4 Things to Declutter This Weekend

A few hours is all you need.

When it comes to decluttering, prioritization is key. While we all wish our junk drawers had a little less junk or that our linen closets had perfectly stacked towels, having enough time to devote to these home projects just isn’t a reality for everyone. Fortunately, if you have just a few hours on the weekend, you can clear out the most important spots in your home. Tackle the spaces you use most often first and save reorganizing b-squad places, like board game shelves, for a rainy day. Here are four places to declutter this weekend for a smoother week ahead.

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Your Closet

Fall is here and while you probably aren’t wearing those warm sweaters yet, it’s just a matter of time before you will be. Decluttering can also help you get a handle on your wardrobe to see what you might need to replace in the upcoming season.

Start by removing old and broken hangers as well as those wire hangers you get from the dry cleaner. This will not only make your closet look better aesthetically but it will also make it easier to find things.

Then get rid of any clothing that’s stained, damaged, or doesn’t fit anymore. Donate anything in good condition that’s no longer your style.

Finally, take a quick look through your shoes. Check to see if anything is too worn out to keep or just needs a trip to your local cobbler for new soles or heels.

Kids’ Rooms

Children are great at creating messes. So whether it's a bedroom, playroom, or another dedicated area of the home—these spaces can easily become cluttered, making essentials like jackets, school books, and toys challenging to find.

Start in the closet by tossing any clothing that’s stained, worn out, or no longer fits. However, you may want to fill a tote bag with outgrown clothing in good condition to hand down or donate.

Then move on to toys and art supplies. If something is broken, missing pieces, or no longer age-appropriate—it needs to go.

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Most of us are in and out of our pantries so often that it's easy for them to become messy. Many of us also use these spaces to store bulk items we may or may not ultimately use, like that case of chickpeas when we only make hummus once a year.

Go through each shelf. Throw out anything you don’t plan on using such as that half-full box of rice pasta or those old bay leaves you bought for a stew you never made.

Expired foods and spices need to go. Take anything expiring soon and move it toward the front of the pantry, so you remember to cook with it.

After decluttering, take a few minutes to rearrange everything and tidy the shelves.

Medicine Cabinet

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting an itchy bug bite only to discover your tube of Benadryl expired three years ago. Check expiration dates on both prescription and over-the-counter medications. Throw out anything that’s expired and order replacements for anything expiring soon. Don’t forget to check vitamins and homeopathic remedies, if you use them.

Keep in mind that many topical products start to expire once they’ve been opened. So, look for a graphic on the packaging with a number on it like six, nine, or 12. That’s the number of months it's good for once opened. If you can’t remember when something was purchased, it’s probably a good idea to let it go. 

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