35 Things About "American Schools" That Are Completely Normal To Americans And Incredibly Weird To Non-Americans

1.The time school starts:

2. And the lunchtimes:

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3.Cafeterias as a concept:

4.And lunch tables:

5.Lockers for stuff:

6.Saying the Pledge of Allegiance:

7.And just all the flags in general:

8. The grading scale:

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9. Morning announcements:

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10.The entire concept of school buses:

11. And bus stops:

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12. Nurses on the premises:

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13.Using hall passes:

14. School dances:

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15. The concept of extra credit:

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16.Vending machines:

Vending machine filled with various snacks like chips and candies, with a reflection of a person on the glass

17. The abundance of milk:

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18.Snow days:


Student combo chair and desk

20.School starting in September:

Or in August:

21.The slop:

A school lunch on a tray, consisting of a small carton of chocolate milk, a smaller carton of apple juice, a baked potato, and yellowish gloop

22.Cheerleaders existing:

23.Water fountains:


25.The way they look:


27.Wrestling as a sport:

28.Drama club:

29.And clubs in general:

30. Pools:

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31. Perfect attendance:

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32.Pep rallies:

33. Carrying around a baby doll:

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34. Moving throughout the hallways:

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35.And just, like, lacrosse: