5000/1 Odds Supposedly Strike Again in the Premier League

​The most famous numerical fact associated with the 2015/16 season was the odds on Leicester City to win the Premier League at the beginning on the campaign - 5000/1 if you hadn't of heard.

A few people made an awful lot of money from the biggest single winner in sports betting history, not including accumulators, and as such betting companies have become a tad wiser to not utilise such ridiculous figures again.


However, supposedly this 5000/1 miracle reared its head again in the Premier League, this time on the final day of the campaign.

Certain areas of social media report that the odds on Newcastle to beat high-flying Tottenham Hotspur on the final day of the season 5-1 were the same as the one's originally applied to Leicester's chances of success.

However, oddly enough no major betting company has produced evidence to support these claims and it could perhaps be a myth fathomed to give the 2015/16 season yet more numerical madness.

Manchester United to beat Bournemouth on Tuesday night 19-0 was only priced at 1000/1, to see that increased five times for a 5-1 victory seems utterly implausible.

They may have already been relegated, but it still seems too good to be true.

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