a Costco aisle
Three people with carts shopping in a Costco aisle - Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Costco fans who want to bring the stores to these last few states can submit feedback to suggest new warehouse locations. This isn't, however, the only way those residing in states without physical locations can strive for access. Anyone can shop Costco's best deals on the website with a membership. While you will have to consider shipping costs, ordering online is certainly one way to score the bulk bargains. Traveling to a nearby state periodically and stocking up is another option. So, where exactly are Costco's hotspots with the most locations?

Sprawling states like California, Texas, and Washington boast the highest concentration of Costco stores, with dozens of warehouse havens scattered throughout their diversely populated territories. Until Rhode Island, West Virginia, and Wyoming can join the Costco ranks, fans will have to wait and hope.  With time, bulk savings might yet appear in the form of their own warehouse locations. So, keep your eyes peeled for the day when the doors of Costco swing open in these last remaining states.

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