This $4.99 Aldi Freezer Find Is a Copycat of My Favorite Fast Food Sandwich

I'm stocked for Lent.



Every Christian knows that when the Lenten season rolls around, your eating habits will be changing slightly for the next 40 days leading up to Easter. Maybe you also give up sweets or drinking pop, but we all know the one hard and fast rule: no meat on Fridays.

Being from Western Pennsylvania, you’d normally find me at a Friday fish fry enjoying a colossal fish sandwich and some pierogies, but since moving away, I’ve had to make do with what I’ve got. Luckily, however, because Christians are meant to abstain from meat on Fridays and any holy days during Lent, but can still eat fish, there seems to be an abundance of seafood at grocery stores and restaurants in February and March.

Even fast food restaurants join in on the fish craze for a limited time. I would know because I tested them all and found one resounding winner: Wendy’s Crispy Panko Fish Sandwich.

But, sometimes, I don’t want to hit the drive-thru and buy one sandwich when I could have a whole box of fish filets for the same price. That’s why I load my freezer with Aldi’s Fremont Fish Market Pollock Portions for easy fish sandwiches at home.

The Aldi Find I Stock Up On For Lent

<p>Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples

Aldi’s breaded fish filets hit shelves this week as a limited-time Find in two varieties: Original and Dill Pickle Style.

Each box includes four frozen sandwich portion filets that are breaded and ready to cook straight from the freezer in the oven or air fryer. The filet is a white wild-caught Alaskan Pollock that’s ideal for the classic fish sandwich—like you’d get at a drive-thru or fish fry.

It’s a copycat for my favorite fast food fish sandwich—especially when you add cheese, lettuce, tartar sauce, and pickles—that actually might be better homemade. And, because I love Wendy’s sandwich for the added pickle and dill tartar, the Dill Style fish filets are already one-upping the competition. Those filets include hot sauce and dill spices in the ingredients.

Aldi’s Pollock Portions cost $4.99 per box, which is already cheaper than most fast food menu items, and you can find your sandwich toppings at Aldi, too, for relatively low prices.

More Aldi Seafood Offerings

If you aren’t a fish sandwich person, I get it, but Aldi is offering other seafood Finds this week as well. You can get a bag of cooked mussels for $2.49, a two-pound bag of Swai Fillets for $7.99, one and a half pounds of Snow Crab Legs for $16.99, and some Lobster Bite appetizers for $4.99—all in addition to Aldi’s everyday selection of seafood.

Heck, even if you aren’t abstaining from meat, you still might want to check out Aldi’s freezer Finds section this week.

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