5 Bathroom Renos That Actually Add Value to Your Home

Little changes. Big impact.

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Tatsiana Volkava/Getty Images

Renovating a bathroom is a major project. Not only is it expensive, but it’s also messy and time-consuming. However, you don’t need to renovate your entire bathroom to upgrade or add value to your home. It is best to focus on small, affordable upgrades that can make a big impact. Here are five bathroom renovations that actually add value to your home.

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A Fresh Coat of Paint

Old paint that’s chipped, peeling, or dull instantly ruins the aesthetic of a bathroom. Fortunately, it’s an easy fix. A fresh coat of paint can work wonders in a bathroom. It’s cheap, easy, and perhaps you can even paint it yourself. “Paint solves everything. When we prepare homes for sale, we repaint or touch up paint 100 percent of the time. Repainting the walls can make your bathroom feel fresh, especially if the bathroom is outdated,” says Broker Lori Levine Harris of Brock & Lori.

Harris recommends painting white walls an accent color because sterile white bathrooms are falling out of favor. Her favorite hues are pale blue, deep green, and lavender.

New Grout and Caulk

Looking for an ultra-cheap upgrade? Nothing makes a bathroom look older and more dated than dirty or chipped grout or peeling caulking. A tube of grout and caulk can cost under $30. You can even go with gray or blue grout to add some color. Much like painting, this is a project many of us can take on ourselves.

Re-Glazing the Tub

Replacing a bathtub can be a big, costly project, but re-glazing is a far more economical alternative according to Harris. “Re-glazing is our favorite bathroom upgrade hack—without replacing the tile or the bathtub, you can make it look brand new.”

This is a particularly smart move if your tub is a little chipped or discolored. Unless you're particularly handy, this might be a good project to call in a pro to tackle.

Updated Hardware and Fixtures

Old hardware can really make a bathroom look dated, says Harris. “It is so simple and affordable to replace knobs and pulls. It makes a huge difference.”

Keep in mind, when it comes to hardware—you don’t need something ornate. She tells me Amazon has a nice selection of black, stainless, and brass pulls. The multipacks are an excellent value especially if you have a larger bathroom.

Agent Michael Weiner of Coldwell Banker Warburg also advises switching out those old faucets and showerheads for something new and fresh. If you want to take your reno to the next level, he recommends installing a new toilet.

A Refreshed Vanity or Cabinetry

An old vanity can drag down the entire look of a bathroom. But if your budget is very limited, Tate Kelly of Coldwell Baker Warburg recommends replacing the doors.

Lastly, he tells me installing a “soft close” hinge or drawer can make a big difference. “People are obsessed with it and it is an instant plus for the buyers. They can’t get enough, and rightfully so. It’s a wonderful feature that doesn’t cost much to add, but no one will ever say they don’t like it. What is also great about them is that it does not change the look of the cabinet or drawer; it is an internal feature so you can put it on anything you already own.”      

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