5 cool crafts you can make with leaves

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As the seasons change, leaves fall from the trees, and what better way to welcome the changing weather than with a collection of colorful leaves ready to be repurposed into DIY craft masterpieces? 

Crafts involving leaves are not only a fun way to celebrate fall, but they’re also an excellent way for kids to explore the outdoors and learn more about nature! 

If you’re looking for a stimulating, fun fall project, look no further than these 5 cool crafts you can make with colorful fall leaves!  

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1. Paper Doll Leaf Outfit Craft

Have your child turn their leaf collection into fancy outfits with this activity. On a long sheet of paper, draw a basic outline of a person. Then have your little one place the leaves over the paper doll outlines to design their clothing. Help teach your child the different shapes, textures, and colors by showing which leaves work best for each outfit outline. For instance, ginkgo leaves make great fairy wings, and a Japanese maple leaf functions as a lovely skirt. 

2. Leaf Heart Garland Craft

Add a sweet touch to your family’s porch with this natural DIY decor. Help your child cut their leaves into heart shapes. Next, have them arrange the leaf hearts around several pieces of string hanging from one long piece. After they’ve selected their desired arrangement, hot glue each heart onto the string. Hang outside or in a window and enjoy the light through your lovely leaf garland. 

3. Leaf Lantern Craft

Your child will be delighted by this DIY fall-themed night light. You’ll need leaves, greaseproof paper, PVA glue, a large plastic bottle with the top and bottom cut off, and a battery-operated candle. Have your child brush glue on their chosen leaves and then place them on the greaseproof paper. Once the leaves are dry, wrap the piece around the plastic bottle. Pop in a battery-operated candle, turn off the lights, and get cozy. 

4. Leaf Rubbing Craft

This leaf craft is easy and involves items you probably already have in your house. Have your child arrange some leaves from their collection onto a baking sheet. Next, place a piece of paper over the leaves, then let your child draw on the paper using the side of a crayon. This project is a great way for kids to learn about leaf anatomy. 

5. Leaf Wreath Craft

This leaf craft is a fun way to get your kids involved in the fall decorating spirit. Cut out the center of a paper plate, then have your child glue leaves from their collection onto the rim, which is also an excellent way for your child to practice their fine motor skills.

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